Teflon Wire UL1591

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Product Description:

*Rated temperature: -100~+200°C; -100~+250°C.

*Rated voltage: 300 volts, 600volts

*Conductor: Solid or stranded, silver plated copper or tinned copper conductor

*Size: 10 ~ 30 AWG..

*Insulation: PFA or FEP, with optional color schemes such as transparent, white, black, red, blue, grey, yellow, green, brown, orange, yellow-*green and red-white etc.

*Resistant to acids, alkalis, oils, flame retardant, fire resistance, and low smoke, no halogen.



Widely applied in Electronic instrument & device, electrical appliance, lighting equipments, leads for transformer & electrical motor, air-conditioner,microwave oven, electric products, electric heater, oven, electric factory, various motors and so on.

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Q:Electrical wiring 2 wire off of 3 wire?
White to White, that's the neutral. Black to Black, that's the hot. Wirenut the Red. That's another hot. Stuart knows nothing. Each hot leg carries 110 not 220. It's only together they are 220. - taught electrical installation in HS
Q:Electrical- Grounding wire size.?
Hey Kate is right. Your inspector is the final say and some are picky. For 200 amp you should be using 3/0 copper and you would need #4 ground with that according to the NEC. But you didn't say what size your service conductors are. Ask your Inspector and get it right the first time.
Q:How do I find the right size wire nut for joining electrical wire together?
yellows - 2 number 12s 3 number 14s tans - up to 3 number 12 wires, 4 number 14s reds - up to 5 number 12s, 3 number 10s grey - 4 number 10s, 3 number 10s 2 number 8s blues ( big ones ) - , 3 number 8s 2 number 6 the colors go from smallest to biggest in size this line up is from Ideal , but most manufactuer's follow color/ sizing convection, they do make a smaller blue and smaller grey, but these are for low voltage work of for florescent lighting secondary connections where the voltage is high, the wires are small and the amperes low do not use Scotchloks by 3M they are soft bodied and do not grab well and may lead to arcing even though they are still UL listed no good electrician that I know of uses them
Q:how can i start designing an electrical wiring installation diagram of a large building eg.hotel or apartment?
In the U.S., you will likely need a professional (electrical) engineer to do any plans. He will likely be working with similar mechanical and plumbing people, and the architect. His work will also be affected by local codes and standards. Get the preliminary plans from the architect. Get size of building and estimate volts and amps needed. Confirm with local utility and tell HVAC people (mechanical engineers) so they can pick out systems that use the voltage. Figure out how much floor space you can cover with a 200A panel (or whatever size you plan to use). Put panels in the middle of each space that large. Add outlets, switches, lighting, and feeds to HVAC. Put in a main distribution panel to feed the sub-panels and check for breaker sizes, wire sizes, etc. Draw a 'panel diagram'. Check the final mechanical equipment schedule to be sure voltages and power use all match. Get the EE to stamp and seal. Deliver drawings.
Q:Electrical wiring for range? plz help me :(?
red positive .black neg .green earth. not sure about white turn of from mains and check connection wires at back of plate it can be screwed out .that will let you be safe and sure.never seen white on any wiring system.always red black and green i have seen and wired my own oven with those three only/.
Q:Help with new electrical wiring?
Well, first of all--double check your wiring. If you're sure this is correct , carefully watch the wires as you push the receptacles back into the box. Better yet, leave the receptacles hanging out and then switch the breaker on. Still tripping? You're gonna need a multi-meter to check to see if your black lead is going to ground or neutral. You may have skinned the insulation back on your wire(s) and didn't realize it. Could be a bad receptacle out of the box but I doubt it. This should be a relatively simple fix. Step away and give your brain a break and give it another shot. Methinks you're probably going to end up chuckling when you find the problem. Hope this was helpful.
Q:How did the wires cut off in the wall?
Digital Television? You say is the flat-panel TV ah is generally by the source, or similar keys
Q:Where or from whom can I buy complete electrical wiring set for a Kawasaki W650?
i would keep check OKorder. i think places like bikebandit sell the parts separately, but it can be expensive. you can also check your local bike salvage yard?
Q:Landlord won't have an electrician check electrical wiring in my apartment???
Not likely an indication of a bigger problem, although I did have a case where a non-electrician wired quite a bit of a new house, and there were numerous problems, some quite alarming in terms of the fire potential; mostly bad (i.e. resistive) connections. I'd say make sure you have a renter's insurance policy and a good smoke detector, you're not likely to get any help from your landlord.
Q:Yc rubber cable and wdzn yjv What is the difference
In general, the choice of how much wire and voltage relationship is not great, mainly to see the current, the voltage is only that the insulation layer of the insulation level, the general wire can be achieved, so do not consider, 16A current can Select 2.5 square millimeters of copper wire, which is the national standard, 2.5 square copper wire allows long-term load current: 16A - 25A
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Location Henan,China
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Company Certifications CCC;ISO9001-2008;SGS

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Factory Size: 50,000-100,000 square meters
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