Slab copper mould plate/continuous casting copper mould plate

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copper products: copper plate metallurgical machinery: Metallurgical spare parts

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1.      Structure of Description

We are supplying High  Slab copper mould plate with Size range  Length 350-3800 Width 700-1000mm ,Thickness  30-75mm, Material Cr-Zr-Cu, Cu Ag.  Coating  Ni-Co、Cr、Ni-Fe.which are the world's most Renowned and Reputed;

We supply Copper Moulds of Highest Quality, ensuring Maximum Life, excellent Heat Resistivity and smoothest Casting Operational efficiency. 

CNBM, is the leading professional designer and manufacturer for copper mould tubes & plates as well as the complete sets of equipments & spare parts used for hundreds of domestic and abroad steel plants. The copper moulds supplied by CNBM adopt advanced European technology. Nowadays, CNBM is one of the largest copper moulds supplier and exporter with more than 30% market share in domestic market and 5% in the world market. We commit to supply products with world-class quality, competitive price, flexible payment terms, speedy delivery and excellent service, and we can also give technical guidance to help our customers to reduce the cost and increase the productivity. We have got high reputation from various customers all over the world.

 2.Main Features

Our design and manufature capacity: with slot single taper, double taper, triple taper, quadruplicate taper, parabolic taper and various of continous taper high effiency copper mould tube.

We are supplying High Slab copper mould plate with Size range  Length 350-3800 Width 700-1000mm ,Thickness  30-75mm, Material Cr-Zr-Cu, Cu Ag.  Coating  Ni-Co、Cr、Ni-Fe.

Steady and high quality,

We can design as per the customer’s specific requirements.

With lots of export expriences all around the world,

Fast shipment; 30-40days for production;

Packing : Strong, export worthy wooden cases.

 3. Images


Slab copper mould plate/continuous casting copper mould plate

Slab copper mould plate/continuous casting copper mould plate




Length      350-3800mm

Width 700-1000 mm

Thickness 30-75mm

Material Cr-Zr-Cu, Cu Ag.  Coating  Ni-Co、Cr、Ni-Fe.

* We can design as per the customer’s specific requirements.


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Q:What do you mean by "2A/H CCL" in the PCB board?
Flexible polyester coated copper filmIs a strip of material with polyester film and copper formed by hot pressing, the application will be rolled into a spiral shape on it. In order to strengthen the internal equipment or moisture, often with epoxy resin pouring it into a whole. Mainly used for flexible printed circuit and the printed cable, as a connector of the transition line.
Q:What equipment can make the circuit board copper and aluminum.
ALCU-Q303 copper aluminum welding rod welding solution
Q:How to make circuit boards with transfer paper and copper clad laminate
Print the PCB line on the smooth surface of the heat transfer paper using a laser printer. You need to set the mirror when you print the top line.Sanded the surface of the copper plate with sandpaper and wash it with water and blow dry.The thermal transfer paper printing surface toward the copper surface of CCL, and use the package or adhesive tape, the thermal transfer paper firmly fixed on CCL, must be fixed, ensure not between paper and CCL transfer process of any relative movement. At the same time, make sure the printing surface is smooth and free of wrinkles.Turn on the power and heat transfer machine set temperature, preheating machine, the CCL wrapped transfer paper is inserted into the transfer machine rollers gap, according to the situation of transfer 1~10 times (and the related factors of temperature, the quality of machine toner). If an electric iron is used for transfer, the iron is raised to the highest temperature, and then the surface of the copper clad sheet of the transfer paper is pressed repeatedly until all areas are uniformly pressed.
Q:Function of mould copper plate
Molten molten steel flows through the mold copper plate and is crystallized into a billet under the action of external cooling water and is pulled out of the mold by the lead ingot. Often make the casting mold wear, change frequently, not only reduce the efficiency of production and consumption of a large number of mold.
Q:How do you deal with the etching edges of heavy copper plate?
If the use of network printing, suggest there may be caused by the low screen mesh.
Q:What kind of machinery and equipment are needed for the production of aluminum based copper clad sheets?
The above is the most basic equipment, if PP is purchased or the use of glue foil, then at least need is a cutting machine for press and cutting edge.
Q:Ask the copper plate for annealing and help!
Softening annealing temperature of brass H62 plate: 600~700 degrees. Holding time, empirical formula T=30+A (D-2) T----, holding time A-----, holding time coefficient (4 / mm), D---- parts effective thickness (mm), thickness less than 2 mm parts, holding time is 30~40 minutes. Copper plate T2 belongs to industrial pure copper. The annealing temperature of pure copper is 500~700 degrees. (the annealing temperature of high purity copper is 400~450 degrees). The holding time is referred to brass.
Q:How do rubber and copper react and turn green?
This is a very common phenomenon, the key is that the gum has not been selected, we must use a neutral type of transparent glue caixing.
Q:Is the leaflet sheet made of art paper? What are the characteristics of coated paper?
It can effectively improve the enterprise image to a new level, to better display their products and services to the public, can very detailed function, uses and advantages of products (unlike other products), interpretation of the concept of corporate culture, so the publicity has become one of the indispensable business enterprise promotional tools.
Q:How do you do the old copper plate? Made of Copper Green
Soak in brine, hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid.

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