Carbon fiber composite core conductor

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Carbon fiber composite core conductors(hereafter called CFCC for short) consists of composite core and annealed aluminum formed wires outer layer. The annealed aluminum formed wires out layer and its adjacent layer are trapezoidal cross-section. CFCC is a kind of carbon fiber products with high performance. Compared with the traditional aluminum conductors steels-reinforced(hereafter called ACSR for short), it has series of advantages including light weight, high tensile strength, high heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high current carrying capacity etc.

In the case of the same weight, CFCC has higher current carrying capacity, which will be twice of the conventional ACSR. The tensile strength of the ACSR is 1240MPa, and high strength steel conductors is 1410MPa, however CFCC can b up to 2400MPa which increase the safety.


CFCC has good anti-aging performance and long operating life. It avoids the trouble that the ACSR’ electrochemical corrosion between the aluminum and galvanized steel core, compared with the ACSR, CFCC resist acid rain corrosion.


CFCC has good resistance to wind load. With its high strength, light weight, cross section covered by aluminum formed wire, small diameter.


CFCC has the ability of melting snow and ice. The outer layer has no gaps and is compacted smoothly. Snow and ice is not easy to be freezed. The conductor will melt snow and ice by itself when it is running under high temperature also.


CFCC has high current carrying capacity to reducing electricity generation cost and saving energy. It will reduce the ling loss by 28% in the case of same transmission capacity.


CFCC represent the technical development tide of overhead conductors. It has obvious economic and social benefits. It conduce to building safe, environmentally-friendly, efficient electricity grid.

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Q:Can i use old headphone wires like normal electrical wire?
Generally, the answer is NO. This is because the headphone wire insulation voltage rating is normally not high enough. However, if the headphone wire has a voltage rating printed on the insulation, that is equal or greater than the voltage of the circuit you want to use this wire for, it will be OK. If the wire has the type, such as TH, THW, THWN or something similar, you can look on the internet to find the voltage rating of that type wire. TexMav
Q:The cross - sectional area ratio of the cable to the embedded tube
Frequency converter cable for the variable frequency cable, he is generally 3 +3 core, outside the copper wire braided + copper double shield, it requires the cable has a low transmission impedance, low working capacitance, it has a lot of high magnetic waves, Cable insulation impact is relatively large, relatively high demand for interference interference factors. Frequency conversion cable long distance transmission, the general should be coupled with the reactor. Ordinary cable, the outside can be added according to the need to shield or not, although he can produce electromagnetic waves, but will not produce high harmonics, the insulation requirements of the cable is not high frequency cable, he can be four core, five core. There is no need for a symmetrical structure of the cable.
Q:Any suggestions on how to find a lost electrical wire within a wall?
yes either go to your hardware store and purchase a wire finder or go to hire shop and hire one,if you know anyone who is a phone instaler they often have one
Q:BVV wire and BVR wire which is good
BVV stands for PVC insulated, PVC sheathed, copper core (hard) cloth wire. Often referred to as jacket line, single-core is round, double-core is flat. Often used to mount wires. BVR stands for PVC insulated, copper core (soft) cloth wire. Often referred to as soft lines. As the wire is relatively soft, often used for electric drag and motor connection and the cable often have a slight movement of the occasion. It is recommended to use BVR line, there are strong and weak not to be wired together, that is, network cable, monitoring line, video lines and wires can not be in the same slot.
Q:I use the TV as a computer screen, connect the HD line, how no sound
(UPS power × power factor) / efficiency / 380/1.732 = UPS maximum input current, according to the maximum input current selection cable (according to the cable manufacturer's current meter selected)
Q:Why some cable tray to spray, what is the role?
General cable tray production are customized 30 meters, 50 meters. And is the rubber and plastic line, the wolf cable type can be based on the requirements around the different meters, and is the national standard rubber cable.
Q:Does splicing electrical wiring effect the baseboard heaters on the circuit?
The answer to your question is no. Not if you use the correct diameter wire. What ever wire is there is the size i would use. Using a smaller diameter will cause more resistance which is what you don't want. Go to any hardware store and get a wire gage and measure the pre-exhisting wire . Get her done right.
Q:A question on electrical wiring?
The wiring may be fine but it is illegal for a uk landlord to rent a property withou having an annual electrical and gas safety certificate that is copied to the tenant. Ask your landlord for them. If he does not give you any go to local citizens advice for the way to deal with the issue where you live. This is not optional and I'd suspect your wiring is fine. If the gas is not up to standard you're in danger.
Q:Is it necessary to protect the buried cable? What position is needed?
The bottom of the user's groove and the design of the tail and tail, so that the product will not move firmly at the bottom
Q:5 electrical wires - 3 switches - Earth?
Use a larger wirenut. WT54 blue will do it.

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