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PV1-F 1*1.5-16MM2  

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Q:Pvc pipe and pvc line what is the difference
Look at the next board to connect to the TV that line is loose, no words would be a good warranty
Q:Low-voltage distribution lines (three-phase or single-phase) single-core cable should not be worn alone in the metal tube
Socket with 4mm ^ 2 copper wire, lighting with 2.5mm ^ 2 copper wire.
Q:who invented the electrical wire?
My old boss by stretching pennies!
Q:electrical wiring a switched light?
It seems that first of all only half of your duplex receptacle is switched, and also the switch may be a 3 way switch, I would call an electrician you already have the hard stuff done. An electrician will only charge a service fee to connect it properly.
Q:Running electrical wires and cable wires?
It depends. There are various kinds of Cat 5 cables. There is the Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and the Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) Cat 5 cables. If youre running parallel to electrical wires, you may want to consider the STP cables as UTP as susceptible to electromagnetic interference.
Q:Which electrical wire to use on a 22.6 Amp Central Air Conditioner?
You need to use # 10 AWG wire because the breaker is rated at 30 amps. Note that # 12 AWG is ok for up to 20 amps.
Q:Something is wrong with the electrical wiring in my apartment now.?
If you have an electric stove, that may be the source of the problem, if it is gas, then there is no connection. I would have an electrician check things out. This is a potential fire hazard.
Q:Where or from whom can I buy complete electrical wiring set for a Kawasaki W650?
i would keep check OKorder. i think places like bikebandit sell the parts separately, but it can be expensive. you can also check your local bike salvage yard?
Q:electrical wiring for 90 ford broncoII?
Not sure the question. But if you are looking for a/c wiring a ranger with the same engine will have the same wiring diagram. Check local parts store they stock all kinds of engine books with wiring in it.
Q:Installing Electrical wiring in a 8x12 shed?
This is a job for an electrician. You must tie into the main breaker box and its dangerous if you dont know what you're doing you can get hurt. You can help reduce your cost by doing some of the work yourself if you do some research first. When selecting contractors, ask them what you can do to reduce costs on the project and they'll tell you what to do. For example, in Michigan, code says you need an outlet for every six feet of wall a minimum of 8 off the floor, you have to secure the boxes to the studs and have staples in certain places. The wiring must run a certain way, and you can only have 11 plugs per run(wiring arrangement). Then you need to attach them a certain way with a minimum amount of wire left. So you see, if you dont do your research, you wont pass your open (rough) inspection.

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