Harmonic Control and OVP Device (MRD-XHG)

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Our complete device of arc & harmonic control and voltage protection is based on innovative theory, with full function and high automation. It could quickly eliminates electric arc, arc flash transient overvoltage, ferromagnetic resonace associated with ground fault by increasing current instantly to locat the ground line accurately, widely used in 3-35kv power grid in eletricity, metallurgy, chemical enterprises, coal mining, petroleum and industries like such.

Main Functions

1.To replace PT cabinet and supply testing signal of voltage

2.With function of voltage protection, the device could limit atmosphere overvoltage and operating overvoltage at a lower level, so as to ensure insulation safty of power grid and electric equipment and reduce accidents casued by overvoltage a lot.

3. To replace arc-suppression coil, eliminate intermittent arc-grounding fault quickly, suppress intermittent arc-grounding overvoltage, prevent accidents from deteriorating and reduce accidental trip probability of wire.

4. To limit and eliminate various resonant overvoltage quickly and effectively, prevent aging-acceleration of system insulation structure caused by long time resonant overvoltage, avoid resonant overvoltage effection to power grid setting like arrester as well as small inductive load, increase safty & stability of system operation, and lengthen lifetime of system equipment.

5. To look up single-phase faulty wire accurately and quickly, prevent accident from deteriorating, reduce workload of operation and maintainance people.

6. The device possesses the function of switching TV.

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Q:Design all equipment in the power system
Divided into primary equipment and two equipmentOnce the equipment is responsible for the transmission of electrical energy, the two equipment is responsible for monitoring and protection of primary equipment.
Q:In power system, the general conditions for the selection of electrical equipment are
Electrical equipment to be as reliable as possible, must be selected according to the normal working conditions and the short circuit conditions for a variety of checks (such as thermal stability check and dynamic stability check)For some equipment also need to check the special items, such as circuit breakers and fuses to check the ability to break the current, the current limiting reactor to check the normal voltage loss and bus residual voltage, etc..
Q:What principles should be followed in power equipment maintenance
(2) the maintenance plan shall be arranged according to the unified arrangement of the power grid to improve the coordination and reduce the outage time of the equipment,. Improve operation reliability and equipment availability.
Q:Warranty provisions for power supply lines
This is not the regulations of state Power Grid Corp to their line of work area to do some local line area for engineering team to do is sign the contract established general warranty of 1 years seems to include tower structure, grounding resistance, line fitting, a line on what channel estimation problem in within the scope of the contract
Q:Withstand voltage test, power equipment insulation unqualified reasons?
Test methods and voltage measurement methods are not correct. For example, when the transformer is tested, the non - Test winding is not connected to the ground, and the non - tested winding may be discharged to the ground. For example, the test of large capacity test, the voltage is still on the low side of the measurement, due to the capacitive effect, the actual increase in the voltage on the test sample over the test voltage, resulting in the breakdown of the subject matter, misjudgment is not qualified.
Q:In the city emergency security system, what are the relevant power equipment
The latest electric power emergency response and emergency plan for safety protection"Emergency treatment and safe latest power accident contingency plans to protect the implementation of manual" is based on the country's electricity production safety accident emergency system master, provides all levels of power supervision departments and the major power companies, power system, power grid to cope with major public emergencies working principle, organization system and operation mechanism, for guiding the competent departments and local governments at all levels in various industries and departments effectively deal with the power of public emergencies, protect public life and property safety, has an important role to reduce disaster losses.
Q:How to strengthen the management of electric power information communication equipment
As an important infrastructure in the process of automation and management modernization of China's power grid dispatching, the high efficiency and scientific performance of power information communication equipment can effectively promote the safe operation of power grid.
Q:Insulation level of electrical equipment used in neutral point grounding system shall be
This is a bit of a problem, because there are different levels of insulation in the neutral grounding system. Some places are determined in accordance with the graded insulation, that is, the first and the end of the neutral point of the different requirements
Q:What are the main interference sources of the two power system
Power system electromagnetic environment consists of one or two devices, of which there are a variety of electromagnetic disturbance and interaction, the current electric power system is developing towards higher voltage, higher capacity, power network is more intensive and more complex systems, more advanced equipment to the direction of development, to guide electromagnetic disturbance of power system more serious and complicated. On the other hand, the advanced power systems using more advanced automation and other electronic and computer control, measurement, communication and protection system, and solid state electronic based advanced equipment and system tolerance electromagnetic disturbance ability is weaker, more susceptible to electromagnetic environment.
Q:Reactive power compensation methods commonly used in power equipment
For the operation of specific projects, the compensation can be divided into: in situ dispersion compensation and centralized compensation.In situ compensation is to set up a reactive power compensation device on the spot to compensate for a single device. However, the need for compensation equipment, large investment, maintenance management is not easy.

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