Copper Conductor and PVC Insulated Electrical house wiring cable

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Copper Conductor and PVC Insulated Electrical house wiring cable


Fixed protected installation inside appliances and in lighting fittings.Suitable for installation in surface mounted or embedded conduits, only for signaling or control circuits.


Key Features
Bare copper conductor,PVC insulation
Temperature Rate: 70°C
Voltage Rate:450/750V
1 core,1.5-70mm²cross section
Packet:Roll,Carton box,Pallet etc.,Or special package according to customers needs


Technical Data

Copper Conductor and PVC Insulated Electrical house wiring cable

Copper Conductor and PVC Insulated Electrical house wiring cable

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Q:I would like to know the power cord plug the production process, the equipment used, the details better. Thank you!
Board and memory is very good, but the CPU is low, there is no cost. I7 or more CPU with DDR1333 memory is worth, with other CPU are wasted.
Q:How can the most effortless way to put the cable on the bridge
Red line is the line of fire, green line is zero line, black line (should be gray) is to protect the zero line.
Q:Installation using electric water heater and toilet wire specifications
. if you buy the water heater power does not exceed 2000W, then the 10A socket panel do not have to change, aluminum proposed replacement, replaced by 2.5 or 4 square copper wire can not change the line for . pay a single power 1500W You can, a number of stalls is only the difference between the heating time, and the power switch is easier to bad .3 stalls of the water heater has two heating rods, respectively, in the middle of the liner and the bottom of the so-called heating half of the meaning of water Is the above heating rod work, because the hot water density is low, so in the above, the temperature to stop heating, which is heating half gall bladder, the only user is the summer bath with the red, The province of heated whole bile water
Q:High-voltage cable can not be weak and cloth in the same cable trench
In the "construction site temporary electricity safety technical specifications" did not mention water and temporary electricity can not be together, you can press the cable straight to the practice (0.7m above and below the depth of 50mm fine sand backfill original soil, the upper cover Hard protection) to the construction, the appropriate widening of the cable trench, so that water and parallel lines. Wire and cable: wire and cable is the transmission of electrical energy, electrical signals and electromagnetic energy conversion to the wire products. Cables are usually made up of cable cores that transmit electrical or electrical signals and protective, insulated sheaths. A cable with only one cable core and a smaller diameter is often referred to as a wire. Also some wires do not have insulated sheaths, called bare wires. The cable in the cable is made of a metal material with good electrical conductivity, usually copper (good electrical conductivity) or aluminum (lower cost).
Q:Two wires. A red, yellow and blue, a brown, how to dock?
Cables and wires in the size, structure, use, characteristics, there are many differences, it can not be confused with the two
Q:Is it necessary to protect the buried cable? What position is needed?
Do not specifically do maintenance, will be miserable, with the point of doing the hardware or software sales can also do things such as Internet cafes system maintenance and wiring and the like, start the fund is not very high, only the accessories as long as the common model accessories There are on the line, maintenance test tools also can not spend much money.
Q:Yc rubber cable and wdzn yjv What is the difference
In general, the choice of how much wire and voltage relationship is not great, mainly to see the current, the voltage is only that the insulation layer of the insulation level, the general wire can be achieved, so do not consider, 16A current can Select 2.5 square millimeters of copper wire, which is the national standard, 2.5 square copper wire allows long-term load current: 16A - 25A
Q:YJV22 10KV cable buried when the need to set galvanized pipe? Under what circumstances need to wear galvanized pipe?
Where are you from? Would you like to ask the workers? Hee hee hee. The Joke! Do you have any plans to map the network in advance? If not the words of the blind wiring is not enough, the effect is not good time and manpower and material resources!
Q:TC line and SC line tube What is the difference
6 / 1kv such as VV, YJV control cable is 450 / 750v such as KVV, KVVP general power cables are within 5 core is generally used for strong control cable core is more, sometimes the customer does not One, generally to the 37-core, but there are more cores, ============ The following is the relevant information Power cables in the power system trunk line for the transmission and distribution of large functional power, control cable From the distribution point of the power system to the direct transmission of electricity to a variety of electrical equipment, power equipment, connecting lines
Q:Cable cable price (how much money a roll)?
See what you use the line of aluminum or copper wire tube with a good tube of gold

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