Multi Core PVC Insulated and Sheathed Flexible Cable 300/300V & 300/500V

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100 roll
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50000 roll/month

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Product Description:

1.Product Description 

The cable has the advantage of high mechanical strength,good ambient stress resistance,good electrical properties and anti-chemical corrosion. Flexible wiring, for switch control, instrumentation panels and for internal connection.

1. Voltage rating: 300/300V, 300/500V

2. Conductor area: 0.50~120 sqmm

3. Conductor type: class 5 fine annealed copper wires

4. Insulation and sheath:  PVC

5. Normal operating temp.: 70°C

6. Standard applied: IEC 60227, BS6500, VDE0281, GB/T 5023, JB/T8734

7. Core color: Brown, Grey, Black, Blue, Green/Yellow or others on request

8. OEM can be available

2.Specific Parameter

3.Product photo

4.Main manufacturing procedure:

Copper wire drawing and annealing --> Copper wire stranding --> Outer sheath extruding and labeling --> Spooling

5.Main Quality Inspection Equipment:

Sparker tester,Heating aging Chamber,High resistance machine, Oxygen index equipment, Partial discharge inspection instruments, Fireproof testing device,High-power voltage withstand tester,No-rotor Vulkameter,Pull tester,Analytical balance,Direct current bridge,Plastic tester,Projector, Punch machine,Cross-linked cutting machine,etc.

6.Quality Control

7.Company Overview

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The real production line of the number of workers is a secondary problem, the main problem is 35KV cable production line investment may be a few hundred times the small line production line
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Apple's mobile phone software BUG, try this method, so good to go after the sale! 1) to open the device 2) into the system 3) insert the data line 4) see the "This cable or accessories have not yet been certified, it may not work with this iPad reliable" tips, do not point anything including buttons, direct pull Out of data lines. 5) insert the data line, you will see the prompt, then close the warning message.
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Below Xiaobian to introduce some of the attention in the replacement of damaged electronic truck scale weighing sensor knowledge For replacement of the sensor, should be in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers to avoid new damage Replace the specific steps are as follows: open the damaged sensor above the cover, jack up with the scale, remove the connector If there is a limit bearing, remove the limit bearing open the junction box, the damaged sensor cable and the junction box to disconnect, remove the cable to fix the cable clamp, pull out the cable at the sensor side Note: In the drawing line, with a lead through the scale platform, so that when the replacement of new sensors, it is easy to cable through the weighing platform into the junction box with a socket wrench to release the fixed sensor high-strength nut, remove the sensor Install the new sensor, secure the sensor with high-strength bolts and nuts, and tighten the nut with the torque wrench at the specified torque refer to the method of the new sensor cable through the weighing platform into the junction box, with cable clamp fixed cable according to the wiring diagram of the cable wire core fixed in the junction box corresponding to the terminal or solder joints Note: Do not have Weld, solder joints need to use alcohol to wipe the flux the installation of connectors (bearing head painted butter) and the limit bearing Loosen the jack, put the scale platform, cover the cover the replacement of the sensor, the electronic truck must be re-set, marked
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This model is soft wire, double core. The cross section is 1mm2. The conductor is copper, the insulation sheath is PVC material.
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Is not reserved. But must pay attention to the truth of the cold up and down.
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Air conditioning according to the calculation of 1.. the water heater each calculated by 2000W, respectively, to discuss: 1) air conditioning and heating and heating is not open and with two water heaters at the same time the current is: (1100 × 4 +2000 × 2) ÷ 220 ≈ 38A At this time the bus should use at least 6 square copper wire; 2) air conditioning to open the auxiliary heating and heating with two water heaters at the same time the current is: 2000 × 6 ÷ 220 ≈ 55A at this time the bus should use at least 10 square copper wire. So from the home point of view, you should choose is 10 square copper wire. Supplement, household wire diameter selection and power correspondence
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Different voltage levels of the cable placement spacing is generally not less than 100 mm, up and down the general level of the lower level in the top.
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Look at the following steps . you can try to clean the data cable plug, such as with rubber, dry cloth, then the iPhone's power outlet is also clean, re-insert. 2. Shut down the phone I often encounter this situation 3. The above two methods may not be able to solve the problem, if you need to solve the fundamental problem, it needs to replace the data line. If you are using the Apple iPhone6 phone, it is recommended to bring the original data cable to Apple after the sale that the situation, check to see if you can replace the data cable free of charge. I recommend buying a brand of charging lines, almost 40 to 120 between the price.

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