Copper Conductor and PVC Insulated Electrical house wiring cable

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Copper Conductor and PVC Insulated Electrical house wiring cable


Fixed protected installation inside appliances and in lighting fittings.Suitable for installation in surface mounted or embedded conduits, only for signaling or control circuits.


Key Features
Bare copper conductor,PVC insulation
Temperature Rate: 70°C
Voltage Rate:450/750V
1 core,1.5-70mm²cross section
Packet:Roll,Carton box,Pallet etc.,Or special package according to customers needs


Technical Data

Copper Conductor and PVC Insulated Electrical house wiring cable

Copper Conductor and PVC Insulated Electrical house wiring cable

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Q:Building electrical power equipment in the dark pipe is threading or wearing a cable?
Do you say the wire protection tube? If the commonly used plastic pipe has Φ. Φ. Φ. Φ32. Also on the metal wire tube with G15G20G25G32G40G50
Q:Ask the experts to teach how to make Tablet PC DIY antenna?
In fact, I think the need for a small place, the domestic do not know how a decoration on the slot, in fact, obviously and then directly covered with gypsum board can be, between the gypsum board and the wall can also add noise, the effect than the open Slot so much better, but also save the plaster and other steps
Q:What is the difference between the cable KVVP and KVVP2?
The meaning of the letter: W refers to the halogen-free, D refers to the low smoke, Z refers to the flame retardant WDZ is halogen-free low smoke flame retardant jacket power cable. WDZC refers to halogen-free low smoke C-class flame retardant
Q:Where is the fiber patch panel used in general?
. see to see the packaging, the national standard of the wires are often done better, neat, hand up to have a sense of quality. . to open the packaging to see inside the wire, the GB of the wire 1.5 - 6 square wire requirements is thick skin (insulation thickness) is 0.7mm, too thick is the non-standard, and the corresponding core of his sure Not enough, you can pull the line of force, not easy to tear is the general is the national standard. . with the fire about 5s away from the extinguished, there is a certain flame-retardant function for the national standard line. . see the core, the core of the material (copper) the higher the brightness of copper the better, and the light uniform, shiny, no sense of hierarchy. GB requires the core must use oxygen-free copper. Non-standard, such as black rod copper, there may be hidden dangers. . the core of the thickness of the country have certain requirements, but not very strict. But not wrong a lot, but a little bit small, generally do not see the error with the eyes. . the length of the country must not be forced to play rice, but there are many manufacturers also played rice, playing rice is not necessarily the national standard, but the general national standard generally did not play rice. Non-standard playing rice that is just a means. . the state must have a certain mark on the wire, the maximum will not exceed 500mm will have the same logo to play the next, the general product of the trademark, the manufacturer name, the implementation of standards.
Q:What is the number of the illuminated busway in the quota?
CD-ROM fiber optic patch panel for a variety of purposes - both for fiber distribution box, can also be used as a cable terminal box; can be individually assembled into an optical fiber patch panel, but also with the digital wiring unit, audio wiring unit A cabinet / frame constitutes an integrated patch panel
Q:What is the meaning of the power line of the computer?
Cable bridge installation specifications inside: cable bridge multi-layer installation control cable between not less than 0.2M, power cable between not less than 0.3M, weak cable and power cable between not less than 0.5M, if the shield cover can be reduced to 0.3M, The upper part of the bridge is not less than 0.3M from the ceiling or other obstacles. Different voltage for different purposes of the cable should not be laid in the same layer of the bridge if the conditions are limited to laying in the same layer of the bridge, the middle need to add partitions. In order to prevent the human body from touching or excessively close to the charged body, or to prevent the vehicle and other objects from colliding with the charged body, and to avoid a variety of short circuits, fires and explosions, between the body and the charged body, between the charged body and the ground, Between the charged body, between the charged body and other objects and facilities, must maintain a certain distance.
Q:Will the HDMI cable only output video, and let the speaker output audio?
There should be matching things, you look for it, if the new buy to find him to
Q:Is it necessary to protect the buried cable? What position is needed?
Do not specifically do maintenance, will be miserable, with the point of doing the hardware or software sales can also do things such as Internet cafes system maintenance and wiring and the like, start the fund is not very high, only the accessories as long as the common model accessories There are on the line, maintenance test tools also can not spend much money.
Q:Is it necessary to install a wire with a wire in a trunking?
This is not an accurate answer, because the thickness of the blinds used in different aluminum, corners of different ways, very different.
Q:75 flat cable, copper and aluminum, each can withstand much current
This problem is mostly due to the fact that the data lines are not original. However, sometimes obviously with the original data cable, but it will appear this situation. The reason is as follows: "This cable or accessories are not certified, can not work" reasons: One reason: the data line interface IC is not working properly, the data cable is damaged, need to replace the data line. Cause two: data line interface IC work properly, but the IC and the phone of a pair of code can not work properly, may be the interface of the cheat for a long time use, there are dirty, clean up and try again! Cause three: data line interface Gold and the circuit board welding Weld problem, the data line is damaged, need to replace the data line. Cause four: the use of high imitation lines, the general upgrade of the new system may lead to such a prompt, please replace the original original data cable. There is a "do not support this accessory" error reasons: one reason: just access the data line on the prompt, this problem is generally poor contact, the solution: to see if the data line gold finger dirty, and then view the phone jack Whether there is dirt, washed with cotton alcohol. Cause two: If you use the computer to charge, insert the front USB interface, this prompt is generally caused by insufficient power supply, please insert the back of the chassis, or charge charger. Cause three: the charger is not original, the voltage is insufficient, try to replace the charger.

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