HDN-F series Emergency Inverted Power Supply

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Scope of Application

This product is suitable in computer and communication systeem,It is a ideal equipment to provide ac power supply for these place where is out of electricity usually as hospital,shop,family and so on。

Main Advantage

Stable output waveform,fast changeover;it can changfe into inverted power supply automatically after the normal power supply is interrupted; full automatic recharge,can connected with battery to
prolong the emergency service time。

Main Technical Parameter
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Q:Electrical component that will allow me to short a transformer but not harm it.?
You want an incandescent light bulb. Two 12V 60W car headlamps in series will do. If there is a short as such on the leads, the lamps will take the current and convert it to light and heat. The light bulbs will seem like a short circuit or low vaue resistor to low current loads. I have made myself such an arrangement to test 120V devices for dead shorts, which is a dual receptacle box, with the receptacles in series. I plug the device under test in one receptacle, a dual socket lamp in the other, fitted with a 60W and 40W incandescent bulb. I can select 40, 60, or 100W series load with that.
Q:just bought a new car 89' 190E Benz i cant find the fuse box any where in my car?
There are two locations: 1. there is a fuse box under the hood. The top right side, in front of the driver, just look for broken or fried metal on the fuses. 2. Go on-line and print the schematic of the fuses which are disbursed throughout the engine. I am not a mechanic, but an Computer IT Tech, so I immediately checked the internet and found everything I need to know about my 889 190E Benz, it is an amazing car, it runs better than some newer non-German cars.
Q:Collisions, two dimensionals.?
Since we have an inelastic collision the kinetic energy is not conserved. The momentum is conserved: m1V1 - m2V2 (m1 + m2)V V [m1V1 - m2V2]/[m1 + m2] A momentum is a vector quantity since it contains velocity in its product. Splinting in two components we have For x-axis or i components Vx [m1V1cos(19.5) - m2V2cos(15.5)]/[m1 + m2] And for for y-axis or j components Vy [m1V1sin(19.5) + m2V2sin(15.5)]/[m1 + m2] They are moving in the a positive direction in x, however they are moving in a positive direction in y. Hmm. I did not know that confederates used a much lighter round. Perhaps this is why I'm saying notin!
Q:What was the first electronic device in the history of mankind.?
Baghdad potato it was used for a light bulb
Q:What do these circuit components do?
Switch- Turns the circuit on. Cell- Basically, a single battery Battery- A pair of cells. Diode- A semiconductor device with two terminals, typically allowing the flow of current in one direction only. Resistor-A resistor is an electrical component that limits or regulates the flow of electrical current in an electronic circuit. Variable Resistor- A variable resistor is a potentiometer with only two connecting wires instead of three. Lamp- A device for giving light, either one consisting of an electric bulb, together with its holder and shade or cover, or one burning gas or a liquid fuel. Fuse-an electrical device that can interrupt the flow of electrical current when it is overloaded. Voltmeter- A device that measures Volts. Ammeter- A device that measures Amps. Thermistor-A resistor whose resistance varies as a function of temperature. Thermistors are used in electrical devices such as thermometers and thermostats that measure, monitor, or regulate temperature. I.D.R- Interval data recorder.
Q:wipers & windows don't work, fuses ok?
Loose ground or connection, Corroded connections etc. Check the wiring to and from the components
Q:Why does the output voltage drop when a load is applied?
Usually this kind of trouble arises due to weak capacitors. Check / replace capacitors.
Q:Fl fuse blows every time the key is turned. What could this be?
The old wiring has a short. It needs a pro to find it It might need a new section of wiring harness.
Q:Need help in recognizing power pole types and its components.?
Most of these are insulators. A, D, E G are pin or post insulators B, C F are suspension insulators. The items circled in magenta on F and in yellow on G are fused disconnect switches.
Q:Car Wire Short Finder?
So what do you plan on doing with the short finder? Tear the wiring harness all apart so you can scan each one for a short? The way to find a short is to pull each fuse,one at a time, and have a test light hooked up to the disconnected negative battery cable and the negative battery post. When you pull the fuse that turns the test light off you've found which circuit it is on. Next you need a wiring diagram of the fuse box so that you can see which of the wires on that circuit go to which component. No matter how hard you search? The fact you are even looking for a short finder suggests you have no clue what you are doing so I would recommend hiring a real mechanic to fix your draw problem, not waste it on gimmicks.

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