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Product Description:

Instrument Description:

In line with international, can be unattended automated volatile tester

■ Applications

For testing volatile coal, coke and other material points

■ using standard

GB / T483-1998 "coal analytical test methods for the general provisions", GB / T212-2001 "method of analysis of coal industry," American ASTM D5142 standards

Technical parameters:

■ Technical Parameters

The maximum temperature: 1000 ℃

Number of samples: 19 single samples

Total analysis time: ≤120min / 19 samples

Weight: about 80kg

Analytical precision: meet the national standard GB / T212-2001 standards and American ASTM D5142 standards

Total power: ≤4kW

Dimensions: 580 mm × 550mm × 889mm (length × width × height)

Main features:

■ Technical Features

① The instrument rigorous "method of coal industry analysis" design according to GB / T212-2001 standard workflow and standardize conditions.

② same structure as the test 5E-MAG6600 volatile portion.

③ with 5E-MAC, 5E-MAC (Ⅱ, Ⅲ) together, to achieve all the features of 5E-MAG6600. Especially adapted to have purchased 5E-MAC, 5E-MAC (Ⅱ, Ⅲ) users to upgrade.

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Q:What is the principle of an industrial analyzer?
The industrial analyzer is mainly used for the determination of water, ash and volatile matter in coal and other organic compounds. Its main characteristic is that the whole test process is automatically controlled by computer, and the analysis time is short and the testing accuracy is high. Moreover, the instrument has high reliability through the use of advanced data acquisition and transmission data control system. Is one of the commonly used coal testing equipment.Instrument structure:The instrument is mainly composed of three parts, such as tester, host computer, computer system and printerPrinciple of test instrument host and function of each component1) high temperature furnace: a new type of ceramic fiber material made of infrared furnace, heating up fast, the maximum use temperature of 1000 degrees.2) electronic balance: the quality of a crucible is accurately weighed by a rod that is extended to a high temperature furnace.3) lifting device: the rotation of the stepper motor drives the screw rod, so that the parts connected with the turntable produce reciprocating movement in a vertical direction.4) thermocouple: used to accurately measure the temperature in a high temperature furnace.
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Good quality, the laboratory is often used in his family's products
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