High density Purified Copper Alloy Ingot Casting for Steelmaking

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Product Description:

Product: High density copper alloy ingot
Type Specifications: T2, TU1, TU2, TP2
Produced by low-vacuum copper smelting casting technology with its intellectual property right owned by Feichi Copper & Aluminum; high density and high purity product with low hydrogen and oxygen content, usually processed into copper products of various shapes and widely applied in steelmaking, electric power, shipbuilding, and machinery sectors


Produced by low-vacuum copper smelting casting technology with its intellectual property right; high density and high purity product with low hydrogen and oxygen content, usually processed into copper products of various shapes and widely applied in steelmaking, electric power, shipbuilding, and machinery sectors



Special Shaped tungsten products


We produce special shaped tungsten products and other OEM products.

Production Equipment

      750-1500kg main frequency induction copper melting furnace, 80MN water seal extruder, LG60 high speed two-roll cold pilger mill, straight-line wire-drawing machine, copper tube/pipe straightener, polisher, 84′ copper coil winding machine, straightening-cutting & pancake coiling machine, thermoplastic packaging machine, 1.2T continuous bright annealing furnace.


 80MN extruder

Continuous bright annealing furnace

Testing Devices

       spectrum analyzer, atomic absorption analyzer, spectrophotometry, analytical balances, metallurgical microscope, eddy current flaw detector, metal tensile testing machine, eddy conductivity instrument.

Hardness tester

Spectrum analyzer

Metallurgical microscope

Metal tensile testing machine

Atomic absorption analyzer


      refined copper — smelting & casting — extrusion — rolling — drawing — straightening-cutting/forming of pancake coil — bright annealing — packaging — finished goods.


GB/T 1527-2006     Drawn tube of copper and copper alloys
GB/T 16866-2006   Dimensions and tolerances of copper and copper alloy seamless tubes
GB/T 4423-2007     Copper and copper-alloy cold-drawn rod and bar
GB/T 5231-2001     Wrought copper and copper alloys chemical composition limits and forms of wrought products
GB/T 5585.1-2005   Copper or aluminium and its alloy bus bars for electrical purposes—Part 1:Copper andcopper alloy bus bars
GB/T 17791-2007   Seamless copper tube for air conditioner and refrigeration equipment
GB/T 19850-2005   The seamless round copper tubes for electrical purposes
GB/T 26024-2010   Seamless copper and copper alloys tube for valves on air-conditioning and refrigeration system
ASTM B280-2008   Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Tube for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field Service
EN 12735-1:2001  Copper and copper alloys Seamless,round copper tubes for air-conditioning and refrigeration Part 1:Tubes for piping systems
EN 12735-2:2001  Copper and copper alloy – seamless round copper tube/pipe for air-conditioning and refrigeration system – for equipment
JIS H3300-2009       Seamless copper and copper alloy tube/pipe


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Q:Anhydrous Copper(II)Sulfate + Water?
Depends on the amount of water small amount Copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate Large amount..Cu+2 ions and SO4-2 Ions
Q:Ectopic Pregnancy ? COPPER IUD ! PLEASE HELP !?
I had a copper IUD for 3 years and I had unprotected sex with my husband the whole time. He ejaculated in me, and I never turned up pregnant. If you are with someone stable the IUD is so that you CAN have unprotected sex. Yes there is a small small small chance of pregnancy with it as there is with any other form of birth control but it is highly unlikely. You will get your period on time and there is a 99.9% chance of you NOT being pregnant. If your really that worried about it then you should talk to ur doctor and get all the info on IUD's.
Q:Copper Wire Question?
For frequencies up to about 100 megahertz, any kind of wire will work, but it will not look very professional if you use, multi conductor cable with all the conductors connected at both ends. Over 100 feet between supports, it may not be strong enough in a high wind. Above about 100 megahertz 1/4 inch steel wire may work well if it is copper plated = most of the current travels near the surface = skin effect. The antenna wire is possibly hard drawn for extra strength. The cable between the radio and the antenna needs to good quality if this is a long distance, even at less than 100 megahertz Neil
Q:Question about Copper Chloride Lab?
Copper Chloride Lab
Q:How to solder copper pipes vertically?
First you will want to be sure all surfaces are clean, if they are not clean them and scuff them up with a piece of Emory cloth (fine or medium grit) Next coat all of the surfaces to be soldered with a paste called soldering flux this will help the solder stick better. Next assemble the parts to be soldered and unwind about two or three inches of solder then starting with the top joint heat ONLY the outside surface of the coupler or whatever you are using to join the pipe together. As the part gets hot drag the unwound solder across the top of the joint and as soon as the joint gets hot enough the solder will melt fast and easy. Remove the heat source and drag the solder around the entire joint once or twice. The joint will suck the solder in and marry the pieces together. Go to the bottom joint and repeat the process. When you are finished allow the joint to cool for a minute. The slowly apply water and check for leaks. If there are no leaks you have just successfully sweat soldered a joint. If there are any leaks make sure all water is removed from area and re-apply heat and additional solder. Good luck
Q:What is the recycle value of copper?
depends on the type f cope yo have (i.e. is it cable, stripped wire, buss bar, etc.). Some general price ranges for some grade of scrap copper are as follows: No.1 Heavy Scrap Copper 1.16 1.31 lbs USD No.2 Scrap Copper 1.02 1.17 lbs USD Soldered Copper Pipe Scrap 0.87 1.02 lbs USD Light Scrap Copper 0.87 1.02 lbs USD prices fluctutate on a daily basis...please check source for current pricing
Q:help, between copper and brass?
copper is a softer metal than brass and brown in color or green if its corroded brass is made from copper and tin and no a magnet wont work
Q:How is Copper(II) Nitrate , Cu(NO3)2?
Copper has a Valence of 1 or 2 (1+ or 2+) as Copper (I) or Copper (II). 'NO3' has a Valence of 1 (1-). Copper (I) = Cu(1+) + NO3(1-) = CuNO3. Copper (II) = Cu(2+) + 2 x NO3(1-) in order to neutralise the 2+ of the Cu (II). = Cu(2+) + NO3(1-)x2 = Cu(NO3)2.
Q:how to test resistance of copper coil?
if the copper winding is varnished, and there are no terminals to hook on to, then you need to scrape off the varnish for a 1/4 inch or so, to expose bare copper, then use the lowest range on your Ohms meter. If you cannot get a clear reading, then hook it up to a 12 volt battery and measure the current R = V/I
Q:How was copper smelted during the Copper Age?
To my knowledge there was never a Copper Age. You go Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age. Bronze is an amalgam of copper with a small amount of tin. The period runs from about 2,000 B.C. to about 700 B.C. The basic production is to make a mould of the item you want from clay. First you make the desired item from wax. Then you enclose the wax in clay, leaving a hole in the top. Heating the copper/tin mix in a crucible until it melts then pour what is now bronze into the hole in the mould. The bronze melts the wax and replaces it, (the lost wax technique). At the early stages of mining, men used deer antler picks to dig narrow tunnels in ore bearing rock. Copper stains the surrounding rocks green, so a seam of copper is relatively easy to spot. Copper and tin do not usually occur together, so bronze seems to suggest a trade system. Britain, and especially Cornwall were known in antiquity by the Phoenicians as the Tin Isles.

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