High Performance Refrigeration Copper Pipe for Refrigeration Devices

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 Name:High Performance Refrigeration Copper Pipe for Refrigerating


Mainly used in refrigerating system of air conditioners; high precision and pressure-resistant product manufactured through extrusion, rolling, drawing, surface treatment, and heat treatment, usually processed into finned refrigeration pipe and other refrigeration devices.

Type Specificationss:


air conditioner copper pipe


 straight copper pipe,pancake coil copper pipe,capillary copper pipe


GB/T1527-2006,JIS H3300-2006,ASTM B75M,ASTMB42,ASTMB111,ASTMB395,

ASTM B359,ASTM B188,ASTM B698,ASTM B640,etc

















1m,2m,3m,6m,or as required


 1/16 hard,1/8 hard,3/8 hard,1/4 hard,1/2hard,full hard,soft,.


mill,polished,bright,oiled,hair line,brush,mirror,sand blast,or as required

Price Term

 Ex-Work,FOB,CNF,CFR,CIF etc



 TT,L/C etc

Export to

Singapore,Indonesia,Ukraine,Korea,Thailand,Viet Nam,Saudi Arabia,Brazil,Spain,Canada,



2 tons


 Standard export package ,or as required.


Copper pipe have strong, corrosion resistant properties, and become a modern 

contractor in all of commodity house pipes, heating, cooling water piping installation

of choice


If you have any question ,please feel free to contact me 

we are sure your inquiry or requirements will get prompt attention


Usage: Mainly used in refrigerating system of air conditioners; high precision and pressure-resistant product manufactured through extrusion, rolling, drawing, surface treatment, and heat treatment, usually processed into finned refrigeration pipe and other refrigeration devices.

Production Equipment

      750-1500kg main frequency induction copper melting furnace, 80MN water seal extruder, LG60 high speed two-roll cold pilger mill, straight-line wire-drawing machine, copper tube/pipe straightener, polisher, 84′ copper coil winding machine, straightening-cutting & pancake coiling machine, thermoplastic packaging machine, 1.2T continuous bright annealing furnace.

 80MN extruder

Continuous bright annealing furnace

Testing Devices

       spectrum analyzer, atomic absorption analyzer, spectrophotometry, analytical balances, metallurgical microscope, eddy current flaw detector, metal tensile testing machine, eddy conductivity instrument.

Hardness tester

Spectrum analyzer

Metallurgical microscope

Metal tensile testing machine

Atomic absorption analyzer


      refined copper — smelting & casting — extrusion — rolling — drawing — straightening-cutting/forming of pancake coil — bright annealing — packaging — finished goods.


GB/T 1527-2006     Drawn tube of copper and copper alloys
GB/T 16866-2006   Dimensions and tolerances of copper and copper alloy seamless tubes
GB/T 4423-2007     Copper and copper-alloy cold-drawn rod and bar
GB/T 5231-2001     Wrought copper and copper alloys chemical composition limits and forms of wrought products
GB/T 5585.1-2005   Copper or aluminium and its alloy bus bars for electrical purposes—Part 1:Copper andcopper alloy bus bars
GB/T 17791-2007   Seamless copper tube for air conditioner and refrigeration equipment
GB/T 19850-2005   The seamless round copper tubes for electrical purposes
GB/T 26024-2010   Seamless copper and copper alloys tube for valves on air-conditioning and refrigeration system
ASTM B280-2008   Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Tube for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field Service
EN 12735-1:2001  Copper and copper alloys Seamless,round copper tubes for air-conditioning and refrigeration Part 1:Tubes for piping systems
EN 12735-2:2001  Copper and copper alloy – seamless round copper tube/pipe for air-conditioning and refrigeration system – for equipment
JIS H3300-2009       Seamless copper and copper alloy tube/pipe

