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Enameled wire is making for metal wire winding of the electromagnetic coil,  by using insulating coatings of insulating points.


Enameled wire is key material for making motor, electronics and home appliances, telecommunications, electronic instrument electromagnetic winding.


 Enamelded copper wire is made of inner conductor and insulation layer.copper wire after annealing and painted repeatedly then baking. We have several kinds of enameled copper wire, such as corona resistance enameled cu wire, polyester enameled cu wire, modified polyester enameled cu wire. QZY enameled CU wire QA  cu wire, wich  can be weld dirctly, polyester imine composite polyamide imide round enameled copper wire.


This product is edley used for refrigerator compressor, special moter, speical electrical appliances. etc.

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Q:Can two wires be connected directly like wires?
It is best not to connect, if it is connected, you can use the network module, the two lines connected, just like from the wall of the network panel to connect the same network cable. Do not exceed 100M.
Q:"A USB device is not functioning properly and has exceeded the power limit of its hub port." This device connection should be interrupted. " The
Code for acceptance of construction quality of electrical engineering construction "(GB-2002) Chapter 12
Q:Will the power cable and inverter control cable together, will affect the speed? Will it burn the control potentiometer?
(7000-yuan), according to the product design of the mold, for welding power lines and hardware (plug), but also to understand the injection of the equipment, Of the soldering iron production process: 1
Q:Wire red line green line, which is the zero line and the line of fire?
Fiber multimedia information box: light cat (onu), network module, TV module, telephone module. General on the configuration of these, my Google space there are related pictures you can look at
Q:380V power cable and 220V control cable (control motor start and stop) can be placed in a bridge?
The former can, the latter can not use! Coaxial cable transmission is the RF signal, video signals and audio signals can not be directly connected together, otherwise the front of the TV can not watch!
Q:In the elevator, on the installation of video lines and telephone lines to go and installation tutorials? (6)
As long as the water is not used with the elbow, with the steel on behalf of the two-way wear should be no problem, the two steel on behalf of the line simmer a small hook, respectively, in the two pass, under normal circumstances should be able to pass through the two bends, In this case the two surrogacy will be in the middle of the bend on the top, and then stir one of the lines, so that hook the other, and then bring out.
Q:Building electrical power equipment in the dark pipe is threading or wearing a cable?
Do you say the wire protection tube? If the commonly used plastic pipe has Φ. Φ. Φ. Φ32. Also on the metal wire tube with G15G20G25G32G40G50
Q:75 flat cable, copper and aluminum, each can withstand much current
This problem is mostly due to the fact that the data lines are not original. However, sometimes obviously with the original data cable, but it will appear this situation. The reason is as follows: "This cable or accessories are not certified, can not work" reasons: One reason: the data line interface IC is not working properly, the data cable is damaged, need to replace the data line. Cause two: data line interface IC work properly, but the IC and the phone of a pair of code can not work properly, may be the interface of the cheat for a long time use, there are dirty, clean up and try again! Cause three: data line interface Gold and the circuit board welding Weld problem, the data line is damaged, need to replace the data line. Cause four: the use of high imitation lines, the general upgrade of the new system may lead to such a prompt, please replace the original original data cable. There is a "do not support this accessory" error reasons: one reason: just access the data line on the prompt, this problem is generally poor contact, the solution: to see if the data line gold finger dirty, and then view the phone jack Whether there is dirt, washed with cotton alcohol. Cause two: If you use the computer to charge, insert the front USB interface, this prompt is generally caused by insufficient power supply, please insert the back of the chassis, or charge charger. Cause three: the charger is not original, the voltage is insufficient, try to replace the charger.
Q:6000 watts of electrical appliances to be large wire bearing
Single phase with 6 square 3 phase equipment with 2.5 or 4 square on OK OK!
Q:Pads in the painting PCB how to modify the line width in batches, or unified to amend the line width, the best with screenshots, you can add points Kazakhstan
The BV line needs to be routed, and the cable control line is not required

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