DZ47LE Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

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DZ47LE earth leakage circuit breaker is used for the protection against electrical leakage in the circuit of 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage single-phase 240V, 3-phase 415V, rated current up to 60A When somebody gets an electirc shock or the residual current of the circuit exceeds the fixe value, the ELCB can cut off the power within the time of 0.1s automatically protecting the personal safety and preventing the equipment from the fault resulted from the residual current.
With this function, the ELCB can protect the circuit against overload and short circuit or can be used for the unfrequent switchover of the circuit under normal conditions. It conforms to IEC61009 standard.

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Q:30amp fuse in a car?
Yes, if you want to put a 30 amp circuit in, you need to use a switch rated at 30 or more amps. The amp rating on the switch is the maximum it was designed to handle. You could use a 30 A fuse and a 50 A switch if you wanted to. The fuse should be rated at the same rating as the lowest rated component. Example, if you have wires that can handle, 20 amps, a relay rated for 40 and a switch rated for 30, you would need to put a 20 A fuse in (max). The power consumption of whatever you're trying to power doesn't matter for this purpose. It has to simply be less than the fuse. That being said, I agree with JetDoc. Use a relay. There are 4 terminals on the relay. Two for the switch and two for the device. You put your 30 A circuit in and feed constant power to the proper terminal. Then feed the device from the relay (which should be rated at at least 30 A). Then you put constant power to a switch. Any switch would be fine. Relays use hardly any power. From the switch you run a line to one terminal on the relay and the final terminal is grounded. I added a picture of a common relay. All relays should have a mini schematic on them to tell you what terminal is what on the bottom. For example, this one has terminals 30, 85, 86,and 87. 86 and 85 should be used on this one for the constant power and a feed to the device. It doesn't matter which is which. 30 and 87 should be the the switch and ground. Again, doesn't matter which is which. Some specify which to use as a ground, but it doesn't usually matter. Ignore the relay on the left. That's a 5 pin and you don't need it.
Q:1996 Cadillac Eldorado ETC, No power to Fuel Pump - Filter, Fuse, Connections & Relay all good, what can it be?
You have a open circuit from the relay to the fuel pump.Check continuity from those two points.If no continuity and hot leg from relay is hot,run a new wire from the relay to the fuel pump. Cam sensor plug with power on should read about 8 volts at the plug and 5 volts going to the computer.If you do not have 5 volts coming from the sensor to the computer ,the sensor could be bad if you have the 8 volt input before the came sensor. Make sure the oil pressure sending unit is plugged in as if it is unplugged it will not allow the injectors to work.
Q:How do the components of the cell work together to produce the secretion of functional proteins?
Beginning in the nucleus, DNA is wound tightly into chromatin to allow it all to fit. When a segment of DNA is needed, the chromatin unwinds, with the help of enzymes and proteins, revealing a section of nucleolar DNA. This DNA is then transcribed into messenger RNA. mRNA moves from the nucleus to the cytoplasm, where is it translated into an immature peptide/protein by ribosomes and the translational apparatus. This protein leaves the ribosome and enters the endoplasmic reticulum. It is important to note, some ribosomes are located on the endoplasmic reticulum, making it easier for the protein to move there, while others are free floating in the cytoplasm. Once inside the endoplasmic reticulum, the protein is modified. It can be processed in many ways, from the addition of signal tags and peptides, to proper folding and orientation. The mature protein then moves into the golgi apparatus, where is is packaged into a small vesicle. This vesicle carries the protein to the inside of the cell membrane, where it fuses and through exocytosis, or in some cases channel mediated transfer, allows the protein to be released into the extracellular matrix.
Q:A fused power strip is often used for?
Fused Power Strip
Q:Shortage with my airsoft gun?
Yes, a blown fuse is always caused by a short (uhnot shortage, but short;-) A quick fix is to throw it away and get a new one, another is take it in to a repair shop, but there is no inexpensive 'quick fix' for a short, usually ever in anything. Electrical shorts or short circuits occur because there is a very low or no resistance connection between the terminals of the power source, i.e. the battery, adapter terminals, wires from the wall. This can be caused by: Two uninsulated conductors touching. A burned out component that failed by shorting. Foreign object that is conductive (pin, paperclip, bread sack tie, screw, etc.) contacting two conductors. Solder bridge on a PC (Printed Circuit) board. Internal short in a multi-cell battery or battery pack. Exposure of a PC board to non-distilled water or other liquids, even after the board is dried. Wire with metal terminal end coming loose and touching another wire or a PC board trace. And I'm sure that I've not listed all the potential causes for a short. (Oh, yeah, forgot PBJ(peanut butter jelly sandwich) in a VCR. Sorry, but there isn't a quick fix. Using a larger fuse may be tempting, but it would only worsen the problem should it NOT blow. Fuses blow to protect the equipment they are used in from permanent damage from shorts. Fuses that DON'T blow DONT protect equipment from shorts. They can, in some cases, do a great job of starting a camp fire;-) Best advice, take it to a repair shop and get it fixed.
Q:Connecting crossover to sub?
For the main power you can use a distribution block that splits the power two ways. just cut the main power wire (with the battery disconnected of course!) and connect them back up again via the d block. then run your 10GA wire from the d block to your crossover. Don't forget to put fuses in between the distribution block and the components though. A 25 amp fuse for the sub and a 3 amp fuse for the crossover. For the remote wire you can simply tap into the one already running to you sub. there are connectors for this that you can buy from any electrics store. Good luck. Ben.
Q:Blower not working on 01 Jeep Wrangler, Checked fuses, wiring and Resistor all good. What next?
might locate and replace the blower relay.
Q:Transmission Fluid Change?
Q:Ive changed my relay, High pressure pump, electical ignition swith, and ignition switch ?
Always double check fuses. A poor connections could be the problem but I would be suspicious of the wiring. If the wires run under the truck, make sure they aren't damaged from debris or rubbing on other components. Try jumping at the relay +. If it runs while jumped at relay +, then you know its a problem before the relay (ign switch wiring, fuses, etc)
Q:why dose this fuse keep blowing in my car?
you have a short.a pos wire that is groundedya need a pro to help ya

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