Aluminum Core Electrical Wire for Construction

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Aluminum Core Electrical Wire for Construction


Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)

  • Type: InsulatedModel Number: BV BLV BVVB BVR RV RVB RVV

  • Application: Construction

  • Conductor Material: Copper Aluminum

  • Conductor Type: Stranded

  • Insulation Material: PVC

  • Color: Red Black Blue Yellow

  • Certificate: IEC ASTM DIN BS

  • Credit: Sincere Service

  • Professional Technology: Competitive Price

Best-selling Aluminum Core Electrical Wire


1. Application
Copper Core PVC Insulation Power Wire is fit for ac rated voltage 450/750V

2.Specification size and technological data



Laying place and requirement


Crated voltage

Nominal Section (mm2


Copper conductor PVC insulated wires


Aluminum conductor PVC insulated wires

Fixed laid indoors

Conduit etc.









227IEC05 (BV)










Aluminum conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round wires

Fixed laid, fit for the places with high mechanical protection and moisture place, can be laid in the air or underground.










Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat wires




Aluminum conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat wires







Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible connector wire




Mainly used at middle and light style moving electronics, home appliances, power and lighting and the places where flexible required










Copper conductor PVC insulated flat flexible connector wire






Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible twisting connector wire






Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round flexible connector wire










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Q:Electrical wiring question regarding light switches.?
You cannot do this without some re-wiring. From the description, you are trying to go to a 3-way switch. It sounds like it was wired as a dead end. There is no neutral wire at this switch. Therefore, it is not possible to wire your light directly into this switch box. You may be able to run new wiring that would make this possible. However, we would need a lot more info about your existing wiring to advise.
Q:Home decoration wall what kind of wire selection
With 6 square copper wire can be, as to how many meters, but also depends on the specific construction needs.
Q:Please use the CPU power to extend the line of people come in! Thank you
Voltage levels are 300 / 300V, 300 / 500V, 450 / 750V, 0.6 / 4kV, etc., which is commonly used voltage level. When ordering according to your use of environmental conditions, use the size of the load and voltage level selection. Inspection can only test the size and appearance of the structure, some electrical parameters need special equipment to measure, you can measure the insulation thickness, conductor diameter, insulation diameter and so on. General wire and cable to buy some formal large enterprises, although there are losses side of the phenomenon, but generally its electrical performance can guarantee.
Q:Electrical wiring problem?
Yes you can do that but you don't have to go to the box if you have metal cold water pipe. If the pipe is plastic then yes but you cpuld drive a metal stake into the ground 6 feet and ground to it. you can get grounding stakes at a hardware store or electrical supply so find out which is cheaper wire or stake. on the wire it doesn't have to be solid just #10 and daisy chain it. go from the farthest box outside to the scond box then to the Elecrtical supply. I assume you have a slab floor if not go to the basement and across to the box or attic to the box. An alternate solution is to just change the sockets and don't ground them. it is not really necessary most equipment has planned for an ingrounded socket. you change the socket so it will plug in without cutting off the ground pin. For GFI it is necessary to ground it(kitchen and bathroom). different states have different codes.
Q:Does anybody know what kind of electrical wire I can use, when replace the wire's in my mobile home?
take a sample of whats there, you really need a pro to tackle this , most wiring is 10-2, 12-2 , 3 wire and maybe 4 wire
Q:1 threading tube to wear two cable, easy to wear not? How long does the cable line take?
Power cable placement capacity of the bridge cross-sectional area of 20%, control cable for the cross-sectional area of 50%
Q:YJV22 10KV cable buried when the need to set galvanized pipe? Under what circumstances need to wear galvanized pipe?
Cable, wires are lines, of course, can be used to exchange each other, but the size and industry standard division of the problem, but the general network cable is too small, as a telephone line can also, but you use the network cable 220v AC, I really did not dry Over this matter.
Q:Building electrical power equipment in the dark pipe is threading or wearing a cable?
Therefore, the inverter in the installation of the use of the control circuit must take anti-jamming measures
Q:380V power cable and 220V control cable (control motor start and stop) can be placed in a bridge?
AV cable can be connected to the set-top box is not only two-way port? If the signal is not good to persuade you to buy a adapter,
Q:20A Electrical Outlet Wiring Help? Side vs Back Wiring?
Instead of daisy chaining the outlets the way you suggest, wire a pigtail for each of the conductors in the first 2 boxes. Connect the line in, the line out, and a 6 wire together with a wire nut. Then connect the loose end of that to the receptacle. In the third box, just connect your conductors to the receptacle. Your wiring is correct for which wires go on which screws. I would definitely connect a ground pigtail to the metal box. Hope this helps.

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