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M1 MISTRAL is a compact desktop μ-XRF spectrometer for the analysis of bulk materials and coatings. Its operation is fast, cost-effective, can provide accurate information and materials related to the elemental composition.

Determination of coating thickness and composition such as sample

Zn-Fe, Ag-Cu, Au-Ni-Cu, Sn-Ni-Cu, Cr-Ni-Cu, Au-Pd-Ni-Cu

Jewelry and alloy analysis:

M1 MISTRA jewelry, coins and precious metals ideal analysis tool. All jewelery alloys, platinum group metals and silver products. Less than one minute you can determine its exact composition. The results can be expressed in percentages or K (open).

The instrument with high spatial resolution, spot size down to 100 microns. It can analyze a sample of any shape, such as the most complex jewelry, without further preparation, more importantly, its analysis is lossless. Supported sample sizes up to 100x100x100 cubic millimeter. With cross crosshair video microscope, you can pinpoint the location where you want to measure. Electric Z-sampling station allows for quick focusing. Optional XYZ sampling station may even provide greater comfort.

M1 MISTRAL is equipped with a high-brightness microfocus X-ray tube, ensuring excellent measuring excitation spot, resulting in high fluorescence effects. With powerful, XSpect software suite is easy to use, the instrument can deliver accurate quantitative results, regardless of the analysis of bulk materials or the most complex multi-layer structure.

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Q:The similarities and differences between chemical analysis and instrumental analysis are briefly described
Measurement instruments are similar: chemical analysis mainly uses glass instruments and scales; instrument analysis methods are mainly physical instruments, special instruments and balances;
Q:What are the chemical analysis instruments?
A chemical analysis is a method of determining the composition and content of a substance to be measured by using a chemical reaction and its measurement relationship.
Q:What are the domestic brands of Spectrum Analyzer?
In the performance indicators and basically can compete with foreign companies, in addition to do domestic low-frequency RIGOL, Shenzhen antaixin and other manufacturers, 41 AV4036 also won the two national science and technology progress award, as a single universal instrument award which is rare in our country, in addition to the award-winning leading technology must also have very high economic value!
Q:What is the working principle of chromatographic analyzer?
The central base type instrument is a chromatographic column box, the upper right side is a microcomputer temperature controller, on the right side of the lower part is a FID micro current amplifier, instrument left flow control components and pneumatic panel, pillar box at the top right part is ionization detector installation location (basic installation of two flame ionization detector) and thermal conductivity detector (TCD) the installation location is double column box above the left column injector or capillary injector.
Q:What kind of jobs does the analytical instrument include?
Are usually detected, product testing. Employment is not difficult, but wages are generally not high, and very bitter, in fact, most people do not understand this industry, that the laboratory is very idle, but in fact not.
Q:How can the spectrometer software be used offline?
I understand the spectrometer of Yantai orient analytical instruments Co., Ltd., which is very convenient and can be run offline only if the software is set up as a simulated state
Q:What kind of instruments are needed for testing all kinds of metal materials?
Materials of low times boiled with hydrochloric acid, high times quenching furnace quenching at testing organization, see what do you do, there are ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, radiographic testing, penetration testing, decarburization by pickling, I can think of these, I have not used for high-end equipment.
Q:What kind of electrical, automatic and instrument equipment are needed in the sewage treatment plant?
Electrical equipment: transformer, power distribution cabinet, control box, motor, cable and corresponding accessories;Water pump equipment: water pump, mud pump, booster pump, flushing pump, administration pump, vacuum pump and electric valve etc.;Machinery and equipment: including mixing equipment, sludge discharge equipment, sludge dewatering equipment, drag or hoist mechanical equipment, air compressor and so on;
Q:What is the height of a level instrument? What is the back view reading?
The foot and foot pad of the instrument are firmly trampled, and the settlement will not happen in a short time! 5, the minimum level of silk ruler reading more than 0.5 meters; the above conditions are indispensable!
Q:How to choose the coal analysis instrument?
1., the quality of good or bad, depending on the mouth that useless, the most important thing is the experience of the results (other customers use the product evaluation), followed by manufacturers of product quality assurance system (product quality control process);2. service is good or bad, manufacturers commitment to service is very important.3., "cheap goods, good goods are not cheap" - although not very accurate, but most of the time is the truth of the truth!

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