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Q:I'd like to know how much a copper tube costs for air conditioning now
Forty-six thousand or so, according to the market at any time there will be fluctuations
Q:feet of copper obtained?
Edited: 150lb x 454g/lb = 68,100g of copper. Radius = (8.25mm / 10mm/cm) / 2 = 0.4125cm. Cross section area = π x r² = 3.142 x 0.4125 x 0.4125 = 0.535cm². 0.535cm² x 8.94g/cm³ = 0.4273g/cm length. 68,100g / 0.4273g/cm = 159.14cm. 159.14cm / 30.48cm/foot = 5,221 feet of copper wire. (Check: (159.14cm x 0.4273g/cm length) / 30.48cm/ft. = 68,000g / 454g/lb = 149.8lbs).
Q:The copper tube is cold. Why doesn't the air conditioner give the cold air?
Overheating of the compressor shutdown!!! Released after the replacement refrigerant capillary can be solved! If the electronic expansion valve with the check the electronic expansion valve is no fault!!! If there is no problem in the proposed replacement pipe temperature thermistor, because it will be The opening and closing degrees of the electronic expansion valve are unknown factors of 4:1% E: Freon is circulated in the heat pipe under the motion of the compressor, and the internal heat is passed through the Freon, and the refrigerant is circulated repeatedly to the outside. The lack of fluoride, too little Freon enter, in the form of liquid flow can be a high pressure pipe, and rapid vaporization, while absorbing the high-pressure pipe near the heat, water vapor cooling and high pressure pipe external to a certain temperature and frost; while the normal amount of freon in the high-pressure pipe section is still liquid circulation, high temperature pipe will not decrease rapidly.
Q:Chemistry Help! Calculate the mass percentage of copper (I) oxide in a mixture?
CuO (Copper(II) oxide) and Cu₂O (Copper(I) oxide). This gives us a total of 2 oxygen atoms (1 in each compound) and 3 copper atoms. We are given that oxygen comprises 16.3% of the mixture's mass and since there is only one oxygen in each formula, it must constitute 8.15% of each compound's mass. Let's first assume we have 100-g of the mixture. That would give us 16.3 gram of oxygen and 100-16.3 = 83.7-g of copper. Let's start with the simpler formula CuO first. This contains equal numbers of moles of Cu and O. Since we know we have 8.15-g of O in it (8.15-g / 16.0-g/mol = 0.509 moles of oxygen) and thus 0.509 moles of Cu. 0.509 moles of Cu = 0.509 mol x 63.5-g/mol = 32.32-g of Cu in the CuO - Copper (II). Since we had a total copper of 83.7-g with 32.32-g of it in the CuO, there must be (83.7 - 32.32 = 51.38-g in the Cu₂O - copper(I) . The total mass of the Copper(I) oxide is 51.38-g Cu + 8.15-g O = 59.53-g Given 100 grams of mixture and 59.53-g Cu₂O we have a % mass of 59.53-g / 100-g x 100% = 59.53% = 60% to 2 sig fig.
Q:zinc-copper battery question?
Because zinc is a more active metal than copper. Being more active, it is more likely to be oxidized (lose electrons). The copper ions at the other terminal are more likely to be reduced to copper metal (and when they do, they gain electrons).
Q:Which copper gas pipe does the air conditioner weld?
When the copper tube is red, add the silver electrode and watch the solder flow. After one or two seconds or so, remove the flame quickly. So, after one or two times, the copper tube is soldered. Try a few more times and you'll be a good welder.
Q:Patina Copper?
To turn copper green spray with 1/2 strength Muriatic Acid. Sprinkle with kosher salt. Place in sun. With in 24 hours it will look like 100 years old!
Q:Aqueous Solutions with copper?
That's because, Cu (2+) ions are responsible for the blue colour. The solution's oxidation state is 2. This oxidation state is necessary for the blue colour of the solution. Copper metal's oxidation state is 0 (Zero) and the copper doesn't dissolve in its solution. Hence there occurs no colour change. :)
Q:Copper and the effects on the body?
Copper is present in all tissues. The average adult body contains about 80 to 120mg of copper, of which most of it is stored in the liver. It is an important catalyst in the formation of the oxygen-carrying molecule hemoglobin. Chronically elevated copper levels in most patients may result from one-sided diets that lack co-factors or copper antagonists, or from the fact that many copper-rich foods are somewhat addictive, such as cocoa / chocolate products, colas, coffee, or tea (copper levels are even higher in tea than in coffee). Copper Toxicity or excessive copper levels have been associated with physical and mental fatigue, depression and other mental problems, schizophrenia, learning disabilities, hyperactivity / ADD, mood swings (sometimes violent, criminal or psychotic behavior) and general behavioral problems, memory and concentration problems, postpartum depression, vascular degeneration, headaches, increased risk of infections, sleep disorders, arthritis, spinal / muscle / joint aches and pains, hemangiomas and several cancers.
Q:Which metal works best in making a lemon battery, zinc, steel and copper?
Zinc and Copper - More electrically conductive than the other 2 options. Steel is usually used as an electrical conductor when there are mechanical forces at play that could lead to structural fatigue since it is a stronger metal (like in cars or airplanes, or in buildings to resist rats chewing through it). For a stationary project like this, Zinc and Copper.

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