Harmonic Control and OVP Device (MRD-XHG)

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Our complete device of arc & harmonic control and voltage protection is based on innovative theory, with full function and high automation. It could quickly eliminates electric arc, arc flash transient overvoltage, ferromagnetic resonace associated with ground fault by increasing current instantly to locat the ground line accurately, widely used in 3-35kv power grid in eletricity, metallurgy, chemical enterprises, coal mining, petroleum and industries like such.

Main Functions

1.To replace PT cabinet and supply testing signal of voltage

2.With function of voltage protection, the device could limit atmosphere overvoltage and operating overvoltage at a lower level, so as to ensure insulation safty of power grid and electric equipment and reduce accidents casued by overvoltage a lot.

3. To replace arc-suppression coil, eliminate intermittent arc-grounding fault quickly, suppress intermittent arc-grounding overvoltage, prevent accidents from deteriorating and reduce accidental trip probability of wire.

4. To limit and eliminate various resonant overvoltage quickly and effectively, prevent aging-acceleration of system insulation structure caused by long time resonant overvoltage, avoid resonant overvoltage effection to power grid setting like arrester as well as small inductive load, increase safty & stability of system operation, and lengthen lifetime of system equipment.

5. To look up single-phase faulty wire accurately and quickly, prevent accident from deteriorating, reduce workload of operation and maintainance people.

6. The device possesses the function of switching TV.

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Q:In order to ensure the normal operation of the power system and equipment to achieve a grounding
2) protection of grounding: is the electrical equipment in normal circumstances, such as metal parts, such as metal shell, structural frame and the earth to make metal connection. In order to ensure personal safety.3) security is zero: is the electrical equipment in normal circumstances without the metal part of the system and the zero line connection to avoid the risk of electric shock. For three-phase four wire system of electrical equipment, must adopt the method of security zero.
Q:What is the importance of annual maintenance of electrical equipment
What is power equipment testing? Why detect? How to detect? This paper will focus on the solution of the problems of the electric power users, especially the high voltage self control households. Hope to be able to push the pressure from the heart of the door of the fog, accurately understand the concept and scope of detection, a correct understanding of the importance of power equipment testing, in-depth understanding of the detection technology, power safety in the case of unburned.
Q:I would like to ask the power experts, according to the annual additional electricity, installed capacity
At least the national research institutions to do, here is about not a conclusion. If such a conclusion, it also belongs to the commercial classified data, not just to show people.
Q:What is the installation equipment of the transformer on the power installation project
Installation of lightning arresterMost of the external factors that affect the operation of distribution transformers are from lightning accidents. Therefore, the transformer equipped with lightning protection devices, should be used in the synthesis of metal oxide arrester without gap insulation, the power frequency voltage withstand capability, good sealing, protection characteristics.
Q:What equipment is necessary on the list of electrical engineering equipment?
MSXB-F-75kVA/720kV frequency conversion resonance withstand voltage test device, MSDBF-30kVA multi frequency induction withstand voltage test device,
Q:Withstand voltage test, power equipment insulation unqualified reasons?
Without proper consideration of the atmospheric conditions that affect the insulation characteristics. Because of the pressure, temperature and humidity have a certain impact on the spark discharge voltage and breakdown voltage, without considering these factors may lead to equipment failure.
Q:The problem of electric power equipment withstand voltage
The air is easy to produce ionization, so it is necessary to improve the insulation level and increase the gap of high voltage electrical apparatus
Q:Pre checking and checking of goods in power system
Pilot: the full name of the preventive test, generally in terms of a power system equipment, in order to find in the operation of equipment problems, to prevent the occurrence of accidents or damage to equipment, equipment for inspection, testing or monitoring, including oil sampling test or gas samples. The preventive test is the operation of power equipment and to maintain an important aspect of the work
Q:1 what are the main aspects of power line fire? 2 what are the main aspects of electrical equipment fire?
Three, should be based on the size of the project need to determine the location of the fire to determine the use of independent electric detector or non independent detectorFour, according to the specific circumstances of the electrical equipment to determine the electrical fire monitoring detector form and installation location
Q:How to handle the qualification test, what kind of power equipment
(a) legal person qualification and perfect organization; (two) the registered capital and net assets of 60 million yuan; (three) the last 3 years to bear the following first items listed, third project and second sub items listed in any one project, and the project quality: above 1 thousand and 330 volts voltage substation 2 or 220 thousand volt substation 5; more than 2 thousand and 330 volt overhead lines 300 kilometers or 220 thousand volt overhead line of 500 kilometers; more than 3 thousand and 220 volt cable line 80 kilometers or 100 meters above the level crossing tower crossing project 1.

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