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China Main Port
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1000KGS m
Supply Capability:
30000 MT PER YEAR m/month

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Enameled wire is making for metal wire winding of the electromagnetic coil,  by using insulating coatings of insulating points.


Enameled wire is key material for making motor, electronics and home appliances, telecommunications, electronic instrument electromagnetic winding.


 Enamelded copper wire is made of inner conductor and insulation layer.copper wire after annealing and painted repeatedly then baking. We have several kinds of enameled copper wire, such as corona resistance enameled cu wire, polyester enameled cu wire, modified polyester enameled cu wire. QZY enameled CU wire QA  cu wire, wich  can be weld dirctly, polyester imine composite polyamide imide round enameled copper wire.


This product is edley used for refrigerator compressor, special moter, speical electrical appliances. etc.

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