PVC Insulated Electric Wire with Good Quality

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China main port
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TT or LC
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100 roll
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10000 roll/month

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Product Description:

InsulatedModel Number:
227 IEC01(BV),BLV,BVR,BVVB,BLVVB,227 IEC05(BV),227 IEC07(BV-90)

Application: indoor,electric household appliances,instrument

Conductor Material: Copper

Conductor Type: Stranded

Insulation Material: PVC

Core: 1,2,3


Packaging Details:Packing in coils,wooden drum
Delivery Detail:Two weeks


electric wire
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2)13 years professional experience
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PVC Insulated electric wire

1. The long-time permissible operation temperture of electric wire/shall not be higher than 70℃, BV-90 shall not be higher than 90℃.

2. The ambient temperature shall not be lower than 0℃



Laying place and requirement

Long term working Temperature0C


ACrated voltage

Nominal Section (mm2


227IEC05 (BV)


Copper conductor PVC insulated wires


Aluminum conductor PVC insulated wires

Fixed laid indoors

Conduit etc.

















Aluminum conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round wires


Fixed laid, fit for the places with high mechanical protection and moisture place, can be laid in the air or underground.




Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat wires






Aluminum conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat wires








Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible connector wire

Mainly used at middle and light style moving electronics, home appliances, power and lighting and the places where flexible required










Copper conductor PVC insulated flat flexible connector wire








Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible twisting connector wire








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Q:aluminum electrical wiring, copper pig tails?
you should NEVER pig tail copper to aluminum ! ! !
Q:I would like to know the power cord plug the production process, the equipment used, the details better. Thank you!
With the conductor, copper cross-sectional area is greater, better heat dissipation, the use of different occasions.
Q:what is the meaning of db written on electrical wires?
Db In Electrical Terms
Q:Electrical wiring multiple buildings?
There are no code limits on general use receptacles on a circuit, however, you want to try to anticipate potential heavy loads that may be on that circuit all at one time. If you're turning them into bedrooms, you can generally put two bedrooms on a 15amp circuit because the biggest load you'll ever plug in is a vacuum cleaner. If you're only doing two rooms, you'll want at least two circuits just for good measure, not necessarily a code requirement. If window AC units are anticipated (unlikely in a basement, I know) then you'll want a 20amp dedicated circuit for each AC unit. Window ACs draw a lot of amps, and if you have a dedicated circuit for each window AC you could turn that run into a 240v circuit should you purchase a 240v AC. If you're just putting in one ceiling fixture in each room, then the lighting can be on the receptacle circuits. However, if you were going to be putting a whole bunch of recessed fixture (I would if it were me) you can only load a circuit up to 80% because lighting fixtures are considered constant use. So if you figure out the amps that your fixture will draw (figure with the largest wattage bulb installed in the fixture, even if you're not going to use the max wattage bulb) you can only put 12 amps on a 15amp breaker and 16 amps on a 20 amp breaker. Also, for general use receptacles and general lighting we normally run 14 gauge wire since it's easier to pull and work with. 12 gauge is generally for where you know you'll have a heavy load. These days with computers, LED tvs, and cfl and led lighting, peoples homes are drawing less and less energy, in general. You definitely should consider a dedicated 20amp circuit for if you're going to be using space heaters, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, etc.
Q:what is causing an electrical wire to heat up on a JOHNE DEERE LT155 RIDING MOWER?
if it starts to heat up which means you have a high resistance somewhere -- the diode is used to make sure the flow of power goes in one direction check the diode and make sure it is pointing the right way
Q:What is the number of the illuminated busway in the quota?
Control cable is a set of control cable quota, according to the cross-sectional area, and then by the number of cores calculated, based on 3-core, each more than a base price plus 30%, and vice versa
Q:how do you cap off an underground electrical wire?
Buy a PVC stopend for about a couple of pennies, You're done.
Q:Gold radius of the VT-300 NC red, FANUC system, the recent inexplicable "overtravel-X", the actual is not overtaking, and occasionally there will be "overtaking"
XLPE insulated PVC inner sheathed double steel tape armored PVC outer jacket flame retardant control cable rated voltage 450 / 750V
Q:Cost to get electrical wires serviced?
I just had this done in my honda. It was pretty bad, wires were not expensive its the labor. It only cost me 120 $ for the replacements. So its really not to bad.
Q:how close can electrical wire be to a recessed light?
examine to verify if the 2d change controls any of the the precise or backside outlet(s) on the partitions. If no longer, then it would be a existence like job to apply that 2d change to administration your recessed lighting fixtures in case you will get get entry to to the gap above the ceiling and the wall the change is fixed on, so which you would be able to run the twine you will choose. in case you do not have get entry to, this may be extra twine fishing than you desire to handle. additionally examine the set up training for the lighting fixtures and picture doing it without get entry to above the ceiling.

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