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Probe type profiler new benchmark - Upgrade to optimal performance

    Germany Brook DektakXT level meter (probe type surface profiler) is an innovative design that provides higher repeatability and resolution. Steps to improve the performance of this instrument has reached the last four decades Dektak pinnacle of technological innovation, further consolidate its leading position in the industry. Whether applied to R & D or product measurements, through extensive use in research work, DektakXT be able to do more powerful, easier operation, test procedures and data collection even better. Tenth generation DektakXT level meter (probe type surface profiler) technological breakthrough, the nano-scale surface profile measurements become possible, which can be widely used in microelectronics, semiconductors, batteries, high-brightness light-emitting diodes, and materials research and development scientific fields.

Film test - to ensure high yield

In semiconductor manufacturing closely monitored deposition and etch rate uniformity, film stress, can save a lot of time and money. Uneven film stress or too much can lead to poor performance and finished property. DektakXT can quickly and easily set up and run multi-point auto-test program to verify the exact thickness of the wafer film nanometer level. DektakXT unparalleled reproducibility provided to engineer precise film thickness and stress testing, to precisely adjust the etch and deposition to provide benefits

Surface roughness - Ensure performance

The surface roughness of conventional identification DektakXT suitable for many industries (including automotive, aerospace, and medical devices), precision machine parts. For example, hydroxyapatite coating on the back of the orthopedic implant after implantation roughness affects adhesion and efficacy. Use DektakXT surface roughness analysis capabilities to quickly determine whether the expected production of crystal, the implant can be passed product requirements. Vision64 database using pass / fail criteria, quality management department can easily determine implants redone or to ensure its quality

Solar raster line analysis - to reduce manufacturing costs

In the solar market, Dektak conductive silver is the preferred size of the street grid lines measuring monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. Energy guiding silver wire height, width and continuity of the solar cell are closely related. Ideally production is aptly silver, so as to have the best electrical conductivity, without wasting expensive silver. Dektak XT realized by software analysis, critical dimension report silver gate lines, in order to determine the exact component appears conductivity required. Data analysis and automatic functions Vision64 helps automate the verification process.

Microfluidics technology - to detect the design and performance

Dektak XT is the only large vertical range (up to 1mm), photographic material reaches angstrom level measurements reproducible probe profiler. MEMS and microfluidics industry researchers Dektak XT can be used to identify test to ensure parts meet specifications. Bottom effect measurements NLite + Touch sensitive material to measure the vertical steps and roughness

40 years of innovation

Built on 40 years of technology innovation probe outline the knowledge and experience - the first film tester, based on the first profiler, and the first 300mm automatic profiler DektakXT microprocessor inherited the previous "the first. "New DektakXT is the first single-arch design profiler probe, built-in TFT's first high-definition optical camera, and install 64-bit parallel processing architecture has obtained the best measurement and operational efficiency of the probe profiler

Worldwide with over a million units, brand Dektak to quality, reliability and high cost is known. When you need to step height, the surface roughness of accurate, reliable measurement, it will aid Dektak. Introduction DektakXT, Bruker allows you to further obtain reliable and efficient surface measurement

Increase the speed of data acquisition and analysis

Using a unique direct drive scanning platform, Dektak XT reduces the time between scans, but the noise did not affect the resolution and Beijing. This improvement greatly improve a wide range of scanning 3D surface topography or stress for long-range scanning (on the probe profiler, the usually time-consuming) scan speed. In ensuring industry-leading quality and reproducibility of the premise, DektakXT can handle data acquisition speed by 40%. In addition, DektakXT using Bruker64-bit data acquisition and analysis software synchronization Vision64, it can increase the speed of high-volume data processing a wide range of 3D topography, and can work faster scanning and multi-mode filter is the data analysis. Vision64 also has the industry's most effective and intuitive user interface that simplifies the experimental operation settings, auto-complete multi-scan mode, so that repetition and routine laboratory operations become more fast and simple.

Realization of measurement reproducibility

DektakXT leading designed to measure step heights in terms of reproducibility with excellent performance, highly reproducible steps may be less than 4 Å. Use single-arch structure is more stable than the original cantilever design, reducing the sensitivity to adverse environmental conditions, such as sound and vibration noise

Industry: touch screen, semiconductor, solar, high brightness light-emitting diode (LED), medicine, materials science, universities, research institutes, microelectronics, metal and other industries to achieve nanoscale surface topography measurements

Dektak XT level meter can be achieved:

Unmatched performance, step height repeatability of less than 4 Å

Breakthrough Single-arch stability scan tool designed to provide

Advanced "smart electronic devices" set up a low noise reference

The new hardware configuration enables data acquisition time by 40%

64-bit, Vision64 synchronous data processing software to enable data analysis 10 times faster

Frequency unprecedented ease of operation

Vision64 intuitive user interface, easy to operate

Automatic calibration field tip, unmatched value

Bruker (Bruker) at an affordable configuration for maximum performance

Single-sensor design provides low action and wide scanning range on a single plane


Measurement techniques: probe profiler DEKTAK XT

Measurement: two-dimensional surface profile measurement optional three-dimensional measurement

Samples Vision: Optional magnification, 1to4mmFOV

Probe sensors: low inertia sensor (LIS3)

Probe Pressure: Use LIS3 sensor: 1 to 15mg

Probe options: probe radius of curvature of the selectable range: 50nm to 25μm; high aspect ratio (HAR) tip: 10μm × 2μm and 200μm × 20μm; can be customized tip

Samples X / Y stage: manual XY translation: 100mm (4 inches); motorized XY translation: 150mm (6 inches)

Sample turntable: Manual, 360 ° rotation; maneuvering, 360 ° rotation

Computer systems: 64-bit multi-core parallel processors, Windows7; Optional23 inch flat panel display

Software: Vision64 operating and analysis software; stress measurement software; stitching software; three-dimensional scanning imaging software

Shock absorber: shock absorbers available

Scan length: 55mm (2 inches)

Each scan data points: up to 120,000 data points

Maximum sample thickness: 50mm (2 inches)

The largest wafer size: 200mm (8 inches)

Step height repeatability: <4 Å, 1sigma at 5μm vertical range)

Input voltage: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz

Temperature range, the operating range: 20 到 25 ℃

Humidity: ≤80%, non-condensing

System size and weight: 455mmW × 550mmD × 370mmH (17.9in.W × 22.6in.D × 14.5in.H); 34 kg (75 lbs); Accessories: 550mmL × 585mmW × 445mmH (21.6in.L × 23in.E × 17.5in.H); 21.7 kg (48 lbs)

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