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PV1-F 1*1.5-16MM2  

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Q:There is no air conditioning in the small room with a replacement patch panel.
You better do not change! The Because the line if the wrong will really burn the motherboard or USB device! The Is it not a 5m USB extension cord? You can buy one! The Or with two 3-meter pick up! It can be! The Too long a USB cable will affect the signal transmission! I suggest you do not exceed 5 meters (5 meters has been very metamorphosis)! The hope this helps! The The
Q:Use the network cable to do the telephone line to play the distribution frame
Is not reserved. But must pay attention to the truth of the cold up and down.
Q:Apple notebook does not charge power on the display of micro green
. the general radiation and distance, high-voltage lines and residential safety distance: 1KV the following distance of 4 meters; 1-10KV the general distance between the radiation and distance, Distance of 6 meters; 35-110KV distance of 8 meters; 154-220KV distance of 10 meters; 350-500KV distance of 15 meters; . as long as the opaque objects can block the wire radiation, wire insulation, Body will block the radiation.
Q:What is the difference between wires and cables? Please provide a brief introduction
Should use 24 × 12 plastic trunking suitable GB-2011 "low-voltage distribution design code" Article 7
Q:Decoration threading and found that there is no wire in the thread, and I estimate there are five corners.
Apple's mobile phone software BUG, try this method, so good to go after the sale! 1) to open the device 2) into the system 3) insert the data line 4) see the "This cable or accessories have not yet been certified, it may not work with this iPad reliable" tips, do not point anything including buttons, direct pull Out of data lines. 5) insert the data line, you will see the prompt, then close the warning message.
Q:Will the amplifier and LCD TV and Blu-ray DVD machine how to connect the three? Trouble master under the guidance of detailed operation. I am a novice, I hope detailed instructions. Thank you
This depends on your home to change the number of specific hydropower to estimate it! Generally your hydropower material contains wires. 1500 dollars or less! Can buy together! "Normal change, the original water pipe. Wire tube regardless of the case of "
Q:Cpu power supply line is not long enough to meet the heat sink, a map, how to solve?
ZR is a flame-retardant letter representation, flame retardant can be divided into A, B, C, D four grades, A flame retardant performance of the highest, followed by decreasing, national wire and cable industry standard (GB) requirements to C level
Q:3000W of the electrical use of the wire
If you use copper wire, then within 200 meters within 3 kilowatts with 1.5 square wire is enough if it is aluminum core, then recommended within 100 with 4 square (all require the national standard line) if the distance is large, then a large model
Q:2.5 square wire how long is it better?
It is best to change the line, not the same line with the same line after the hook and then solder with solder welding. Plus the mobile outlet, then the bull is better. Welding wiring is better
Q:Audio cable and video cable is not a common wire
In principle is not recommended, the two signals are different, the required transmission conditions between each other with the same wire is difficult to achieve transmission requirements

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