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Enameled wire is making for metal wire winding of the electromagnetic coil,  by using insulating coatings of insulating points.


Enameled wire is key material for making motor, electronics and home appliances, telecommunications, electronic instrument electromagnetic winding.


 Enamelded copper wire is made of inner conductor and insulation layer.copper wire after annealing and painted repeatedly then baking. We have several kinds of enameled copper wire, such as corona resistance enameled cu wire, polyester enameled cu wire, modified polyester enameled cu wire. QZY enameled CU wire QA  cu wire, wich  can be weld dirctly, polyester imine composite polyamide imide round enameled copper wire.


This product is edley used for refrigerator compressor, special moter, speical electrical appliances. etc.

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Q:Landscape lighting - hard-wired electrical vs solar-powered?
To answer your question properly, one would need to know why you are wanting landscape lights the location of those lights. Most people only want a decorative effect therefore don't need full-blown hard-wired lights. Good quality solars will be fine for them.
Q:Yc rubber cable and wdzn yjv What is the difference
Now called the acceptance, called the installation of quality supervision and inspection, you find the corresponding equipment supervision and inspection procedures ah, according to his said that the preparation of the material according to the
Q:Computer installed solid-state hard drive, installed in a mechanical hard drive power line is not long enough how to do, power is HuntKey 500
Yes, close to the ceiling below the security, buy 25X20 enough. Home air switch according to your own home power selection, 1 kilowatts by 4.5A current calculation, such as: your total power is 3 kilowatts, the current is 13.5A, to buy 16A open and missed.
Q:How do I find the right size wire nut for joining electrical wire together?
Wire Nut Sizes
Q:Should the electrical wiring be visible on the inside of newly installed kitchen cabinets?
Did you friend ask for your opinion????? I agree it sounds like shoddy workmanship and is probably against building code. However the wiring will most likely not cause a problem. If your friend is not happy with the job then they should talk to the contractor and ask that the wire be put into conduit.
Q:It is not necessary to draw a set of video lines from the monitor interface
The middle of the partition with the inside there may be weak electrical cable, and strong electric cable separate.
Q:Electrical acceptance specifications that the bridge and the total length of the bracket should be not less than two connected with the ground trunk
Mainly to see whether the quality of raw materials meet the requirements, and some local lines, wire box must be witnessed sampling inspection, testing qualified to use. The site can also check the wall thickness and so on.
Q:IPhone6 This cable or accessories have not been certified how to solve
Theoretically impossible, it will cause the column internal stress distribution is not balanced, especially the high-level problem can not be considered, you can consider the layout on the board, because you do not have the diameter of the pipeline, the board to withstand the vertical hole is Have a certain range
Q:I would like to ask, HDMI or vga interface how to turn into a video cable connected to the TV,
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-US3570 Gigabyte good quality, and this model for the classic series of durable memory: DATA / Kingston 2GDDRCPU: AMDXAMD quad-core processor hard drive: WD320G260 chassis: a good point of the ordinary chassis 70 Power: Great Wall 350SD mute Master 165 power to a little better, or do not bring up the price comparison, the motherboard to better reflect the overall performance, ASUS low-end board not. Graphics card into the Rainbow M graphics card 280. This section is also relatively high cost graphics card. CD-ROM: BenQ, Samsung, Pioneer, ASUS, SONYDVD110 yuan Total: 2405 yuan plus some money, certainly someone to you with. CD-ROM on the line. This configuration is quite reasonable.If you do not care about the price, the graphics card into the Rainbow GT gold plate on the line, the price of 500 or so.
Q:Bridge 380V strong wire, and now put into the cable to the signal interference?
In the manufacturers where the cable is on the number of meters, the retailer's words are, up to give you some preferential prices.

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