Class 155/180 Hot sale Polyamide composite polyester or polyimide enameled copper wire

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Product model: 1PEWNF,2PEWNF,1EIWN,2EIWN,1PEWNH,2PEWNH,QZY-1 2 3/155,QZY-1 2 3/180

Product standard: IEC60317-22(1990),GB6109.10,MW76-C

Product feature: solvent resistance,scratch resistance, thermal shock resistance, soft breakdown performance

Product application: coils for illuminationand telecommunication, sealing submersible motor, small motors, white goods


Polyamide composite polyester copper  round wire155

Polyamide composite polyester imide enameled copper  round wire




Thermal class







фф 3.500mm


Copper, polyester  imide resin

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Q:Will the leaking water cause a short wire in the wall?
The specific need to see how many of your home wiring drawings. But with the line to pay attention to, lighting needs more than 1.5 copper wire, socket 2.5 or more, air conditioning need at least 4 square above the line. 1.5 square feet of 50m, 2.5 square meters of 100 meters, 4 square meters of 50 meters. The specific depends on the line layout, it is best to let the electrician to see you, the material can buy their own. Let the electrician look at the actual needs. Water pipes, 40 to 50 meters is enough, pipe fittings need to calculate the appropriate parts, it is recommended to see the water utility.
Q:The first PC installed, how to install the order and how to take a good line.
4 square of the national standard line is certainly enough, if the non-standard line that would be 6 square
Q:Brick and concrete structure of the wall and roof how to embed wire tube? The
If you are talking about the three-core wire, black - ground brown - line of blue - zero line. If it is 3 plugs, your wire is only 2 lines. Then the yellow received L, black received N.
Q:Home decoration to buy what color of the wire?
Red line on the red line; blue line on the blue line; and yellow line on the yellow line on it
Q:12 cable to the weak box, not on the distribution frame is good?
The color of the bridge is generally based on the main equipment of the factory set down, most of the bridge for the motor gray, so look at the meaning of equipment and manufacturers, strong corrosive environment should be used (F) class epoxy resin anti-corrosion flame retardant cable Bridge. Arm, bracket also use the same material to improve the service life of the bridge and accessories, please refer to the cable bridge installation requirements and specifications
Q:I would like to know the power cord plug the production process, the equipment used, the details better. Thank you!
With the conductor, copper cross-sectional area is greater, better heat dissipation, the use of different occasions.
Q:Audio cable and video cable is not a common wire
In principle is not recommended, the two signals are different, the required transmission conditions between each other with the same wire is difficult to achieve transmission requirements
Q:Electrical acceptance specifications that the bridge and the total length of the bracket should be not less than two connected with the ground trunk
Mainly to see whether the quality of raw materials meet the requirements, and some local lines, wire box must be witnessed sampling inspection, testing qualified to use. The site can also check the wall thickness and so on.
Q:"A USB device is not functioning properly and has exceeded the power limit of its hub port." This device connection should be interrupted. " The
Code for acceptance of construction quality of electrical engineering construction "(GB-2002) Chapter 12
Q:10KV high-voltage cable outside a layer of the main casing broken if the touch inside the root of the direct insulation layer will be electric shock
I am a water utility, I think less trunking, or do a good tube!

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