Hot Rolled Steel Sheets Boats Q235 for Sale in China

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100 m.t.
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10000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

Description of steel sheets:

Q235 1.8M width hot rolled carbon steel sheet 
Length can cut as per customer requirement

Festures of steel sheets:

1. Packing: a. Small size: in bundles

2. Big size: in bulk

3. in plastic packing or as per customer request

4. Delivery time: a. Normal size: within 7days send from warehouse directly

5. Special size: with 25-30days customer made for you

6.Trade terms:FOB/CFR/CIF/DDU

7. Shippment: a. length:≤5.8m loaded in 20FT Container with 25-27tons

8.length:≤11.8m loaded in 40FT Container with 25-27tons

9. lengnth:≥12m shipped by bulk vessel, FILO terms

Specifications of steel sheets:

Product Name

 Q235 1.8M width hot rolled carbon steel sheet 


Hot rolled 


Cold rolled:0.2-4mm

Hot rolled:2-100mm




2.44m 3m 6m or 12m or cut as per customer request 

Surface Finish

Non/Oiled/Black Painting 


ASTM A36 A285 A283 SS400 S235JR S275JR S355 Q235

Delivery time

a. Normal size: within 7days send from warehouse directly

b. Special size: within 30days customer made for you

Payment term

TT LC or DP or Escrow


 General exporting packing


2TONS if have stock, if not will depend on size normally (25-50tons)

Images of 
 steel sheets:

Hot Rolled Steel Sheets Boats Q235 for Sale in China


1. What is your package?

Packing situation: standard seaworthy packing or as customer required.

2. How long is the lead time?

Delivery time: 45 days after order confirmed.

3. What  payment term do you accept?

Payment: T/T or L/C at sight.

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Q:350g copper paper double-sided printing, double faced dumb film is too thin to do, how should I do?! The manufacturer said, "350G" is very thin to do, can not do thick right?
Yes. 350g is a quantitative paper. The thickness of 350 grams of paper is generally about 0.33, and the press of printing presses is decided by it. Landlord is not very understanding of printing technology, quantitative and thickness of the paper is relevant
Q:What's the difference between magazine paper and copper coin paper?
Magazine paper generally refers to a relatively light amount of coated paper, paper is light and easy to post, the smoothness is similar to that of coated paper. The color is close to the mould paper, and the printing effect is between the two. It is an economical paper. Because the paper is relatively light, so the paper inside the fiber structure cannot bear much tension, the tension is too large in printing, paper will linting, reduce the surface tension of paper printing effect ~ ~ in the printing on the most commonly used method is to reduce the speed of printing. Therefore, the printing of magazine paper is usually printed at low speed.Magazine paper usually has newsprint, calender paper, offset paper, light coated paper, medium coated paper and coated paper. This sort of sorting reflects the quality of paper from low to high, and at the same time the price is the same.
Q:Red copper, purple copper strip. Are these products made? What is the process?
Smelting company, such as Chongqing, Yunnan smelter, Zhuzhou smelter, Shenyang smelter; all the blister and remelting scrap copper, electrolytic refining, to meet the production needs of enterprises, such as the Wuhan smelting plant, Taicang copper plant, Changzhou Oriental Xinyuan copper industry, Ningbo Jintian copper company, Luoyang copper processing factory, Guangzhou copper plant the full *; recycling of scrap copper production enterprises, such as Tianjin, some crude copper factory. In addition to these large and medium-sized copper smelting and processing enterprises, there are still hundreds of small copper smelter. These companies are mostly private individual or collective enterprises scrap as raw material, the production process of cupola simple, small reflection recovery, the crude copper products (commonly known as black copper), some of the final products of copper sulfate. In short, these companies produce impurities generally higher, is not directly used in the production of copper and processing of crude copper, these products should be further refined electrolytic. In the process of production and operation in the traditional, mainly distributed to domestic waste recycling regeneration evolution. According to the survey, the domestic waste copper scrap is mainly distributed in Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Shanghai provinces in five provinces. And not only in Jiangsu and Shanghai, the number of copper production and recycling enterprises, the production of recycled copper is also large. At present, domestic waste recycling and circulation distribution sales mainly concentrated in the Hebei province of Qingyuan, Xin'an, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City, the production of copper regeneration and Guangdong areas of the two main types of
Q:How should the coated paper and the special paper be distinguished?
Coated paper is also called coated printing paper. It is called "powder paper" in areas such as Hongkong. It is an advanced printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint.
Q:How to weld double clad copper plate component?
Welding principle: copper parts welding melting temperature parts heated to M51 wire 200 degrees, and then use the WEWELDING M51 wire with M51-F solder coated on welding parts, then welding molten iron by forming 51.
Q:H62 what's the difference between the yellow copper plate and the H70 yellow copper plate?
The copper content of H62 is less than H70 copper content
Q:How does copper attract above the surface? Isn't it only iron that can absorb it?
Copper is not magnetic sucking, we often wear copper, as long as the block with a copper block can be tightly around, okay, good grinding
Q:Computer radiator copper at (or silicone grease?) Where should I paint it? Where should I paint it besides the CPU?
Is the grease. The name "silicone" is also called, but not the same thing. Two red circles are painted. But painted below is to remove the radiator. Apply to the chip. Dark. Smearing grease should be less than. With a grain size in the center, and then press down on the left and right radiator, moving up and down, the uniform distribution of grease diffusion. You can look up to see if it's all covered.
Q:What are the ceramic clad copper plates in addition to the DBC process?
Now the production of ceramic industry has LAM Technology (Copper Metallization Technology of laser rapid activation) to replace DBC technology, thermal conductivity ceramic circuit board produced by this new technology has better rate, stronger resistance lower metal film, more, thermal expansion coefficient, and substrate and good solderability, use temperature high, low loss at high frequency, and high density, the copper layer not containing oxide layer containing no organic ingredients, good insulation properties, conductive layer thickness can be customized according to customer requirements, between 1 M-1 mm, the most important is the 2D and 3D can be achieved
Q:What brand of copper paper do you have? It's good and bad. Detailed point!
Chenming production of paper species more, and even including wood flooring, so things do not have to do so special, and if not the pursuit of quality, you can choose Chenming, and some people choose Chenming light coated paper (less than 80 grams).

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