Excavators 15-20 Tons Crawler Hydraulic

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Product Description:

Excavators 15-20 Tons Crawler Hydraulic

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZE230E-9


Type:Crawler Excavator



Certification:ISO9001: 2000



Model:Crawler Hydraulic Excavator

Color and Logo:Can According to Customers′ Request


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.




Standard:3C & ISO9001& CE


Origin:Hubei, China

Production Capacity:3000 

Product Description

1. We also supply you the other type of HOWO, 4*2, 4*4, 6*2, 6*4, 6*6, 8*4 different engine power(270HP, 290HP, 310HP, 330HP, 350HP, 380HP, and 420HP), EURO II, and EURO III dump truck. We could choose the right truck for you and confirm that is your good assistant in your work. 

Our main products: 
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9. Concrete mixer truck, 
10. High-altitude operation truck, 
11. Self-loading garbage truck, garbage compactor truck, sealed garbage truck, 
12. Bulk cement truck, 
13. Chemical liquid tank truck

Operating weight13800kg
Standard bucket capacity0.4-0.52m 3
Direct injection/
Four strokes/
Water cooling/
Turbo charged/
Air to air intercooler×/
No. of cylinders4/
Rated power/speed69.6/2200kw/rpm
Max. torque/speed337.6N.m
The main performance
Travel speed5.16/3.03km/h
Swing speed12.3r/min
Max. gradeability≥35/
Ground pressure42kPa
Max.Bucket digging force85kN
Max.arm crowd force65kN
Max.traction force134kN
Hydraulic system
Main pump2/
Rate flow of main pump2×123L/min
Max pressure of prime relief valve31.4/34.3MPa
Max pressure of travel system34.3MPa
Max pressure of swing system25MPa
Max pressure of pilot system3.9MPa
Fuel tank capacity250L

Excavators 15-20 Tons Crawler Hydraulic

Excavators 15-20 Tons Crawler Hydraulic

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Q:MTG Question: Mill deck?
halimar excavators are great with rite of replication. Jace Beleren is great for milling and he will draw you cards. Ambassador laquatos is a pretty efficient miller. Also keening stone will be released in a couple weeks and it is a GREAT mill card.
Q:Help how do I find an underground water leak?
There are people that are specailists in this. They use listening equipment or ground sonar to find the leak. I had a slab leak and had to hire one, it cost about 250.00 I'm in california.
Q:is it a better life in france than the uk for a family?
Unless you live in a war zone or some thing then life is how you make it.
Q:what should I use to dig a small lake?
We did the same in the north east, with winter snowy weather. We have a flowing well that created a swamp. We hired a contractor with a Hydra Hoe. That rig should be able to stay far enough away from the swamp so it doesn't sink into the swamp. And if you are going to use the sand, you need to let is sit by the pond and drain, then haul it out. Make sure that is included in your bid. I don't think 7' will be deep enough. You'll have a pit for crocks and snakes and frogs and due to the shallow depth and heat in Fla. in several years it will be a swamp again. Go for something deeper and treat it with copper sulfate to control weeds, if allowed by law. Also, check to be sure you don't have cattails there because then you might not be allowed to disturb the area. In some states cattail's are protected wet lands, but maybe not in Fla. And check to see if permits are required because you don't want any big time fines. We love our pond, and the flowing well now feeds it with oxygen 24/7.
Q:selling antiques found in iran?
You need a permit. You will probably not get one. 'It was excavated' is no defence at all. Neither is the nationality of the excavators. If it was legally excavated in a properly conducted archaeological dig, then it would have gone to a museum anyway. Now - I've told you this, so your friend can do what he or she pleases. I note that this friend did not ask the authorities - maybe because you - sorry, I mean this friend of yours - knew what the answer would be. That said, I personally think these laws are too restrictive. If there are enough of this particular object around, why should it bother anyone if some of them are in private hands in foreign countries?
Q:I want to know where to find information on starting a construction equipment rental business.?
Go to the link below and in the search, type in 'equipment rental'. They have model plans that you can use for your business. They will either be free or of reasonable cost.
Q:Can I Use Zoo Med Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate For A Bearded Dragon Juvenile Under 6 Months Of Age?
Lisa is right for a baby lizard. Once the lizard get to at least 6-7 inches total length then you can switch to a loose substrate if you want. Play sand is a better choose then the specialty sands and crushed walnuts which have higher impactions rates and the specialty sands will also discolor your lizard.
Q:What are the brands of excavators? What are the signs of each brand?
Imported brands: [US] CAT (Carter), CASE (Keith) [Japan] KOMATSU (Komatsu), HITACHI (Hitachi), KATO (Kato), SUMITOMO (Sumitomo), KOBELCO (Shen Gang). []
Q:Improve the excavator bucket teeth wearing resistance.?
......ok. I'll take a guess at what you're asking. If youre wanting to know how to get longer life out of your teeth, why not just build them up with wear plate, or hard surface them? You never said what this excavator of yours is even. Big difference in what youre going to do with the baby teeth on a small excavator in the 110 and under range, versus the teeth on a 1200. if youre working in ground that will allow, you can take a length of flat cutting edge, say, from a dozer, and weld it across the face of the teeth. This gives a larger wear face, resulting in much longer life.
Q:How to sale excavator parts well online?
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