horizontal water pump

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Horizontal Water Pump                                                                                                

CHL pump are multi-functional products .it can be used to convey various medium from tap water to industrial lliquid at different  temperature and with diffrerenr flow rate and pressure .

water supply ;water filter and transport in wateworks ,boosting of main pipeline ,boosting in high rise building

  • Water supply or boosting

  • Air-conditioning system

  • Domestic and industrial cleaning

  • Water treatment and water purification

  • Cooling system

  • Other special applications

  • High efficiency

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Power saving and low noise

  • Small land occupancy

  • Prevent producing second pollution

  • Hot and cold clean, non-flammable non-explosive liquid without solid grain and fiber

  • Mineral water, soft water, pure water, edible vegetable oil and other light chemical mediums

  • When the density or viscosity of liquid is larger than that of water, it is necessary to select a driving motor of high-power

Technical data:
  • Rated flow: 2 - 16cbm/h

  • Head: 8 - 66m

  • Liquid temperature: -15°C ~ +110°

  • Ambient temperature: up to +40°

  • Max. pressure: 1.0MPa

Electric motor:
  • Full-enclosed air-blast two-pole standard motor

  • Single-phase or three-phase, standard voltage, 50Hz or 60Hz

  • Protection class: IP55, Insulation class: F

    50HZ Pump Performance Scope






    Rated flow[m3/h]





    Flow range[m3/h]










    Motor power[Kw]





    Head range[m]





    Temperature range[]

    -15 -+110






  • The model is CHL2-30, rated flow is 2 m3/h, the head is 21 meter, motor power is 0.55 KW

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Q:I have 2000 ford ranger v6 3.0 I replaced the water pump ten months ago and all of a sudden it's running hot?
Check the 20 amp fuse under the hood that sends power to the relay. Also I have a 94 ranger and when I put the fuel pump in a few months back it blew that fuse.It blew because the pump was stuck.I had to take it out and wired to the battery 12 volt to get it to start and then reinstalled.Anyway check that fuse..
Q:What is the average life of a water pump?
Its a very hard question to answer,like how long is a piece of string. There's no time put on them or guarantee. In all my cars I have never had to change Lucky i guess.
Q:Water pump leaking but not dripping anything. how important?
Just keep an eye on your fluid level. But if you are planning any long trips i'd get it taken care of
Q:How much antifreeze would a bad water pump leak?
So what are you saying, if it is not the water pump your not going to fix it? Find the leak weather you can't see the water pump or not and fix it or just let it leak and ruin the engine, it doesn't matter to me.
Q:What are some possible symptoms of a car with a Water Pump that is On its way out?
Water pumps have a small weep hole that leaks coolant when the pump seal is bad. If the mechanic saw water leaking from that hole, that's how he knew the pump was bad. It's not a hard thing to replace, and it's cheap. They can do it in an hour for $50 - $70.
Q:if water pump is working should lower rad hose to thermostat be hot, it is cool and spongy!?
Check the bearings on the pulley / pack some grease in there. Hope some help !
Q:Do I need to replace my water pump?
Power wash the engine bay. THen drive the car over a quicky lube pit and pay the attendant $5 to examine the car from underneath. He should be able to tell. Is this the 3.0 liter engine?? Use only genuine Ford coolant in it! Also, power wash the space between the radiator and the A/C condenser
Q:Pump frequent start will reduce the service life, I ask what kind of frequency is called frequent start?
Personally think that the quality of different motors have different effects on the motor, you can try, try a minute it ruined his frequency is a / S
Q:Does this sound like water pump noise?
Its possible go find yourself a four foot piece of hose and put it right on top of the water pump with the car running and stick your ear to the other end. you will hear the bearing if its going bad, it could also be the alternator, but, if you have a Serpentine belt odds are its the belt tension er and this thing goes bad often. If it has a belt tension er, may as well replace the belt too. good luck
Q:Is a 3000 watt generator sufficient to power a 3/4 horsepower water pump?
1 hp is 746 watts; however start up and power factors need to be considered. A 0.75 hp motor at steady state draws 560 watts at steady state; to overcome start up assume you will need about 1,100 watts (1.1 KW). Your generator is 3 KW so it should do well.

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