Copper Conductor PVC Control Cable 300/500V,450/750V

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Copper conductor PVC Control Cable 300/500V,450/750V



This kind of cable is Used as power and connecting cables in mechanical engineering for tooling machinery, control unit, production lines, transportation equipment, conveyor and assembly lines as well as in plant construction. BDK control cable has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good ambient stree resistance, good electrical properties and anti-chemical corrosion.

  • Voltage rating: 300/500V, 450/750V

  • Standard applied: IEC60227, BS6500, GB/T9330

  • Max. working temp.: 70°C

  • Conductor: Class 1/2 annealed bare copper solid or strands or Class 5 fine annealed copper wire

  • Insulation & outer sheath: PVC

  • Armoure or shield (optional): SWA or STA or copper braided screen or tinned copper wire scree

  • Cores:  2C~61C

  • Cross section area: 0.75 ~ 10 sqmm

  • Sheath color: Black or as per requirement

  • Bending radius: Not less than 6 times of the cable's OD (unarmoured type and flexible shielded type); Not less than 12 times of the Cable's OD (armoured or copper shielded type)

  • Ambient temp. for laying the cable: Not less than 0°C; if below 0°C, cables should be preheated




1. Copper wire drawing and annealing

2. Copper wire stranding

3. Outer sheath extruding and labeling

4. Spooling

5.Production  facility

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