Copper Conductor PVC Control Cable 300/500V,450/750V

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Copper conductor PVC Control Cable 300/500V,450/750V



This kind of cable is Used as power and connecting cables in mechanical engineering for tooling machinery, control unit, production lines, transportation equipment, conveyor and assembly lines as well as in plant construction. BDK control cable has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good ambient stree resistance, good electrical properties and anti-chemical corrosion.

  • Voltage rating: 300/500V, 450/750V

  • Standard applied: IEC60227, BS6500, GB/T9330

  • Max. working temp.: 70°C

  • Conductor: Class 1/2 annealed bare copper solid or strands or Class 5 fine annealed copper wire

  • Insulation & outer sheath: PVC

  • Armoure or shield (optional): SWA or STA or copper braided screen or tinned copper wire scree

  • Cores:  2C~61C

  • Cross section area: 0.75 ~ 10 sqmm

  • Sheath color: Black or as per requirement

  • Bending radius: Not less than 6 times of the cable's OD (unarmoured type and flexible shielded type); Not less than 12 times of the Cable's OD (armoured or copper shielded type)

  • Ambient temp. for laying the cable: Not less than 0°C; if below 0°C, cables should be preheated




1. Copper wire drawing and annealing

2. Copper wire stranding

3. Outer sheath extruding and labeling

4. Spooling

5.Production  facility

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Q:30kw how much cable and switch to use
30kw general voltage is three-phase 380V, I = P / U / 1.732 = 30 * 1000/380 / 1.732 = 45.6A. Generally take about 1.3 times, 45.6 * 1.3 = 59.28A, so you can take more than 60A calibration value of the circuit breaker. If the distance is not far, the cable can take 25 square copper cable. If the voltage is not three-phase 380V, then ask, and then help you calculate.
Q:Error 678, the network cable is not plugged in, hurry
Is not installed a good card installed on the network card driver like to remember remember to add points
Q:Why the three-phase or single-phase AC single-core cable, not alone in the steel pipe
Do not recommend this access, if the computer accessories are more, such as multiple hard drives, discrete graphics, more than one memory, the need for more power supply, external speakers may cause the power can not give the host enough power, in serious cases Affect the drive, hard disk to read data, and even cause hard disk bad sectors, it is worth the candle. Serious suggestion not to do so.
Q:How to distinguish between the performance of the motherboard, the level?
1: material a S-terminal line; a AV line (the two lines to sell more) 2: first two lines cut, each take half, peeled 3: the S-terminal that head against their own, Round the middle of the plastic feet up .4: the amount of the interface inside the four iron feet corresponding to the four lines .5: the shield line and the four iron feet above the two received AV shielded line (Ground). Note that the above two side by side .6: the other two lines (the four iron feet below the two lines) to the AV core line .7: re-adhesive tape can be The line of my own through the test, you can use the normal. You do not have the image to determine the line in the case of the need to set up the graphics card, and in the image and the image is not clear or interference, you can first To find the line of the problem, and then slowly explore their own, depending on the actual situation to see specific.
Q:What is the box of weak electricity FD? There is no description in the column
Lenovo sell is the brand, brand big, natural expensive. Besides Shenzhou many accessories are self-produced, although Lenovo has the ability to produce, but now it is more and more like Founder, Tsinghua Tongfang like the brand, and go more and more close to OEM products. And then Lenovo this brand, work and materials are better, so the higher value-added, the price is high. Shenzhou is the configuration does not shrink, but the work and materials are not so good. Highlight the price is.
Q:Antique grams VP450P power supply + Xin Guinuo tower T1 chassis back line wire length enough?
Connectcomputerandprojectorvideolineandaudiocable. Connect the computer and the projector's video cable called VGA cable (VideoGraphicsArray), connect the projector's audio cable can be translated directly: Audioline, Theaudioline
Q:Is it necessary to install a wire with a wire in a trunking?
CPUIntel Core iK1 ¥ 2165 Radiator ASUS Poseidon 881 ¥ 459 motherboard ASUS SabertoothZ771 ¥ 2099 memory pirate ship DDRG set 1 ¥ 1399 mechanical hard drive Seagate Barracuda1TB64MSATA3 single dish 1 ¥ 465 solid state hard disk Intel520series (120GB) 1 ¥ 999 graphics ASUS GTX660TiDirectCUIITOP1 ¥ 2699 optical storage ASUS BW-12B1ST1 ¥ 699 mouse and keyboard set Razer orange warehouse gold spider game set 1 ¥ 399 display Samsung S22B300B1 ¥ 1020 chassis SilverStoneRV02B crow 21 ¥ 1250 power Zhenhua iceberg Kingdee GX-performance version 550W1 ¥ 649 Speaker HiVi D1010MKII red teak wood Edition 1 ¥ 399 Price total: ¥ long time have not seen such a luxury budget. CPUI7 not to say that here it is three generations of new technology and frequency 3.. with independent air cooling heat (air-cooled too big head, to performance or water cooling system is better, group CPU, graphics card, north and south bridge, Suite, cost more than a thousand or so, the graphics card can be directly selected water cold version, like Dylan HD7970 water-cooled version of the 3G ¥ . Dylan HD6970 water-cooled version of the 2G ¥ 3399). Motherboard selection of luxury, the other Z77 the same, but more Cheap. The frequency of memory should be . just and the motherboard match. Hard drive with SSD + mechanical hard drive, INTEL520 brand and speed is very good, mechanical hard disk can consider the Western Digital disk, to large storage capacity, you can choose three to four red disk group RAID Graphics card eventually chose the N card, the concept that the low-end with A card, high-end with N card, in fact, almost the same. Blu-ray burner, speakers are taking into account the needs of multimedia. The display with Samsung is not much description, all understand, 21.5 size will not appear too much screen ... Power with Zhenhua module power supply, easy wiring, materials more elegant. A sub-price goods, this program is not the most extravagant, but I hope to help you.
Q:10KV high-voltage cable and heating pipe cross the safe distance
And the thermal pipe ditch parallel to the distance of 2 meters, the special circumstances can be reduced and reduced by half the value; cross-distance 0.5 meters, separated by a partition or cable pipe can be 0.25m see GB-94 Table 5.3.5 2006 version of the basic out or the implementation of this, to the local power supply management advice prevail
Q:Wire and pipe with what material of the casing is better
If your wire in the thread when the insulation will break even if it is a little bit, or the existence of quality problems with the wire encountered when the water or moisture will cause a short circuit. (Upstairs tenants do not admit that the water is not admitted, but also invited his decoration master to see, they say no matter what the situation, even if the water leakage will certainly not lead to short circuit.) Is his decoration master? Funny right? First of all, you have to find a professional electrician master to let him use [shake table] or megger to detect whether the line there is a short circuit phenomenon, if there is upstairs in the upstairs and then check, and then consult.
Q:Home decoration to buy what color of the wire?
Red line on the red line; blue line on the blue line; and yellow line on the yellow line on it

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