TY-ZBR Self -regulating Heating Cable

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1.TY-ZBR Self-regulating heating cable

 Theproducts are imported from ISOPAD Company in U.K.; one of the major electricsurfaces heating companies in the world. The product are manufactured accordingto BS standard of British and has been approved by EECS, The products qualitycome to the recently world advanced stage.

 Theproducts power drop(self-limiting) is very small and long-lived; It canauto-adjust the power output to the varying conditions along the pipe.Self-limiting properties occurs at every point the length of cable, Theself-limiting effect allows the cable to be overlapped without creating hotspots or burnout. It is suitable for requiring heating-trace in comprehensiveheat field.



3.ISL,  PSL self-limiting cable heating construction(See chart)

ISL, PSL is suitable for industrial applications where temperatureexcursions to 85℃(185℃)or process temperature maintenanceto 65℃(120℃)may be experienced and can be cutat any point to fit paperwork, Owing to self-limiting properties. It produces auniform heat field. It has been widely used in power stations, offshoreinstallations, pert-chemical, building services and food processing. It hasordinary range (口/TC-口)and strengthen range(口/TC-口).Ordinary range is suitable for use in non-hazardous areas andstrengthen range is suitable for use in hazardous areas.


Watts per meter: W/m

With tinned copper over braid (ordinaryrange)

With tinned copper over braid and oversheath (strengthen range Self-limiting heating cable

ISL:Low temp range PSL:High temp range

Example: ISL/TC-36: 220V 36W/m Low-temp self-limiting heating cable

PSL/T-54: 220V 54W/m High-temp self-limiting heating cable.



Service voltage:200V

Dielectric test:2.5kV/min

Insulation resistance: >500MΩ

Minimum bend radius:19mm

Min install temp:-40℃

7.Heat outputcurves

 Maxwithstand temperature:ISL:85℃ PSL:185℃

 Maxmaintenance temperature:ISL:65℃ PSL:120℃

Rated power output:ISL:30W/m,20W/m ,10W/m PSL: 54W/m.36W/m ,18W/m

8.Fuse/ circuitbreaking sizing

9.Installation method


1. The selection and installation of the power cable, Use copper wire, cross-sectional area≥1.5cm2. It’s better to choose low smoke and non halogen wire. The connection wire of power cable should be divided into the following color :

1, Phase - the same as the power color

2, N line - Blue insulated wire

3, PE line - Interphase as green and yellow insulated wire

10.Joint method of power cable and heating cable


Firstly deal with heating cable conductor leader insulation. Then deal with the power and heating cable conductor joint according to the electrical wiring rules.


1, Firstly, cut the end, separate the end and the conductor, attention: The end of two conductors is strictly prohibit articulated.

2, Using high-pressure self-adhesive tape wrapped end to 2cm, then wrapping one more layer with PVC waterproof tape, prevent high-pressure self-adhesive tape shedding and aging.


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