Beam Blank copper mould tubes/copper moulds

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copper products: copepr mould tube metallurgical machinery: metallurgical spare parts

Product Description:

  1. Structure of Description

We are supplying High and Best Quality Beam Blank Copper Mould Tubes with Size range 535-150x120-70mm, Length 700-1016mm  Radius   R6000-R14000, Thickness  12-50mm, which is the world's most Renowned and Reputed;

We supply Copper Moulds of Highest Quality, ensuring Maximum Life, excellent Heat Resistivity and smoothest Casting Operational efficiency. 

CNBM, is the leading professional designer and manufacturer for copper mould tubes & plates as well as the complete sets of equipments & spare parts used for hundreds of domestic and abroad steel plants. The copper moulds supplied by CNBM adopt advanced European technology. Nowadays, CNBM is one of the largest copper moulds supplier and exporter with more than 30% market share in domestic market and 5% in the world market. We commit to supply products with world-class quality, competitive price, flexible payment terms, speedy delivery and excellent service, and we can also give technical guidance to help our customers to reduce the cost and increase the productivity. We have got high reputation from various customers all over the world.

 2.Main Features

Our design and manufature capacity: with slot single taper, double taper, triple taper, quadruplicate taper, parabolic taper and various of continous taper high effiency copper mould tube.

With Size range 535-150x120-70mm, Length 700-1016mm  Radius      R6000-R14000, Thickness  12-50mm

Steady and high quality,

Material  Cu-DHP (SF-Cu DIN1787), CuAg0.1, Cu-Cr-Zr;Coating   Cr, Ni-Co-Cr

We can design as per the customer’s specific requirements.

With lots of export expriences all around the world,

Fast shipment; 30-40days for production;

Packing : Strong, export worthy wooden cases.

 3. Images

Beam Blank copper mould tubes/copper moulds

Beam Blank copper mould tubes/copper moulds

Beam Blank copper mould tubes/copper moulds



Beam Blank copper mould tubes/copper moulds




Beam Blank

 Size range  535-150x120-70mm

Length      700-1016mm 

Radius       R6000-R14000

Thickness 12-50mm

Internal geometries    Par parallel, single tapered, double tapered, multi-tapered, parabolic tapered   

Material  Cu-DHP (SF-Cu DIN1787), CuAg0.1, Cu-Cr-Zr

Coating   Cr, Ni-Co-Cr

* We can design as per the customer’s specific requirements.



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Q:Copper sulfate in pellets, OK for inverts?
I wouldn't know because I avoid feeding my inverts anything with copper, but only because I heard it was bad, not that I have any experience at it.
Q:Why is copper II nitrate solution acidic?
Copper Nitrate Ph
Q:Confused about copper and copper age?
Copper is the name of a metal with various uses; electric cable, for example, and ancient people use it as tools. The era (time period) when copper is widely used (before iron was found) is called copper age. When was it? Check the link below.
Q:Separate copper remover necessary for WWB JHP?
Well yes copper is deposited in the rifling on firing,
Q:Is there an easy way to peel copper cables???????
One way works good for me. I set the wire out in the sun for a while then i put one end in a vise and stretch the wire out. I get a razor knife and start at the vise shaving a strip of plastic off as I walk backwards the entire length of the wire. Then the remaining insulation comes right off. I don't recommend burning or melting the plastic off a salvage yard told me once that if i brought wire in like that they would turn me in to the EPA.
Q:GREE air conditioner comes with copper tube. How many meters?
Generally with a three meters or so, let others installed machine, then 100 yuan a meter copper tube
Q:What happened to me, copper iud?
You may have had a miscarriage that wasn't too painful. If he couIdn't find the iud then it may have came out with the blood.
Q:How to quickly tarnish copper...?
Apply heat to them. I know the bottoms of my copper pots always tarnish quickly when I cook with them. Hope this helps.
Q:Electromagnet (need copper)?
It would be a difficult task, but you could very carefully disassemble and unwind an old junk electric motor. Usually, the varnish that they bake into the windings on the motor stator makes it nearly impossible to unwind it, without destroying the varnish insulation. Sometimes light duty fan motors and such (with shaded-pole motors) aren't too heavily varnished, but the wire gauge/size will be light. A transformer would also have copper windings, but getting the laminations apart is usually pretty difficult. The generator/magneto coil from an old motorcycle engine might have some recoverable copper. An old doorbell, with the solenoid that hits the chime bar would have a copper solenoid winding in it. Good luck!
Q:1.5 how much is one meter copper tube for air conditioner?
The average price should be between 90-120 yuan

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