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Product Description:

Instrument Description:

In line with international, can be unattended automated volatile tester

■ Applications

For testing volatile coal, coke and other material points

■ using standard

GB / T483-1998 "coal analytical test methods for the general provisions", GB / T212-2001 "method of analysis of coal industry," American ASTM D5142 standards

Technical parameters:

■ Technical Parameters

The maximum temperature: 1000 ℃

Number of samples: 19 single samples

Total analysis time: ≤120min / 19 samples

Weight: about 80kg

Analytical precision: meet the national standard GB / T212-2001 standards and American ASTM D5142 standards

Total power: ≤4kW

Dimensions: 580 mm × 550mm × 889mm (length × width × height)

Main features:

■ Technical Features

① The instrument rigorous "method of coal industry analysis" design according to GB / T212-2001 standard workflow and standardize conditions.

② same structure as the test 5E-MAG6600 volatile portion.

③ with 5E-MAC, 5E-MAC (Ⅱ, Ⅲ) together, to achieve all the features of 5E-MAG6600. Especially adapted to have purchased 5E-MAC, 5E-MAC (Ⅱ, Ⅲ) users to upgrade.

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Q:What is mechanical, instrumentation, automation?
Application:For example, the chemical industry, chemical industry, there are many parameters need to be controlled, such as flow, temperature, level, pressure, composition of the need to control, because they are directly related to the required product quality, and mechanical instrument automation is the instrument management.
Q:What are the chemical analysis instruments?
A chemical analysis is a method of determining the composition and content of a substance to be measured by using a chemical reaction and its measurement relationship.
Q:The working principle of optical range finder
The measuring principle of phase photoelectric range finder is that the light emitted by the light source passes through the modulator to become modulated light whose intensity varies with the high frequency signal. The distance is calculated by measuring the phase difference between the modulated light and the transmitted distance at the distance to be measured.
Q:What are the specific methods of chemical instrument analysis?
A chemical analysis is a method of determining the composition and content of a substance to be measured by using a chemical reaction and its measurement relationship.
Q:Apparatus for measuring formaldehyde
Make sure you buy Glass bottles. Many small manufacturers use plastic bottles to test liquid, because plastic bottles are cheap. However, the long time contact between the plastic component and the detection solution will result in reaction, which will have a bad effect on the test result. The glass bottle is much better now, will not leak, is the high cost of a point.
Q:The difference between paramagnetic oxygen analyzer and zirconia oxygen analyzer
The difference between the two applications,1 zirconium oxideIs mainly used in the measurement of the oxygen content in the furnace, occupy most of this type of application.Advantages: strong adaptability and corrosion resistant detector, dust and water, the technology is mature, the price is cheap, do not need tedious pretreatment, direct measurement, measurement stability.Disadvantages: process the atmospheric pressure near the measurement of gas flow rate is not too high, the application has some limitations. Of course, micro or high-pressure measurement applications also have a very small number.2 paramagnetic oxygen analyzerEffect of from sample gas pressure, through the pretreatment of vacuum dehydration dust and other means of measuring, high precision than zirconia.Is expensive, usually pretreatment maintenance accounts for the main work, also need to have some spare parts support.In heating furnace application, this instrument can also be measured, should be more widely.On accuracy: all manufacturers actually are not a lot of difference, the key is in poor condition, who is the most resistant, who has the best stability. Background gas composition is one of the key factors that affect him, and the type selection needs to be considered.Magnetic pressure analyzer: such as SIEMENS, one of the biggest advantages of the sample gas, and do not contact the sample gas detector, even dirty, within a short period of time there is no effect on the detector, maximum protection
Q:Development trend of instrumental analysis
In the analysis method, the intelligent computer of analytical instruments not only calculates and analyzes the results, but also stores analytical methods and standard data, controls all the operations of the instrument, and realizes the automation and intelligence of the analysis operation.
Q:What kind of analytical instruments will be used in a hydropower station?
A large hydropower station monitoring and control system, only detection sensor in dam safety reached thousands, it must first be a variety of satellite measurement and control device to form a complete automatic control sub system, and then to form a wide area measurement system and a plurality of ground station control system.
Q:What is the working principle of an Austrian Gas Analyzer?
The main problems in the practical application of austenite gas analyzer are:1) this method is manual analyzer, the operation is more cumbersome, low precision, slow speed, can not achieve online analysis, can not adapt to the needs of production development;2) the volume of the comb tube has an influence on the analysis result, especially the impact on the explosion method;3) hot analysis determination time length Austria instrument, place has some limitations, but also must pay attention to the degree of chemical reaction, reading or not mislead the production;4) pyrobitumen food sub alkaline liquid acid at 15? 20 degrees of oxygen efficiency the best absorption effect decreased with the temperature decreased, 0 degrees almost completely loss absorption capacity, so that the absorption liquid temperature shall not be less than 15 degrees.
Q:Determination of the pH of the solution with pH meter, instrument analysis and chemical analysis
The pH is used for solution Determination of instrument analysis.Instrumental analysis is an important branch of chemistry. It is a method of analysis based on the physical and physico-chemical properties of matter. Qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis and morphological analysis of substances were carried out by using special instruments. Instrumental analysis methods include many analytical methods, and there are currently ten kinds. Each method of analysis is based on different principles, the measured physical quantity is different, the operation process and application are also different.

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