Carbon fiber composite core conductor

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Carbon fiber composite core conductors(hereafter called CFCC for short) consists of composite core and annealed aluminum formed wires outer layer. The annealed aluminum formed wires out layer and its adjacent layer are trapezoidal cross-section. CFCC is a kind of carbon fiber products with high performance. Compared with the traditional aluminum conductors steels-reinforced(hereafter called ACSR for short), it has series of advantages including light weight, high tensile strength, high heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high current carrying capacity etc.

In the case of the same weight, CFCC has higher current carrying capacity, which will be twice of the conventional ACSR. The tensile strength of the ACSR is 1240MPa, and high strength steel conductors is 1410MPa, however CFCC can b up to 2400MPa which increase the safety.


CFCC has good anti-aging performance and long operating life. It avoids the trouble that the ACSR’ electrochemical corrosion between the aluminum and galvanized steel core, compared with the ACSR, CFCC resist acid rain corrosion.


CFCC has good resistance to wind load. With its high strength, light weight, cross section covered by aluminum formed wire, small diameter.


CFCC has the ability of melting snow and ice. The outer layer has no gaps and is compacted smoothly. Snow and ice is not easy to be freezed. The conductor will melt snow and ice by itself when it is running under high temperature also.


CFCC has high current carrying capacity to reducing electricity generation cost and saving energy. It will reduce the ling loss by 28% in the case of same transmission capacity.


CFCC represent the technical development tide of overhead conductors. It has obvious economic and social benefits. It conduce to building safe, environmentally-friendly, efficient electricity grid.

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