Thin slab copper mould plate used on continuous casting machine

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 1.      Structure of Description

Thin slab copper mould plate is one our another mian products, the  Size range  Length1200-2000 Width 1100-1200mm , Material Cr-Zr-Cu, Cu Ag.  Coating  Ni-Co、Cr、Ni-Fe.

We supply Copper Moulds of Highest Quality, ensuring Maximum Life, excellent Heat Resistivity and smoothest Casting Operational efficiency. 

We are the leading professional designer and manufacturer for copper mould  plates & tube.


The copper moulds supplied by CNBM adopt advanced European technology. Nowadays, CNBM is one of the largest copper moulds supplier and exporter with more than 30% market share in domestic market and 5% in the world market. 

 2.Main Features


Steady and high quality,

Packing : Strong, export worthy wooden cases. High quality products and excellent service.


We commit to supply products with world-class quality, competitive price, flexible payment terms, speedy delivery and excellent service, and we can also give technical guidance to help our customers to reduce the cost and increase the productivity. We have got high reputation from various customers all over the world.

We are supplying High Slab copper mould plateSize range  Length1200-2000 Width 1100-1200mm , Material Cr-Zr-Cu, Cu Ag.  Coating  Ni-Co、Cr、Ni-Fe.

We can design as per the customer’s specific requirements. Fast shipment; 30-40days for production;

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Thin slab copper mould plate used on continuous casting machine

Thin slab copper mould plate used on continuous casting machine

Thin slab copper mould plate used on continuous casting machine



Thin slab

We can design as per the customer’s specific requirements.

Length    1200-2000mm

Width 1100-1200 mm

Material Cr-Zr-Cu, Cu Ag.  Coating  Ni-Co、Cr、Ni-Fe.

We can design as per the customer’s specific requirements.


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Q:What is a carved copper plate?
Laser engraving machines are not the only ones!Corrosive; having no relief effect!
Q:How to distinguish between paper? Such as paper, light weight coated paper, light weight coated paper, matt coated paper and matte powder etc.
Writing paper is used for ink paper, paper is not required to write down. Writing paper is mainly used for printing exercise books, diaries, forms and books. Writing paper can be divided into special numbers: No. 1, No. 2, 3 and 4.
Q:What's the difference between double adhesive tape and copper paper adhesive?
Also known as coated paper coated paper printing, this paper is coated with a layer of white pulp, paper after pressure. Light and made of paper. The surface is smooth, high whiteness, paper fiber distribution, thickness, flexibility of small, and has good elasticity and strong water resistance and tensile properties. The absorption of ink and receive very good condition. The product is mainly used for sample coated paper printing pictures, cover, Ming Xin piece, exquisite and color trademarks. Copperplate printing pressure should not be too large, to use offset printing ink resin based ink and light. To prevent back and dirt, can be used with anti dirty agent, dusting and other methods. The authority of your
Q:What kind of welding machine do you use for welding copper plate?
If it is brass, the thickness is relatively thick, you can use AC argon arc welding machine TIG welding, can also use double pulse gas shielded welding machine, the material choose Granville 204SM wire welding.
Q:Why did Conany ask people to touch the copper plate to see if there was potassium cyanate in his hand?
Because potassium cyanate and copper chemical reaction, there is a phenomenon to detect whether there is potassium cyanate.
Q:What's the difference between paper and thermal sensitive paper for bar code machine?
Is the use of thermal transfer ribbon coated paper, can be preserved for a long time, but supplies more than a ribbon cost;The thermal paper is not the ribbon can be printed, but the preservation time is not long, effective thermal paper, the preservation period of about 2 years, but generally more than a year of light bar
Q:Does PCB mean copper on copper and copper clad in Protel?
In order to prevent mutual interference between the wires caused by induction, one of the methods can be used between the shielding wire, is paving (also called copper), package, the inner partition to solve, it is the way to get the copper layer and the wire segmentation without wiring had been corroded and preserved and ground connection. The formation of the ground shield, can effective anti-jamming.
Q:How to distinguish the quality of bronze?
See color: not only in plastic powder blending in bronze powder were some smooth, electrostatic spraying, and reduce the sheet with the force, it will wipe the metal out, so the metal sense is not strong, the color is not uniform. Really Tongmen made of anti UV paint blending acrylic high Naihou expensive copper powder spraying, metal sense of strong and uniform color.
Q:Solution of measuring thickness of copper clad plate on line by plate thickness gauge.
At present, most of the copper clad manufacturers in China adopt contact measuring methods, some are on-line measurements, others are off-line sampling. With the improvement of the quality requirements, the laser measurement method has been gradually recognized and applied to the production line. It has the advantage of traditional measurement methods can not be achieved:
Q:How to make circuit boards with transfer paper and copper clad laminate
After the transfer is finished, wait for the temperature to cool the copper plate below 40 degrees (not hot), tear off the transfer paper carefully and check the transfer effect. If the transfer after a small number of wires missing, you can use an oil marker to repair, but if the missing area is larger, the overall transfer effect is poor, you can only give up, after grinding, re transfer. Be sure to remove the transfer paper after cooling! In high temperature, the direct tear will cause the plastic film of transfer paper to attach to the copper plate, resulting in the failure of the production!

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