copper clad steel strand wire

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Steel Grade: copper clad steel
Wire Gauge: 0.2-3
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Type: Copper Clad

Product performance

Plating copper clad steel single wire and stranded wire is a content is 99.9% of the electrolytic copper molecules homogeneous plating to the high quality low carbon steel core processing and into a new composite material, this product has both strength and toughness of steel, and has the good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. Products are widely used in high frequency coaxial cable, steel network communications, electrified railway, metro light rail, electric power and petrochemical system of ground wire, etc. Compared with copper stranded wire with low density, high strength, low cost advantages, is a traditional pure copper stranded wire 's new production



1, better anticorrosion properties: double metal internal no residue, better corrosion resistance. Electroforming copper clad steel stranded wire is a combination of molecules and molecules, and thus internal won't appear corrosion phenomena.

2, better electrical performance: surface for oxygen free copper, conductive performance is good, the inner layer for quality carbon steel, skin effect principle of conductive and magnetic properties are excellent. Resistance is far lower than the conventional materials, including steel, galvanized steel.

3, copper layer bonding degree is high, because is the copper layer and the surface of the steel is a combination of molecules, so the bonding degree is high, the twisted into stranded wire, the copper layer is not destroyed, not disconnect, become warped skin, cracking phenomenon.

4, price is low, because of its anti-corrosion ability, electrical properties, such as tensile strength performance is equivalent to pure copper products, so you can directly instead of pure copper conductor. Compared with the pure copper grounding conductor, the price is low, can save a lot of money for project.

5, installation is convenient, beautiful shape, jetta company production of copper clad steel stranded wire using the company's"


The main technical parameters

copper clad steel strand wire

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Q:How about the weight of copper wire? Calculation method
Copper is generally used in electrolytic copper (commonly known as "copper"), its density is 8.5 x 10 general Kg/m 100m fand fand, so l * 6mm * 8.5 * 10 Kg/m =5.1KG fand fand almost 10 pounds
Q:Do you have a homemade generator wire?
Must paint the package, or if the short circuit between the line and the line, the number of turns you around the equivalent of around 1 times. As long as the surface line and line contact without electricity.
Q:In addition to the wires in the house, where there is copper wire?
There are copper wires in household appliances
Q:Copper wire has solder and solder without the demarcation line break
Tin dipping temperature, i.e. the temperature you don't tin is too high, not too long time dipping tin bronze layer will be formed, otherwise relatively thick, more like bronze wire, more easily broken. Low temperature, not only to save energy, the boss happy, is environmentally friendly, lead steam evaporated tin less workers being exploited at the same time, can be slightly less toxic, favorable to the satisfaction of all, harmonious.
Q:What is the function of the copper coil in the appliance?
Inductance: an inductance is a property of a closed loop, i.e., an electromotive force is introduced to resist current changes when the current in a closed loop is changed.
Q:What's wrong with copper wire darkening?
Insulation material: insulating paint can be divided into impregnating paint, enameled wire paint, covering paint, silicon steel sheet paint, anti corona paint and other five categories. Among them, impregnating varnish is used as impregnating equipment for motor and electric coil. Varnish can play a insulation system fills in the gap and micropores, and was formed a continuous film impregnated surface, and the coil is bonded into a strong overall, effectively improve the integrity of the insulation system, thermal conductivity, moisture resistance, dielectric strength and mechanical strength of. Secondly, it also plays a role of heat dissipation. If the insulating paint is soaked, the coil after drying can be regarded as a whole, and the heat inside and outside layer can be transmitted easily, so as to play the role of heat distribution. Now, our insulating varnish oil production process, preparation method and formulation patent technical information is still relatively backward, the production and processing of impregnating varnish basically only play the role of short, a long time will appear to fall, the phenomenon of failure.
Q:Cable bridge, each section of the joint, there is a copper wire to prepare flat belt connected
That's the bridge ground jumper cable. Because of the angle between the bridge while connected together by rivets or welded together, but in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Grid, we cannot admit they are effective connection. In order to protect the earth, must have a grounding cable connection between all seams of metal objects, so that it can recognize all of its bridge is connected to one end, through one or a plurality of total grounding grounding.
Q:How can you measure the diameter of a coin, the circumference of a coin, the thickness of a sheet of paper, and the diameter of a copper wire more precisely?
1. it should be possible to measure the diameter of a coin with a vernier caliper. The thickness of a piece of paper can be found in more than 100 sheets, such as 100 or so2., you can string the coin a circle, and then the rope flat release, with a ruler measurement3. press the diameter of the copper wire - find a pencil type of cylindrical object, copper wire wrapped in the top 10 laps, then measure the length of 10 laps, in addition to 10 (note that in the winding when the 2 layer of silk is not spaced)
Q:Copper wire and plastic or copper wire and copper wire between how to bond, can do prison and fine?
If you don't paint, you can buy the kind of AB glue, its color close to the color of copper, but must be on the cross section, not on the periphery or will be very ugly, and copper with copper contact surface, one side is flat, one side is semicircular, so be sure to use the small semicircle file section the file in a semicircle, or when you glue it will not very good-looking.
Q:Wire wire in general can use how long? How many meters do you need at a time?
The latter must be much shorter in length than the former. As for the time of use, 8 hours of work, at least a week's time.

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