Hot Rolled Steel Plates A36 for Sale in China

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Product Description:

Description of steel sheets:

A36/A516 Gr.60/70 hot rolled oil tank/carbon boiler steel plate/sheet 

Festures of steel sheets:

Steel plates are widly used as boiler plate, container plate, flange plate and ship plate,
and also widly used in building construction. The size of steel plate can be made according
to clients requirements. 

Specifications of steel sheets:

1) Cold rolling

The advantages of cold rolling are good dimensional accuracy ,surface quality ,low surface roughness ,high mechanical properties.The steel surface of the coldrolled (forging)  state delivery has oxide skin coverage and there is a great internal stress, so likely to suffer corrosion or rust,.Therefore ,its packaging and storage have relatively strict standards

2) Hot rolling

Hot rolling (forging) steel plate’s termination of a temperature is 800900 degrees Celsius, then generally natural air cooling.Hotrolled steel state because of the surface is covered with a layer of oxide scale,so having some corrosion resistance, less stringent storage and transport requirements, unlike steel cold-rolled state delivery.

Images of  steel sheets:

Hot Rolled Steel Plates A36 for Sale in China


1. What is your package?

Packing situation: standard seaworthy packing or as customer required.

2. How long is the lead time?

Delivery time: 45 days after order confirmed.

3. What  payment term do you accept?

Payment: T/T or L/C at sight.

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Q:What do you mean by "2A/H CCL" in the PCB board?
Copper-clad laminatesIt is a kind of deposited copper plate made of polytetrafluoroethylene plate and coated with copper foil. It is mainly used as printed circuit board in high frequency and ultra high frequency circuit
Q:What's the difference between a yellow copper plate and an oxidized copper plate?
The so-called pure copper, copper, basically can be regarded as the same concept, the main components are copper elements, conductivity, thermal conductivity are relatively high, on time, soft texture.
Q:What brand of copper paper do you have? It's good and bad. Detailed point!
Copperplate paper now used domestically, Zhenjiang and Jindong can be imported bimei. Other, Suzhou purple Xing can also. Chenming is not too good
Q:What kind of machine would you like to engrave on the steel plate and copper plate?
The entire plate is cut in an arbitrary shape:See how big you want to cut. If it's small and thick, use edm.
Q:Copper plate acid corrosion process
Since it is selective etching, of course, the first step is to distinguish between areas where etching and no etching are required, by plate making, printing, or ink spraying.
Q:How to make circuit boards with transfer paper and copper clad laminate
Print the PCB line on the smooth surface of the heat transfer paper using a laser printer. You need to set the mirror when you print the top line.Sanded the surface of the copper plate with sandpaper and wash it with water and blow dry.The thermal transfer paper printing surface toward the copper surface of CCL, and use the package or adhesive tape, the thermal transfer paper firmly fixed on CCL, must be fixed, ensure not between paper and CCL transfer process of any relative movement. At the same time, make sure the printing surface is smooth and free of wrinkles.Turn on the power and heat transfer machine set temperature, preheating machine, the CCL wrapped transfer paper is inserted into the transfer machine rollers gap, according to the situation of transfer 1~10 times (and the related factors of temperature, the quality of machine toner). If an electric iron is used for transfer, the iron is raised to the highest temperature, and then the surface of the copper clad sheet of the transfer paper is pressed repeatedly until all areas are uniformly pressed.
Q:What's the difference between a yellow copper coin and a H62 h63?
But there is a big difference between the yellow copper plate and the tin bronze produced by the Jiashan Rongchang plain bearing
Q:What is copper foil on the surface of copper clad laminate?
The surface has many kinds of copper foil, copper foil is very thin, there are copper crown, copper foil, Fukuda copper foil, Jinbao copper foil, copper foil, Mitsui copper foil, and so on, a variety of many. If the thickness is divided into: 12U, 18u, 35u, 70u, 50U, and so on.
Q:How to weld double clad copper plate component?
Welding tools: welding with electric iron.
Q:4 mm copper plate surface welding 2 mm purple square tube, large argon arc welding machine
There are four main difficulties in the weldability of copper and copper alloys. One is the influence of high thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of copper is 7-11 times larger than that of carbon steel, when the process parameters are similar to those of carbon steels of the same thicknessCopper is difficult to fuse and filler metal and base metal do not fuse well. Two is the hot tearing tendency of welding joint. When welding, copper in the bath and its impurities form eutectic eutectic at low melting point, which makes copper and copper alloy obviousThe thermal embrittlement produces a thermal crack. The three is that porosity defects are much more severe than carbon steels, and if hydrogen bubbles are present. Four is the change of welding joint property. Grain coarsening, plasticity decrease, corrosion resistance decrease and so on.

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