Class 155/180 Hot sale Polyamide composite polyester or polyimide enameled copper wire

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Product model: 1PEWNF,2PEWNF,1EIWN,2EIWN,1PEWNH,2PEWNH,QZY-1 2 3/155,QZY-1 2 3/180

Product standard: IEC60317-22(1990),GB6109.10,MW76-C

Product feature: solvent resistance,scratch resistance, thermal shock resistance, soft breakdown performance

Product application: coils for illuminationand telecommunication, sealing submersible motor, small motors, white goods


Polyamide composite polyester copper  round wire155

Polyamide composite polyester imide enameled copper  round wire




Thermal class







фф 3.500mm


Copper, polyester  imide resin

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