yuchai YC13-8 1.3 ton excavator

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yuchai YC13-8  1.3 ton excavator


AMax. Digging Heightmm3170

BMax. Dumping Heightmm1785

CMax. Digging Depthmm2060

DMax. Digging Radiusmm3724

D1Max. Horizontal Digging Lengthmm3560

EMax. Digging Height Radiusmm2600

FMin. Slewing Radiusmm1694

GMax. Depth of Bulldozermm165

HMax. Height of Bulldozermm195

 Max. Digging ForcekN10.5/ 6.2


 Operating Weightkg1600

 Standard Bucket Capacity0.07

 Engine Perkins diesel 403D-11

 Power of Enginekw/rpm14.7 / 2200

AMachine Lengthmm3688

BPlatform Slewing Radiusmm1165

COverall Heightmm2255

DHeight of Engine Hoodmm1200

EHeight from Floor to Platformmm477


GCrawler Lengthmm1405

HMachine Heightmm2255

JOverall Widthmm1014

KMin. Ground Clearancemm200

LCrawler Widthmm230

MTrack gaugemm750

NWidth of Platformmm1010

 Width of Machinemm1014

 Width of Bucketmm502

 Walking Speed(Low/High)km/h2

 Platform Slewing Speedrpm10~12

 Boom Swing Angle (Left/Right)°110(Right)

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