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1. Scope

      For industrial enterprises, universities, scientific research, medical units and various laboratories for dry goods, baking

Baking, melt wax to use bacteria.

2. Structure Overview

      5E-DHG type blast oven is one of our coal analysis products. Oven outer casing are made

Baking quality steel surface, the studio made of stainless steel plates, stainless steel wire shelves made of indoor work, shelf spacing can be adjusted,

Filled with fine glass wool insulation intermediate layer. Stainless steel oven door at the top of the studio has double glass concept

Observation windows. The studio is equipped with a door connections resistant silicone rubber seals to ensure close between the studio and the door


      Box is equipped with heating thermostat system consists of a centrifugal impeller Germany imported low-noise motors,

Electric heater, suitable duct structure and temperature control device components.

      Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, using a self-tuning PID technology, compared with conventional PID control with temperature control quickly

Fast response, small overshoot, high accuracy, while the set temperature and the inside temperature uniformity digital display, with

Limit tracking alarm function, use touch of a button to set parameters for easy operation.

Technical parameters:

1. Power: ≤1.1kW

2. Thermostat range: room temperature --200 ℃

3. Temperature fluctuation: ± 1 ℃

4. Tracking Alarm: ± 10 ℃

5. Studio Size: 450mm × 550mm × 550mm

Main features:

1. The use of stainless steel, with double glass observation window on the door, easy to observe inside the heating article;

2. accurate temperature control with temperature protection, automatic protection from high temperatures;

3. Vertical structure, intelligence operations, Germany imported fan, no dry sound at work, long life.

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Q:With regard to the inspection of petroleum products, which one of the analytical instruments is of good quality?
Best to go a few large oil products inspection units, research, and then make a decision.
Q:Multisim 10 spectrum analyzer, in addition to measuring the spectrum of the output signal, but also can not sweep the frequency of the simulation circuit, how can we connect?
Need to be comprehensive, available for AC sweep analysis, found in the "simulation" - "analysis" option.
Q:What does water quality analysis instrument include?
I said I know, by using the situation can be divided into two categories, one is a kind of portable instrument, is a desktop instrument, through the principle to words that can be summarized into two categories, one is a kind of instrument is the electrode, colorimetric instrument.
Q:The coal analyzer there is better
Henan, Hebi City, there are many manufacturers of coal quality testing instruments, and they are all good.
Q:What are the prospects of the application engineers for analytical instruments?
R & D, R & D wages are many times after the sale, and technical talent is a priceless treasure.
Q:Is there a 0 or lower scale on the measuring cylinder of the austenitic gas analyzer?
Is there a 0 or lower scale on the measuring cylinder of the austenitic gas analyzer?
Q:In the measurement of resistance capacitance coupled amplification circuits, why are the common ends of all instruments connected together?
The transmission and measurement of signals are done at the common end.
Q:What kind of instrument does a battery company usually use?
YXD-3000 internal battery resistance tester.
Q:Why is chemical analysis more accurate than instrumental analysis?
Of course, in fact, instrumental analysis is much smaller than the absolute error of chemical analysis, but relatively large error.Therefore, the so-called chemical analysis is more accurate than instrumental analysis, refers to the relative error, rather than the absolute error (pure comparison of absolute value is meaningless).
Q:How to choose the coal analysis instrument?
Installation maintenance1, the ground (table) should be smooth;2, there is no flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and gases;3, from the wall to 20 ~ 30cm is easy;4, good ventilation, dust discharge is small, the air humidity is not greater than 85%;5 、 keep the inside and outside of the box clean and dry;6. Dry boxes should not be piled up.

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