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Copper sheet
1.Model: C11000 T1 T2 T3 T4
2.Thickness: 0.05MM to 2.00MM
3.Width: Ranges from 10MM to 450MM,

Copper Plate

Our Products are widely used in lead frame material, solar photovoltaic ribbon, transformers, radio frequency cables, copper clad alaluminum, heat exchangers, electronic stamping and other industries
Model: C1100, T2, TP2, TU2, and other kinds of grades
Thickness: Range from 0.05MM to 2.00MM
Width: Ranges from 10MM to 450MM,
Piece weight: 5000kg max

Industry species:
1, Radio-frequency cable: The length can reach 6000meters in 0.2mm thickness
2, Transformer: Patented trimming, ensure the edge in right angle
3, Photovoltaic copper belt: 100%conductivity, 45 hv
4, Copper cladding aluminum: Applied in wire
5, Electronics: Clean surface, steady tolerance, neat ribbon, used for electroplating and high speed punch
6, Heat exchanger: Applied in nuclear power plant and submarine industry

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Q:What do you mean by "2A/H CCL" in the PCB board?
Copper-clad laminatesIt is a kind of deposited copper plate made of polytetrafluoroethylene plate and coated with copper foil. It is mainly used as printed circuit board in high frequency and ultra high frequency circuit
Q:How many millimeters is the thickness of 250g copper paper?
200 grams below:Gram x0.0009= thickness (mm) + 0.05mmMore than 200 grams:Gram x0.0011= thickness (mm) + 0.05mmThe size of the original paper is the same. But the paper has 50 grams, 80 grams, 200 grams of different, respectively, the greater the number of grams, indicating that the thicker the paper
Q:What insulation materials should be used for insulation between copper plate and copper plate?
Other brands I don't know, because I specializes in Schneider bus, Schneider is above the insulating material I describe, the other is not clear, but the intensive bus groove for the insulation material requirements are very high, the distance between the phases is very small, not good material if it is easy to use in the process of heating cause insulation the performance decline caused by the accident.
Q:What is the difference between copper tape sticker + heat sensitive single anti sensitive adhesive + thermal three proofing glue?
The use of thermal transfer printer; thermal paper single guard is waterproof, belongs to the general material of thermal label paper, use thermal / thermal transfer printer;
Q:How to make copper clad laminate?
Copper clad laminate is a bonding process and a hot extrusion process, so that a certain thickness of copper foil is firmly covered on the insulating substrate. The copper clad laminates used are different in material and thickness.Copper-clad copper foil and adhesive are also different, copper produced by the performance of copper on a very different
Q:1 mm copper plate with what method of welding is not deformed, and to leak proof?
Iron is a necessary tool for production of electronic and electrical maintenance, the main purpose is to welding components and lines, according to the mechanical structure can be divided into internal and external heating type electric iron electric iron, which is divided into no tin absorption electric iron and tin suction type electric iron, according to different purposes is divided into large electric power small power electric iron and iron.
Q:What is the best copper bronze
The thickness is 1.00mm and 1.20mm. And really Tongmen service life is very long, durable, not easy to deformation and cracking!
Q:4 mm copper plate surface welding 2 mm purple square tube, large argon arc welding machine
Welding process of copper and copper alloyCopper has excellent properties of conductivity, heat conductivity, corrosion resistance, ductility and strength. It has been widely used in the electrical, electronic, chemical, food, power, transportation and aerospace industries. In pure copper
Q:What's the difference between sub - powder paper and coated art paper?
General matt coated paper (matt coated paper) than copper thin and white, more and more hard being, not absorb ink, copperplate paper easy deformation, uneven feel pages of the book is certainly copper. Black powder paper will only be used for color beating, and black and white will definitely be copper or double gummed paper (recycled paper).
Q:How do we get the tin on the copper plate? There are a lot of copper welding in our factory. All the copper plates need to be plated with tin. What method do you need?
Using brush plating method, tin is plated with brush plating machine and brush plating bath. Process according to brush plating requirements.

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