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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

1. Range of Application

PVC insulated wire is fit for AC rated voltage 450/750V and below of domestic electrical appliances of smaller size motorized tools of instruments of various meters and motorized lighting installations.

2. Service Conditions

Working temperature: Not more than 105oC for RV-105 model.The other no more than 70oC.

2. Product Characteristic:

Insulation Material: PVCModel Number: BV

Type: Low Voltage

Application: lighting in residential

Conductor Material: Copper

Jacket: PVC

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Rool or as your request

Delivery Detail:

7-30 days or as customers' demand


Copper Wire

1. pvc insulated copper cable
2.with more than14 years experiences
3.electro galvanized wire
4.Facotry price



Nominal area of conductor

of Wires



wires single phase

(Max.) per
km. @20°C

Sq. mm





































4. Reference Picture





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