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Packaging Detail:Packing: Wooden pallet packing strong seaworthy, Coils will have to be collected into a pile to build round 3+3 or 7 coils carried on one fumigated wooden pallet. Cardboard flange to be inserted between each coil and to be placed onto the top of the highest one.Shrinking film wrapping the parcel, each parcel composed of 3+3 or 7 coils, will have to be characterized by a label including the dimension, gross weight, tare and net weight, packing number, production date.
Delivery Detail:within 15 days after we received deposite or L/C


1) high efficiency, energy saving healthy
2) the inside surface area increases 70~100% than plain copper tube

We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, UPC,SGS and TUV etc.,these promise that the products we produced are always of the best quality

1) Alloy no.: C12200, Temper: soft drawn

2) Coil Wt.: 100kg ~ 500 kg

SpecificationsUnit weightO.DI.DBottom Wall Thickness TWFin Groove Depth HFTotalWallThicknessApex AngleHelix AngleNumber of Tooth
Remark:These are common sizes which the company is making,and unusaal sizes with special requirement can be tailor-made against order.

the inside surface area increases 70~100% than that of the same specification of plain copper tube, the heat transfer coefficient is about 1.8~2.0 times of that of same specification of plain tube.

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Q:The air conditioner copper tube joint bloom is what went wrong, not refrigeration
There are a lot of reasons, the indoor brass frost frost, is probably not enough freon, lack of fluoride, the machine is dirty, the outdoor machine may be cotton insulation frost damage, air humidity, bare copper will cause frosting phenomenon, suggest a direct link to customer service detection processing oh.
Q:Why is the air conditioning copper tube again become "air conditioning purple copper tube"?
The use of air conditioning is also called copper copper copper or copper. The brass tubes inside the air conditioner are usually brass or copper tubes.The difference between a brass tube and a brass tube:1, the thermal conductivity of copper is 338 thousand kcal / m..2, the heat conductivity of brass is 80 thousand Cu / M / s, and the ductility of copper is much better than that of brass.
Q:How can the air conditioner copper pipe burst?
1, if it is a small general damage on the evaporator condenser tube, clean after welding direct protective measures.2, if the indoor machine connecting pipe is damaged, can be cut off here, after inserting and welding pipe.3, the outdoor and indoor machine connected copper tubes are used to walk fluorine, fluorine is through this to the room for refrigeration, the external machine is hung under the window, good, clean and easy to maintain.4, the outside of the copper tube after oxidation will be very hard, not to bend, need to change or bend, be careful not to fold.
Q:GREE air conditioning outdoor machine, thick copper pipe frosting, what is the matter?
Air conditioning outdoor rough pipe (trachea) frosting in general, there are several situations1, refrigerant leakage, refrigerant is too small, resulting in back air pipe is too cold, will cause thick pipe frosting2, indoor filter screen blocked or indoor heat exchanger stains too much, resulting in poor ventilation, poor heat exchange
Q:Is the refrigerator copper tube good or aluminum tube good?
The durable said copper compared with aluminum or galvanized iron pipe is better because copper refrigerator can not prone to intermittent use of refrigerant leakage and not refrigeration but not to say that the refrigerator will not leak brass or not bad as in previous years the brand refrigerator production Shangling all adopt copper tube leak many tube refrigerator if hot days before the cold stop for a year for two or three months without other time on it if the continuous use case is not easily broken like before the production of Shuanglu Wanbao service for more than fifteen years and not the problem much as long as the production process standards regardless of what tube refrigerator quality can be (a part of consumers you say how good the brass refrigerator is not necessarily like aluminum printing blown paint evaporator from the actual use of maintenance experience in Party The surface is better than the copper tube, and there is hardly any refrigerator produced by the national standard copper tube on the market at present
Q:The copper tubes marked with air conditioners are 6.35 and 9.52. Can you use 6 and 10?
Yes, but it is troublesome to enlarge the mouth, or you can cut the bell mouth and weld it, or file it with a file to make the bell mouth.
Q:Who can tell me the weight calculation formula of copper tube?
Copper tube (outer diameter thickness) * thickness *0.02796Brass tube (outer diameter thickness) * thickness *0.0267That's theoretical weight per metre
Q:Brass and woodwind
Brass: trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, French hornWoodwind: Flute, clarinet, Oboe, bassoon, SaxThe difference between them is the tone, tone and feel more bright woodwind, brass sound responsible for the treble part; relatively low, so the main part is the bass,
Q:Is the air conditioner copper pipe welded or welded?
How can the air conditioning copper tube and copper pipe be welded?Copper tube and copper tube welding is generally used silver electrode (its silver content is 25%, 15% or 5%) or copper and phosphorus series welding rod, they all have good fluidity, do not need welding flux. Specific welding procedures are as follows:1) welding copper tube processing: expansion and deburring, old copper pipe must also use abrasive paper to remove oxide layer and dirt. When the diameter of the welded copper pipe is different greatly, it is necessary to clamp the pipe with big diameter in order to ensure that the gap between welds should not be too large.2) nitrogen filling: the copper pipe is filled with nitrogen to carry out welding, which can make the inner wall of copper tube bright, clean and oxide free, so as to effectively control the cleanliness of the system.3) open the welding torch, adjust the mixture ratio of oxygen and acetylene, and choose neutral flame.4) first heated by the flame tube insertion, slightly hot after the flame moves outward a little casing, heating the pipe when the pipe joint uniformly heated to the welding temperature (micro solder (red), adding silver electrode or phosphorus brazing). By the solder melting temperature, and flame temperature maintaining outer flame pipe joints, and not using pre solder melt drip welding joints, then heating welding, otherwise it will affect the strength and density of joints.5) remove the flame and close the torch. Check the quality of the weld. If there is a gap or a sand heel in the weld, re weld the weld
Q:Which is good for cutting copper tubes?
The brass cutting recommended Shanghai high volatile, high volatile Shanghai decoration materials Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of sales of metal processing, laser cutting, shearing, bending, slotting and other metal materials, good products and professional sales and technical team, to provide quality products and satisfactory service to customers, the company is willing to work with all partners. With the progress of sharing, outstanding future!

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