Handheld alloy analyzer

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Brooke handheld alloy analyzer

    Handheld alloy analyzer can analyze samples for your quick and accurate completion of the design elements of S1 TITAN. Whether the need to analyze large machined parts, children toys or small pieces of jewelry, handheld alloy analyzer S1 TITAN can quickly and accurately obtain the results for you. Ergonomic design of the gun-shaped handle and trigger switch, very long time for you to use. Color touch-type LCD screen can display clearly in any light. S1 TITAN weighs only 1.5kg, is currently available on the lightest tube XRF analyzer.

   Using (aim - launch) designed S1 TITAN handheld alloy analyzer, only minimal setup and operation training. Has user-level hierarchy with the competent authority to operate, executives choose to use the basic functions of the operator to control or complete control, two levels of operating authority and intuitive interface make it the perfect tool for S1 TITAN not only for beginners, but also very suitable to use Advanced

   Due to the use of non-destructive XRF technology, so it is suitable for the analysis and sorting of feed, and the production of finished parts. Handheld alloy analyzer S1 TITAN application is not limited to the clean production of parts; scrap metal finishing, geochemical soil testing laboratory and also in S1 TITAN's applications. Listing the applications have different calibration methods, without any calibration manner consistent with your applications, we can build for your application-specific calibration mode.

     S1 TITAN handheld alloy analyzer is Bruker's latest models of handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (alloy analyzer), a leading international, powerful, lightest, quality control (QA / QC), material analysis (PMI), mixed material identification, waste sorting (Recycling), grade identification (Grade ID) and other areas in the best, most reliable detection equipment.

    Bruker S1 TITAN handheld alloy analyzer compact design, precise measurement accuracy, superior ability to resist harsh environments, more suitable for users in a variety of environments, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, rain, and even when the job ensures normal operation of equipment, more lightweight and convenient to use.

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Measuring range of elements: Mg-U

Handheld alloy analyzer applications:



Metal recovery and classification

Quality Control

Military industry


Power Station

Boilers, vessels, pipes, etc.

Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

Precious metal analysis


Handheld fluorescence spectrometer software features

Handheld alloy analyzer technical parameters:

Bruce Crockett has been certified S1 TITAN patent accessories, anti-tie detectors, not only can protect the detector window is sharp metal materials (such as wood shavings and filaments) pierced bad, but also can quickly and accurately analyze virtually any material. Anti-bar detector which greatly reduces the probability of the detector is pierced, thus avoiding the problems and costs arising due to the replacement detector.

Patented anti TITAN tie detector can protect the detector

Anti-bar detectors reduce the maximum degree of expensive probes were slashed the odds

Does not reduce the analytical performance, even for light elements

So downtime to a minimum

Worry greatly eliminate waste measurement

Results The mean function

Battery power display

Color code shows

Voice prompts

Power Saving Function

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Q:How do you choose the RTK measuring instrument?
Core performance mainly depends on: accuracy, signal, anti drop waterproof performance, whether to bring built-in radio, hand book software is good, and if it is a large number of purchases, it is recommended that you can prepare site comparison.
Q:General trace element detector, human sub-health tester, quantum inspection and analysis instrument is not deceptive?
There is also a 2-300 yuan online, similar to the use of magnetic resonance principle, detection options are very heavy.
Q:What does "ABC classification" mean for test equipment? Need to be specific
Different industries, the provisions are not the same. The importance of instrument value and its importance in system analysis is the key to classification. It's up to you
Q:The similarities and differences between chemical analysis and instrumental analysis are briefly described
The physical quantities of measurements are different: chemical analysis measures volume or mass; instrumental methods of measurement are optical, electrical, and other physical quantities;
Q:Coal quality analysis instruments are mainly used in which industry?
Coal quality inspection departments in coal mining, coal application, coal deep processing and other industries
Q:What are common automatic biochemical instrument analysis systems?
Biochemical analyzer detection equipment has become the hospital must, according to the structure principle of biochemical analyzer, biochemical analyzer can be divided into continuous flow pipe, vertical, centrifugal and dry type etc., at present the most commonly used clinical discrete biochemical analyzer, the commonly used detection methods including end point method, fixed time method and continuous monitoring method.
Q:What kind of instruments are needed for testing all kinds of metal materials?
The development of human civilization and the progress of society are closely related to metal materials. After the stone age, the bronze age and the iron age were all marked by the application of metal materials. Modern, a wide variety of metal materials has become an important material foundation for the development of human society. Category: metal materials are usually classified into ferrous, non-ferrous and special metal materials. The black metal and steel materials, including iron containing more than 90% of the industrial pure iron, iron containing 2% to 4% carbon, carbon containing less than 2% carbon steel, and steel structure, all kinds of stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, high temperature alloy stainless steelPrecision alloy, etc..
Q:What is the measuring line on the highway? Is it measured by an instrument such as a theodolite?
The highway survey and lofting is to calibrate the design coordinates and design elevation of the middle line, the left and right side lines, the road revetment, the retaining wall, the side ditch and so on on the road design and construction drawings, and demarcate them to the actual position of the ground.The instrument can use a lot of road layout, a theodolite and leveling instrument, range finder or steel tape, total station, GPS-RTK, construction units of ordinary common Theodolite Level and measurement ruler, advanced equipment and specialized surveying and mapping units used in the total station and GPS etc..
Q:What are the useful ZigBee analytical instruments?
Previously used a ZigBee analysis instrument, is ZLG, can analyze ZigBee communication packets, quickly find the ZigBee network when the problems arise.
Q:What are the requirements for instrument analysis laboratories?
Selection of instruments (at least three): molecular fluorescence spectroscopy, atomic fluorescence spectroscopy, X- ray diffraction, gas chromatography mass spectrometer, capillary electrophoresis, NMR, elemental analyzer, paramagnetic resonance spectrometer, inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer.

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