Japanese Standard Automotive Cable Model: AV

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Product Description:

Japanese Standard Automotive Cable  

Model: AV

Characteristics: PVC insulated universal automobile wire, with excellent oil resistance, flame resistance performance


The cable conforms to the requirements of JIS C3406.



Technical requirements:

The conductor is stranded flexible bare copper wire, made of soft annealed copper wire according to EN 13602;

The insulation meets the requirements of JIS C3406;

Packaging: drum, carton or circle packing.


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Q:2.5 square wire how long is it better?
The easiest and safe way is to buy a standard patch panel, to the big supermarket and other regular stores to buy authentic bull card, the bullet can be the first card. Note that your wall is 16 An outlet, the water heater on the plug to see what is the big, if it is 16 security, then buy a direct 16-inch wiring board can be, if the water heater is 10-amp (2.5 square Of the line, usually 10 An), it would replace the wall outlet or water heater plug, otherwise the size is not the same, can not be inserted.
Q:Why is the terminal metal housing of the power cable to be grounded?
How to say that interference is certainly some, if you line less words on one or two in the bridge next to do a tube it! The pipe will be a little better. Upstairs that I do not think that although in practice the construction of this practice a lot, because you do not feel the interference, but the reality does interfere with, or science should not be strong and weak must be separated.
Q:1 square wire can load how much power
You remember, a square of the copper core line can not allow more than 8A of the current through it, under normal circumstances, we take 5 to 6 years of current to count, remember too much, and trouble, only Disrupting our memory. This value is applicable in low voltage
Q:0.5 square feet can bring the number of watts
No. You can also terminate the data module. With five lines, five modules to achieve five types of rate; with six lines, six modules to achieve six types of rate. 110 patch panel can terminate the data module, RJ45 network patch panel can also transmit voice.
Q:How to use the capacitor to test whether the wire is broken
Can be buried directly, but to be buried below thirty centimeters
Q:Repair house to go dark line how to line tube
The The First, the excretion of training must first start, but also the most controversial training, is to train the puppy to the house excretion
Q:How much air does the air conditioner use?
Barely able to use, there is no wealth, and now the family should be the smallest line with more than 4 square meters of copper, it is recommended to change the line for the better. 4-6 square
Q:It is not necessary to draw a set of video lines from the monitor interface
The middle of the partition with the inside there may be weak electrical cable, and strong electric cable separate.
Q:75 flat cable, copper and aluminum, each can withstand much current
Look at the following steps . you can try to clean the data cable plug, such as with rubber, dry cloth, then the iPhone's power outlet is also clean, re-insert. 2. Shut down the phone I often encounter this situation 3. The above two methods may not be able to solve the problem, if you need to solve the fundamental problem, it needs to replace the data line. If you are using the Apple iPhone6 phone, it is recommended to bring the original data cable to Apple after the sale that the situation, check to see if you can replace the data cable free of charge. I recommend buying a brand of charging lines, almost 40 to 120 between the price.
Q:What is the difference between the main patch panel and the middle patch panel?
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