Hot Rolled Steel Plates A36 for Sale in China

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Product Description:

Description of steel sheets:

A36/A516 Gr.60/70 hot rolled oil tank/carbon boiler steel plate/sheet 

Festures of steel sheets:

Steel plates are widly used as boiler plate, container plate, flange plate and ship plate,
and also widly used in building construction. The size of steel plate can be made according
to clients requirements. 

Specifications of steel sheets:

1) Cold rolling

The advantages of cold rolling are good dimensional accuracy ,surface quality ,low surface roughness ,high mechanical properties.The steel surface of the coldrolled (forging)  state delivery has oxide skin coverage and there is a great internal stress, so likely to suffer corrosion or rust,.Therefore ,its packaging and storage have relatively strict standards

2) Hot rolling

Hot rolling (forging) steel plate’s termination of a temperature is 800900 degrees Celsius, then generally natural air cooling.Hotrolled steel state because of the surface is covered with a layer of oxide scale,so having some corrosion resistance, less stringent storage and transport requirements, unlike steel cold-rolled state delivery.

Images of  steel sheets:

Hot Rolled Steel Plates A36 for Sale in China


1. What is your package?

Packing situation: standard seaworthy packing or as customer required.

2. How long is the lead time?

Delivery time: 45 days after order confirmed.

3. What  payment term do you accept?

Payment: T/T or L/C at sight.

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A bottle of anhydrous potassium hydroxide with anhydrous potassium sulphide to a large basin of water to the copper inside then became black and copper wire cloth
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In the practical application can be a knife on the copper foil surface by artificial carved lines, can also be used in chemical materials of ferric chloride etching.
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