RT18 Series cylinder cap fuse

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It is applicable distributing equipment in industrial electrical installation of AC 50Hz(or 60HZ), rated voltage AC400V, with rated current 63A and below, used for the function of the protection against overload or short circuit.

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Q:How to fix my indicators on VW beetle?
Don't discount the fuse idea until you have checked them all, the headlights work off a different circuit. Since you have lost so many functions, check the earth wire between each of the components/lamps. The Beetle uses a brown wire as earth and it is connected to several components before terminating on the bodywork. Is the flasher relay working correctly? they are cheap to replace but new ones look completly different to the original so take a note of which wire goes to each (numbered) connector. This unit too is earthed by means of the clip which fixes it to the body. Please don't attempt to run the car without knowing that the oil pressure light is working The engine will destroy itself in seconds without oil pressure.
Q:Is the fuse for the A/C located in the hood fuse box or the interior fuse box?
both fuse boxes will have a/c components, and not just fuses. there are also relays
Q:why does my microwave blow its main inline fuse?
Fuse For Microwave
Q:Cadillac having problems?
Sounds like Electrical problems it can be as simple as a blown fuse or a faulty component get it tested. It is strange why all would act up after an oil change. Well if it wasn't for bad luck no one would have any luck at all.
Q:Can I use a 32v buss AGC 20 fuse instead of the 15A fuse that burned out?
You can temporarily. In an emergency you can dothis. But ASAP, get the right fuse.
Q:How to fgure out whats wrong with my 2000 vw golf reverse light?
I cannot say I had the same problem ; but if Ye be one just work smart to do the work of 2. First single fuse not like headlights so that is cool there. Take out the tail light assembly and just leave it hanging on its wires. You want to be able to touch the bulbs. Now turn the ignition key so the dash lights go on Basically ignition on old war movies. Now electrical components are hot. Put car into reverse gear. Now go and finger the reverse light bulbs. The old air cooled beetles were bad for side contact as the hole was much bigger than the bulb. But if you moved the bulb to the sidewalls (so it grounds) the connection is completed. I can't say you got sloppy bulbs (I dare not say that to my gf) ergo the explanation first. Secondly(or maybe firstly) take the bulb out and see what it is like in the hole and on the sides of the bulb. If you see green or black or rust colorthey all are rust of one metal or another then a bit of sandpaper will clean them up to shiny metal. Rust does not conduct electricity and it seems water got in somehow. If the glass bulb is loose from the brass holder - then that is a bad bulb.(a NO-FiX) replace with a good one with the same catch nubs. Now you know how and can do everything needed. So shut off the key before it kills the battery. That simple.
Q:Why does the air conditioner keep blowing the fuse?
How old is your house FUSES! Most have breakers. Check if you have put something else on the same circuit, an a/c unit will take almost 15amps and any extra will blow the fuse. You could use a 20amp fuse but no higher. or use a 15amp slow blow fuse. They will take over 15amps for a short time.
Q:sony xplod cdx-gt35uw radio quit working while driving. All known fuses are good. Now What?
Did you check the fuse in the back of it? and have you checked all the good connections? Sometimes components just die especially cheap ones.
Q:Car audio question need advice?
For more bass get a more powerful amp and use a smaller gauge wire like 4 or 0 gauge and a mono block amp is good for bass. But if you turn them facing inside the car and let the rear seat down you will achieve your goal.
Q:I have a Kenmore 110.64672400 and my husband thought it would be easy to disconnect the buzzer.?
That's one of many possibilities. Get out the multimeter and test all possible componants 'till you find the dead one. Hopefuly it's just a thermal fuse or thermostat and not the motor or timer!

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