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Product Description:

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In line with international, can be unattended automated volatile tester

■ Applications

For testing volatile coal, coke and other material points

■ using standard

GB / T483-1998 "coal analytical test methods for the general provisions", GB / T212-2001 "method of analysis of coal industry," American ASTM D5142 standards

Technical parameters:

■ Technical Parameters

The maximum temperature: 1000 ℃

Number of samples: 19 single samples

Total analysis time: ≤120min / 19 samples

Weight: about 80kg

Analytical precision: meet the national standard GB / T212-2001 standards and American ASTM D5142 standards

Total power: ≤4kW

Dimensions: 580 mm × 550mm × 889mm (length × width × height)

Main features:

■ Technical Features

① The instrument rigorous "method of coal industry analysis" design according to GB / T212-2001 standard workflow and standardize conditions.

② same structure as the test 5E-MAG6600 volatile portion.

③ with 5E-MAC, 5E-MAC (Ⅱ, Ⅲ) together, to achieve all the features of 5E-MAG6600. Especially adapted to have purchased 5E-MAC, 5E-MAC (Ⅱ, Ⅲ) users to upgrade.

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Q:How do simple methods and instruments test drinking water quality?
The easiest way is to find a TDS test pen and measure it in the water. This kind of test pen usually in the water machine dealer there will be, tell him to see a home water quality or direct some water to his shop test, will not be rejected.
Q:What is the use of Raman Spectrometer? For what kind of industry?
The principle of action is that the scattering molecule is originally in the base electron state, and the vibrational energy level is shown in fig.. When the incident light irradiation, polarization induced luminescence and the molecules can be seen as a virtual absorption, expressed as electronic transitions to the virtual state (Virtual state), the virtual electronic energy level transition to a lower level immediately and the light, is light scattering. Set back to the initial state of the electron, there are three cases as shown in the figure. Thus, the scattered light has both the same frequency spectrum as the incident light frequency and also the spectral line different from the incident light frequency. The former is called the Rayleigh line, and the latter is called the Raman line. In a Raman line, the spectral line whose frequency is smaller than the incident light frequency is called the Stokes line, and the spectral line whose frequency is greater than the incident light frequency is called the inverse Stokes lineRaman spectrum analyzer, laser is mainly to the measured object, through the optical path, reflecting light into the spectrometer, each sample has its own characteristic spectrum, then by comparing the characteristic spectrum to determine what is the main component of the sample. UV spectra can also be used for Raman purposes.Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is a weak sample.
Q:Chemical composition analyzer
Chemical composition analysis is relatively simple for inorganic salts, some glass instruments are almost enough, and atomic absorption spectrometers can also be used;
Q:What are the biological analytical instruments? It is better to have specific operation and maintenance instructions, preferably the latest instruments
Molecular spectra (UV, IR, MS, NMR, Flu), chromatography (GC, LC), spectrophotometry, laser spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, flow injection analysis, polarography, ion selective electrode, flame photometric analysis, etc.
Q:What are the prospects of the application engineers for analytical instruments?
R & D, R & D wages are many times after the sale, and technical talent is a priceless treasure.
Q:Beauty salons with instruments to clear up clogged pores, skin care products can absorb better, reliable?
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Q:What's the difference between a logical analyzer and a virtual oscilloscope?
One is the tool of the logical domain, the other is the tool of time domain, not the advantage, but the two entirely different things!Logic analyzer channel is much, can see the logic signal of 1000 lines at the same time, oscillograph is 4 channel commonly.Logic analyzer can only distinguish two states 0 and 1, oscilloscope is generally 8 bit AD, 1/256 resolution can be used to analyze the signal.The logic analyzer is concerned with timing resolution and timing depth, and the oscilloscope is concerned with sampling rates, bandwidths, and storage lengths.Logic analyzer can be 16 layers of nested trigger (software debugging necessary), the oscilloscope can only have a trigger (or two layer trigger).Logic analyzer studies logic relation, establishment time and so on. Oscillograph studies jitter, overshoot, distortion, burr and noise.
Q:When total station instrument coordinates setting out, do not input angle instrument, high-energy lofting?
If you want to get elevation, without measuring the height of the instrument, you can pass the elevation of the back view point, if the elevation of the back view is known, and you need to take the back prism height.
Q:The quality of the coal analysis instrument is the best
Have a high reputation and credibility in the market
Q:What kinds of analytical instruments and related applications have been invented by using X rays?
X analysis diffraction of (phase ray diffraction phase analysis) X Xray ray in the crystal materials in the diffraction effect of the material structure analysis technology.

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