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Packaging Detail:Packing: Wooden pallet packing strong seaworthy, Coils will have to be collected into a pile to build round 3+3 or 7 coils carried on one fumigated wooden pallet. Cardboard flange to be inserted between each coil and to be placed onto the top of the highest one.Shrinking film wrapping the parcel, each parcel composed of 3+3 or 7 coils, will have to be characterized by a label including the dimension, gross weight, tare and net weight, packing number, production date.
Delivery Detail:within 15 days after we received deposite or L/C


1) high efficiency, energy saving healthy
2) the inside surface area increases 70~100% than plain copper tube

We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, UPC,SGS and TUV etc.,these promise that the products we produced are always of the best quality

1) Alloy no.: C12200, Temper: soft drawn

2) Coil Wt.: 100kg ~ 500 kg

SpecificationsUnit weightO.DI.DBottom Wall Thickness TWFin Groove Depth HFTotalWallThicknessApex AngleHelix AngleNumber of Tooth
Remark:These are common sizes which the company is making,and unusaal sizes with special requirement can be tailor-made against order.

the inside surface area increases 70~100% than that of the same specification of plain copper tube, the heat transfer coefficient is about 1.8~2.0 times of that of same specification of plain tube.

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Q:copper sulfate plus steel scrap = iron sulfate plus copper?
I used to sell scrap copper at 42 cents a pound back then and I am sure you could get quite a bit more now depending upon the purity. I used to strip copper plating off the hulls of sunken ships and after we took a haul back we cleaned it up with vinegar. But even if the stuff is badly verdigised you might still be able to sell it, just not for as high a price. I have forgotten the diff between #1 and #2 iron but there are probably thousands of different alloys made with iron...high carbon steels, moly-steel, cast iron, wrought iron, etc. ad infinitum...and each will bring with it some kind of impurities to the party such as manganese, titanium, molybdinum, phosphor, carbon (plenty some times), etc.each of which might combine with the copper you are trying to save depending upon the relative capacity for chemical reaction. Some nails and other iron fittings and fasteners are galvanized which means they are hot dipped or otherwise contain cadmium-----you DO NOT want to be inhaling that stuff----this is why welders have to exercise extreme caution when welding on galvanized pipe. In any event, I would make use of a very good vent blower like they use in welding shops.
Q:word equation for copper carbonate+ hydrochloric acid?
Copper Carbonate Hydrochloric Acid Equation
Q:Copper in silver nitrate?
yes it would be considered single replacement..... here is some steps that will help you with this replacement.... 1)write the formula out in words. -copper + silver nitrate --> copper nitrate + silver 2)write it out in terms of chemical formulas. - Cu + AgNO3 --> Cu(NO3)2 + Ag 3)balance it start with one at a time so take Cu and compare it on the other side both are fine so then you would look at whats attached to Cu on the other side of the forumula. which is (NO3)2 the 2 bec copper has a 2+ charge so you have 2 (NO3) you have to make the other side have 2 NO3s so you ahve to put a 2 infront of AgNO3 on the left so like this -Cu + 2AgNO3 --> Cu(NO3)2 + Ag Not quite done with the balanceing yet. then you look at whats attached to the NO3 that you just changed which is Ag which there is 2 of them so you gotta put a 2 in front of the Ag on the right like this.... -Cu + 2AgNO3 --> Cu(NO3)2 + 2Ag hope this helped!
Q:the 1943 copper penny?
good luck......
Q:ductility and maleability in copper?
Ductility Of Copper
Q:Any doctors in the house?....Fatty Liver and Copper?
Hepatitis B is the main easy severe liver an infection in the worldwide. that's understood to be the main effective reason for liver cancer. The illness is led to by making use of the hepatitis B virus (HBV) that assaults the liver. The virus is transmitted by using blood and actual fluids that contain blood. this could happen by using direct blood-to-blood touch, unprotected intercourse, and illicit drug use. it could additionally be handed from an contaminated lady to her new-born in the process the delivery technique. scientific comments regardless of the undeniable fact that asserts that approximately 50% of people who carry the virus by no skill improve any indicators. Hepatitis B virus may well be avoided by making use of using a secure and helpful vaccine.
Q:Bose IE2 vs Monster Turbine Pro Copper?
Q:science help plzzz copper sulfate?
Copper sulfate is a fungicide. It is put on grapes etc. to kill fungus. It is also used (very dilute) to kill parasites on fish in aquariums. It kills algae in swimming pools. It is used in ponds to kill plants. It has several lab uses -- standard tests for sugars, for proteins, for anemia in blood. Risks -- anything that kills algae and fungi at low doses can kill other things at higher doses. When treating fish, low doses are necessary or you kill the fish. If you take enough of it in, it can poison you. It was once used as an emetic but is now thought to be too poisonous to be used for that.
Q:Copper Alloy?
If the amount of copper is high and the alloying elements are close to copper in density, the density of the alloy will not differ much from pure copper. Electrical resistance is one way of differentiating the pure copper from alloys. If the components are of the same shape and size, a simple multipmeter will do to differentiate the resistance.
Q:Copper conducting electricity and contacts in certain switches and in computer equipment use gold question?
Because gold conducts electricity, does not tarnish, is very easy to work, can be drawn into wire, can be hammered into thin sheets, alloys with many other metals, can be melted and cast into highly detailed shapes, has a wonderful color and a brilliant luster.

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