copper clad steel strand wire

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Steel Grade: copper clad steel
Wire Gauge: 0.2-3
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Type: Copper Clad

Product performance

Plating copper clad steel single wire and stranded wire is a content is 99.9% of the electrolytic copper molecules homogeneous plating to the high quality low carbon steel core processing and into a new composite material, this product has both strength and toughness of steel, and has the good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. Products are widely used in high frequency coaxial cable, steel network communications, electrified railway, metro light rail, electric power and petrochemical system of ground wire, etc. Compared with copper stranded wire with low density, high strength, low cost advantages, is a traditional pure copper stranded wire 's new production



1, better anticorrosion properties: double metal internal no residue, better corrosion resistance. Electroforming copper clad steel stranded wire is a combination of molecules and molecules, and thus internal won't appear corrosion phenomena.

2, better electrical performance: surface for oxygen free copper, conductive performance is good, the inner layer for quality carbon steel, skin effect principle of conductive and magnetic properties are excellent. Resistance is far lower than the conventional materials, including steel, galvanized steel.

3, copper layer bonding degree is high, because is the copper layer and the surface of the steel is a combination of molecules, so the bonding degree is high, the twisted into stranded wire, the copper layer is not destroyed, not disconnect, become warped skin, cracking phenomenon.

4, price is low, because of its anti-corrosion ability, electrical properties, such as tensile strength performance is equivalent to pure copper products, so you can directly instead of pure copper conductor. Compared with the pure copper grounding conductor, the price is low, can save a lot of money for project.

5, installation is convenient, beautiful shape, jetta company production of copper clad steel stranded wire using the company's"


The main technical parameters

copper clad steel strand wire

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Q:What bending copper wire?
Because the electromagnetic force is clamped, the pressing plate can be made into a plurality of workpiece requirements, and the workpieces with side walls can be processed, and the operation is very convenient
Q:What is the copper wire with melted welding welding method
When the flux of low melting point, called soldering, such as soldering; when the flux of high melting point, called brazing, such as brazing.
Q:The fan motor is burned, the motor is turned on, and the copper wires are turned round and round, but no break is found! What the hell was that?
The hero, I really admire your behavior, but also really admire, as a person who does not understand the circuit can do so, it is very rare
Q:Soft PVC plastic copper wire copper oxide black, is He Yuanyin
That's because the lack of an anti copper agent in PVC plastics and the addition of copper resistance can effectively prevent oxidation
Q:Why did the copper wire turn black after it was burned?
Because it has become copper oxide, copper oxide is black
Q:How to distinguish the power line inside the wire is pure copper wire, copper clad aluminum, aluminum wire?
Red copper, copper clad aluminum appearance red white on the inside, aluminum is not to say, must be white.Power line to buy pure copper, to see how much power to buy square lines. A computer with 2 square is enough. The air conditioner will be much larger.It won't change much if you burn it, because the melting point is not enough. To separate is actually very simple, as long as you use pliers to clamp off, you can see the inside of the cross section of the material. Colors represent different metals.
Q:Why can't fuse be replaced by copper wire?
The original, although also a fuse wire, but it is different from the ordinary copper wire of.x0d, it is soft and is composed of lead, antimony, lead or tin made of low melting point alloy. Its resistivity is relatively large, relatively low melting point, are afraid of heat. Due to the thermal effect of current, as long as the current through the the fuse exceeds the rated current of the fuse, to fuse current, the fuse will be quickly fuse, automatically disconnect circuit and power. So, strong current cannot enter the user's home to
Q:What is the resistance per metre of copper wire?
A resistivity of 1 mm2 and a cross-sectional area of 1 mm2, at room temperature (20 degrees C), is called the resistivity of this material
Q:Can you use 4 square meter for household electric wire?
You say soft and hard, refers to two kinds are all a copper wire, or refers to the hard is a copper wire
Q:Why do electromagnetic relays use copper wires as wires instead of wires?
Copper wire resistance is small, small fever, wire resistance, fever.

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