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Copper sheet
1.Model: C11000 T1 T2 T3 T4
2.Thickness: 0.05MM to 2.00MM
3.Width: Ranges from 10MM to 450MM,

Copper Plate

Our Products are widely used in lead frame material, solar photovoltaic ribbon, transformers, radio frequency cables, copper clad alaluminum, heat exchangers, electronic stamping and other industries
Model: C1100, T2, TP2, TU2, and other kinds of grades
Thickness: Range from 0.05MM to 2.00MM
Width: Ranges from 10MM to 450MM,
Piece weight: 5000kg max

Industry species:
1, Radio-frequency cable: The length can reach 6000meters in 0.2mm thickness
2, Transformer: Patented trimming, ensure the edge in right angle
3, Photovoltaic copper belt: 100%conductivity, 45 hv
4, Copper cladding aluminum: Applied in wire
5, Electronics: Clean surface, steady tolerance, neat ribbon, used for electroplating and high speed punch
6, Heat exchanger: Applied in nuclear power plant and submarine industry

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Q:Can WEDM be done by wire cutting?
Characteristics and application of WEDM1) characteristics of WEDMSuitable for the machining of materials difficult to process, such as hardened steel, carbide, heat-resistant alloy, etc.;The utility model has the advantages that the electrode is designed as a tool electrode, the electrode design and manufacture cost and time are saved, and the shape and the through hole of the complex shape can be conveniently processed, and the sleeve processing can be carried out, and the gap between the concave and the convex dies of the die can be adjusted arbitrarily2) shortcomingsThe material to be machined must be electrically conductive;No blind hole can be machined2) is widely used for processing hard alloy, hardened steel mold, a model, a variety of complex shape of small parts, narrow application of electrical line EDM cutting holes. Such as complicated shape, with a small sharp narrow slit die can be used in processing the whole structure after quenching, which can ensure the mold precision, also can simplify the mould design and manufacture. In addition, metal parts can also be processed in the electric blind hole other than hard machining WEDM.Wire cutting is widely used in the manufacture of hard alloy, hardened steel, mould parts, sample boards, and small parts with various shapes,
Q:What material is applied to the main grounding electrode? What's the size?
The main grounding electrodes are made of angle iron, steel plate, copper plate, round bar, flat steel and so on. The area is 0.75mm2, and the thickness requirement is 5mm
Q:What kind of material is copper clad?
Copper clad laminate - also called base material. A kind of sheet material, which is formed by pressing the reinforcing material with one or both sides of the reinforcing material and covered with copper foil, is called a copper-clad laminate. It is the basic material used for PCB, often called substrate.
Q:How should the coated paper and the special paper be distinguished?
Mainly used for printing books cover and illustrations, senior color pictures, a variety of exquisite product advertising, packaging, trademarks, sample.
Q:Is copper clad plate an insulating material?
Copper clad laminate is equivalent to the combination of insulating material and copper foil, and insulation is only part of it. In the CCL industry, only the copper clad sheet - the light plate is the insulating material.
Q:How about 1.2 millimeter copper plate? Transverse welding?
It can be welded by high frequency machine, with high speed, stability and high efficiency.
Q:Function of mould copper plate
Molten molten steel flows through the mold copper plate and is crystallized into a billet under the action of external cooling water and is pulled out of the mold by the lead ingot. Often make the casting mold wear, change frequently, not only reduce the efficiency of production and consumption of a large number of mold.
Q:Are copper paper and photographic paper the same kind of paper?
Coated paper can be output using an inkjet printer.
Q:How about metal etching? I'll take long steps
1, chemical etching method with strong acid or alkali solution directly on the workpiece is not protected parts of chemical corrosion, which is currently a method to use the most, has the advantages of etching depth can be shallow deep etching, very fast, disadvantage is corrosion liquor has great pollution to the environment, especially the etching solution is not easy recovery. And on the health of workers is harmful in the production process.2, it is a kind of electrochemical etching the workpiece as anode, electrolyte using electricity, anodic dissolution, so as to achieve the purpose of etching method, the utility model has the advantages of environmental protection, little pollution to the environment, to the health of workers is harmless, etching depth is small, a large area of etching, the uneven distribution of current the depth, is not easy to control.3, laser etching method has the advantages of linear edge neat side etching phenomenon, but the cost is very high, about double the chemical etching method. The printed circuit board industry when the paste is printed, with stainless steel wire mesh is mostly produced by laser etching.
Q:Ask how the copper plate is welded
Welding welding is applicable to a variety of metal materials, simple equipment, low cost, convenient operation and small batch welding torch, in thin pieces (the thinnest 0.5 mm) welding installation, welding in all positions (such as low pressure boiler pipe installation and repair welding etc.) is widely applied.

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