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Product Description:

Instrument Description:

5E-CHN2000 elemental analyzer can test completed within six minutes of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen targets three elements, a national initiative, is an international leader, the instrument uses advanced analytical methods and imported parts, to ensure the reliability and precision instrumentation .

■ Applications

Used in power plants, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, commodity inspection, research, teaching and other sectors measured coal carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen content

■ using standard

ASTM D5373-08 "Standard Test Method for laboratory samples of coal and coke carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen measurement instruments."

Technical parameters:

■ Technical Parameters

Test Range: carbon (0.05% to 100%) of hydrogen (0.05% to 50%) of nitrogen (0.01% to 50%)

Analysis time: 4 to 5 minutes

Weight: about 110Kg

General specimen weighing: Recommended 80 ~ 100mg

Power source: AC220V ± 22V

Total power: ≥4000W

Autosampler: Can a single injection 29

Dimensions: 690mm × 750mm × 720mm (W × H × D)

Main features:

■ Technical Features

1, C, H, N three elements measured by independent testing, using the company's proprietary quantitative sampling device to ensure that a single sample analysis time of six minutes. The instrument can be set according to the software element type single sample analysis, such analysis only C, H or three elements are analyzed. Instrument Factory can choose different mode of analysis based on the user, thereby saving the user's cost.

2, autosampler device so happy and relaxed operation.

3, the combustion gas is collected after the first detection, does not require separation of the gas generated by the combustion process is not required for all of the combustion gases in whole detector, thereby to save time and cost.

4. The instrument is equipped with a plurality of pressure sensors, with the gas line diagnostic software functions and correction features to ensure that users are most easy to use instrument.

5, optimization of pneumatic control, design a controlled closed system, with oxygen to purge the system of air and residual combustion gas measurement system (ie, the gas path analysis) seal isolated, eliminating the environment affected.

Patented technology:

A test of the hydrogen content in coal (ZL 200410046810.7)

2. A quantitative sampling gas automatic device (ZL 200720140722.2)

3. For the measurement of coal, coke CHN elemental crucible (ZL 200720178453.9)

4. A CHN elemental analyzer with combustion tube (ZL 200720178454.3)

5. A self-sealing quick coupling device (ZL 200720178451.x)

6. A sample plate used to prevent falling dash slider (ZL 200920000384.1)

7. A measure hydrocarbon nitrogen and oxygen with a guide tube assembly (ZL 200920000383.7)

8. elemental analyzer (ZL 200930263969.8)

A furnace apparatus rotatable (ZL 200920174911.0)

A constant current source means of the instruments (ZL 200920174912.5)

11. An automatic shutdown device analytical instruments (ZL 200920174913.x)

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Q:What are the skills of purchasing a gas chromatograph?
Some people think that these indicators seem to be detectors. Yes, but as stated earlier, the conditions are to be compared throughout the loop and in the system. For example: the pulse of the pump will directly affect the noise index, pump flow accuracy, accuracy indicators, as well as poor sealing, will affect the relevant indicators. So watch the metrics systematically.
Q:What are the signals used to distinguish the elemental analysis instruments from scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy?
SEM often use: EDS, WDS X - ray spectroscopic features; Auger electron need ultra high vacuum environment, often appear in Auger electron spectroscopy products, can also be included in the scanning electron microscope category; contrast backscattered electrons carry different domains average atomic number regions, atomic number height or the material density distribution of the qualitative solution cathode; fluorescence spectra in the ultraviolet range, electromagnetic radiation emitted visible or infrared wavelengths, this phenomenon can be used to detect minerals, trace elements and semiconductor in biological samples (ppm level, X ray spectrum WDS or X ray EDS can not achieve) distribution.
Q:DAD chemical analysis instruments
DAD, also known as PDA, is the abbreviation of photo-diode-detector, that is, image diode array detector, which belongs to an ultraviolet detector. It is used in high performance liquid chromatography and gas phase detection.
Q:How to choose the coal analysis instrument?
Installation maintenance1, the ground (table) should be smooth;2, there is no flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and gases;3, from the wall to 20 ~ 30cm is easy;4, good ventilation, dust discharge is small, the air humidity is not greater than 85%;5 、 keep the inside and outside of the box clean and dry;6. Dry boxes should not be piled up.
Q:What are the principles for selecting different instruments?
There are two areas for your reference1, the actual needs of the measurement, must meet your needs2, cost, with the least cost
Q:Which brand is good for chemical analysis instruments?
In addition, when the glutaraldehyde storage time is too long, the pH value will be reduced, the color yellow, the fixed potency will be greatly reduced. If the glutaraldehyde pH value drops below 3.5 or contains other impurities, it must be purified before it can be used. Glutaraldehyde has a hardening effect on the skin, but it is less volatile than formaldehyde. It is best to operate in a fume hood.
Q:Quantitative analysis principle of gold standard quantitative analyzer
Now all manufacturers of gold scale instrument can only do special plane, for example, Shanghai Kai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. KD-1 gold standard intelligent reading instrument, only with their own production reagents supporting the use of. The reason is that each manufacturer's gold standard reagent parameters are different, and each manufacturer's gold standard reagent principle, parameters are confidential content, so there is no gold scale instrument on the market, can use any reagent.
Q:Multisim 10 spectrum analyzer, in addition to measuring the spectrum of the output signal, but also can not sweep the frequency of the simulation circuit, how can we connect?
Need to be comprehensive, available for AC sweep analysis, found in the "simulation" - "analysis" option.
Q:How do you understand the sensitivity and selectivity of instrumental analysis methods?
Instrumental analysis methods include many analytical methods, and there are currently ten kinds. Each method of analysis is based on different principles, the measured physical quantity is different, the operation process and application are also different.
Q:What is the working principle of chromatographic analyzer?
Host structureMESP-405 oil chromatographic analyzer consists of flow control components, injector, chromatographic column box, detector, temperature control and detector circuit components, chromatography workstation and so on.

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