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1. Scope

      For industrial enterprises, universities, scientific research, medical units and various laboratories for dry goods, baking

Baking, melt wax to use bacteria.

2. Structure Overview

      5E-DHG type blast oven is one of our coal analysis products. Oven outer casing are made

Baking quality steel surface, the studio made of stainless steel plates, stainless steel wire shelves made of indoor work, shelf spacing can be adjusted,

Filled with fine glass wool insulation intermediate layer. Stainless steel oven door at the top of the studio has double glass concept

Observation windows. The studio is equipped with a door connections resistant silicone rubber seals to ensure close between the studio and the door


      Box is equipped with heating thermostat system consists of a centrifugal impeller Germany imported low-noise motors,

Electric heater, suitable duct structure and temperature control device components.

      Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, using a self-tuning PID technology, compared with conventional PID control with temperature control quickly

Fast response, small overshoot, high accuracy, while the set temperature and the inside temperature uniformity digital display, with

Limit tracking alarm function, use touch of a button to set parameters for easy operation.

Technical parameters:

1. Power: ≤1.1kW

2. Thermostat range: room temperature --200 ℃

3. Temperature fluctuation: ± 1 ℃

4. Tracking Alarm: ± 10 ℃

5. Studio Size: 450mm × 550mm × 550mm

Main features:

1. The use of stainless steel, with double glass observation window on the door, easy to observe inside the heating article;

2. accurate temperature control with temperature protection, automatic protection from high temperatures;

3. Vertical structure, intelligence operations, Germany imported fan, no dry sound at work, long life.

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Q:What does "ABC classification" mean for test equipment? Need to be specific
The instrument belongs to the equipment, and the equipment can be classified into class a key equipment, B class general equipment and C class equipment according to the importance, the advanced technology and the value
Q:Does the nuclear power plants in the water quality analysis instrument, such as pH meter, conductivity meter and so on are used in what place, what is the special requirements?
Special requirements, is to use the water pH detection of acid-base cannot exceed the detection range of 0-14, otherwise the electric level is bad
Q:What is the function of Spectrum Analyzer?
The spectrum analyzer uses time domain architecture like the appearance of the oscilloscope, as shown in Figure 1.2, panel cloth built many functions of control buttons, as the adjustment of system function and control system, the main function is to display the spectrum characteristics of the input signal in the frequency domain. According to the different spectrum analyzer signal processing method, there are two general types of instant; the spectrum analyzer (Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer) and scan tuning (Sweep-Tuned Spectrum Analyzer) spectrum analyzer.
Q:What is the basis for building an analytical instrument?
Any kind of analysis instruments can be regarded as four parts. The signal generator, signal converter, reading device, and recording system. We can amplify by atomic absorption spectrometer as an example! The signal generator is a sharp line source, have characteristic absorption atomic absorption line hollow cathode lamp. The instrument also added other accessories. Such as atomic system, monochromator
Q:How about doing sales of analytical instruments?
Sales analysis instrument is different from other popular products, it needs a rather professional product knowledge, so do the analysis premise equipment sales is a certain professional background, analytical instrument industry recruitment sales staff generally require professional background in science and engineering, chemical engineering or automation, bachelor degree or above, and not a professional marketing professional background. Therefore, good sales of analytical instruments, the first step is to have a very hard, very hard professional knowledge, a clear understanding of the performance and characteristics of their products, to understand the product can specifically solve what kind of problem.
Q:Is there a 0 or lower scale on the measuring cylinder of the austenitic gas analyzer?
Is there a 0 or lower scale on the measuring cylinder of the austenitic gas analyzer?
Q:How to scientifically use and maintain laboratory analytical instruments
A lot of dust. In precision instruments attached to the dust, there will be a variety of faults, will also affect the test accuracy. So often on the instrument dust, wipe with dry cloth, towel brush brush, soft brush, dust can be used inside the instrument blowing dust, vacuum cleaner and special equipment can. Use lens paper wipe.
Q:What are the chemical analysis instruments?
Chemical reagents, scales and some glassware are used for the determination.
Q:Cod analysis instrument level failure, how to get?
Reagent problem, CODmax alarm, no XX reagent". Advanced access service menu, open the safety panel, check the relative test bottle, you can determine the XX reagent used up, in time to add reagents. However, if necessary, it is necessary to check whether the reagent bottle is too full, and the reagent bottle cap is screwed too tight. If it is too tight, no air reagent will be sucked in.
Q:An instrument for measuring the size of a building. What is it called?
Laser range finder is an instrument that uses laser to measure the distance of target accurately. The laser rangefinder emits a beam of very fine laser to the target in the job, the laser beam by the optical element receives the reflected laser beam, the timer determination time from transmitting to receiving, calculating the distance from the observer to the target. Laser range finder is light weight, small size, simple operation, fast and accurate, and its error is only 1/5 to hundreds of other optical range finder.

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