Multi Core PVC Insulated and Sheathed Flexible Cable 300/300V & 300/500V

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Product Description:

1.Product Description 

The cable has the advantage of high mechanical strength,good ambient stress resistance,good electrical properties and anti-chemical corrosion. Flexible wiring, for switch control, instrumentation panels and for internal connection.

1. Voltage rating: 300/300V, 300/500V

2. Conductor area: 0.50~120 sqmm

3. Conductor type: class 5 fine annealed copper wires

4. Insulation and sheath:  PVC

5. Normal operating temp.: 70°C

6. Standard applied: IEC 60227, BS6500, VDE0281, GB/T 5023, JB/T8734

7. Core color: Brown, Grey, Black, Blue, Green/Yellow or others on request

8. OEM can be available

2.Specific Parameter

3.Product photo

4.Main manufacturing procedure:

Copper wire drawing and annealing --> Copper wire stranding --> Outer sheath extruding and labeling --> Spooling

5.Main Quality Inspection Equipment:

Sparker tester,Heating aging Chamber,High resistance machine, Oxygen index equipment, Partial discharge inspection instruments, Fireproof testing device,High-power voltage withstand tester,No-rotor Vulkameter,Pull tester,Analytical balance,Direct current bridge,Plastic tester,Projector, Punch machine,Cross-linked cutting machine,etc.

6.Quality Control

7.Company Overview

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Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-US3570 Gigabyte good quality, and this model for the classic series of durable memory: DATA / Kingston 2GDDRCPU: AMDXAMD quad-core processor hard drive: WD320G260 chassis: a good point of the ordinary chassis 70 Power: Great Wall 350SD mute Master 165 power to a little better, or do not bring up the price comparison, the motherboard to better reflect the overall performance, ASUS low-end board not. Graphics card into the Rainbow M graphics card 280. This section is also relatively high cost graphics card. CD-ROM: BenQ, Samsung, Pioneer, ASUS, SONYDVD110 yuan Total: 2405 yuan plus some money, certainly someone to you with. CD-ROM on the line. This configuration is quite reasonable.If you do not care about the price, the graphics card into the Rainbow GT gold plate on the line, the price of 500 or so.
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As the cable has a variety of different models, insulation and conductor are different, so can not use tons to inquiry, but with the length of meters or 100 meters to inquiry. The price of the cable for each different specification is different
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Household wire is BV model, air conditioner socket selection BV-3X4mm2 wire; then an air switch 20A alone plus a leakage protector. The kitchen socket with a way BV-3X4mm2 wire; then an air switch 20A can be shared with the bathroom leakage protector. Toilet outlet also with a way BV-3X4mm2 wire; then an air switch 20A can share the leakage protector. Other sockets with a way BV-3X2.5mm2 wire; then an air switch 16A can be shared with the bathroom leakage protector. Lighting with one or two BV-2X2.5mm2 wire; then an air switch 16A. Note: According to the provisions of the country's residential, 1.5mm2 wire is prohibited to use, so can not use 1.5mm2 wire, must use 2.5mm2 and above specifications. Even if your home only a 3W bulb must also use 2.5mm2 wire and can not use 1.5mm2. BV-4mm2 wire about 120 meters, BV-2.5mm2 wire about 150 meters.Note: the wire to be based on your home room to set, and now there is no plan can only report a approximate number for reference. Such as the bathroom and the kitchen far from the door do not know how long the wire is not out. Air conditioner installed in the location where do not know, on the left or the right side of the wire should be several meters worse. Lighting switch on which position, the same difference between the wire a few meters, and so on, so this figure is no way to report, for your reference, not a few.
Q:Home improvement is the PVC pipe is a good pipe or galvanized steel pipe? why?
If the original line on the wall is installed with a switch, can not be replaced by a socket, because the switch is the two lines are FireWire. The socket requires a line of fire.

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