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YC series heavy-duty single-phase motors are suitable for small size machine tools and water pumps,
especially suitable for family workshops where only single-phase power be supplied. This series motors are designed with the latest technology,manufactured with the quality materials,have following features:good performance,safe and reliale operation,nice appearance, convenient maintenance,meet the IEC standards.

YC series motors are of lP44 totally enclosed fan-cooled(TEFC)type.capacitor starting for rated output up to 3HP.on rated voltage and 50hz,the starting  torgue is three times more than the rated torque while 60HZ is 2.75times more.Capacitors start and run type ror Motors 4hp and above.it have following features:high starting torque.smooth running,low temperature rise,low noise and greater overload performance.

YCL series heavy-duty capacitor start and run.single phase induction motors are suitable for driving small-size turning machine.especially sultable for household and workshop where only need single-phase power be supplied.This series motors are designed with advanced technique and made of quality materials.it also has follaring features:low noise,low temperature rise.small starting current,high starting torque.reliable operation.easy maintenance and nice appearance,they also meet the relative standards of IEC.

YCL series motors are similar to YC series in appearance.Comparing with the same output of YC series motors.YCLseries temperature rise be reduced 8.74k on average.efficiency be increased 4.21%power factor be increased 0.16.

Rated voltage; 110V,115V,120V,220V,230V,240V
Rated frequency: 50HZ or 60HZ    

Protection class: IP44,IP54
insulation class : B,F,H    

Cooling method: ICO141
Duty: S1(continuous)

Power Factor
Starting Torque
Rated Torque
Max torque
Rated Torque

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Q:What are the conditions for the series and parallel connection of the pumps?
1, pump series, the two pumps must start and stop at the same time in order to normal operation.2 when the pump is connected in parallel, the two pumps must be equipped with check valve at the same time to operate normally.3, of course, in the election of the pump, should meet the requirements of upstairs said.
Q:Water pumping work problem?
The pump will not have to work until the water drains by gravity to the level of the spout. Then, Work = Weight of water * Height of lift Find the distance, d, of the center of mass for the remaining water in the bottom 2 m of the sphere. The height of lift will then be 2m - d. The hardest part is finding the distance d to the center of mass. I don't remember how to do that.
Q:Water pump spray height?
well water exerts about 1 atm pressure (15psi) for each 33 feet of depth so 300psi is about 10 atm meaning that your pump could support a column some 330ft high then figure what pressure you would need to make your spray effective and subtract 33ft per 15psi this is only a ballpark estimate losses in hoses will be significant
Q:How to fix a water-pumping machine...?
not knowing the specific system, prolly correct. pipe frozen and what you feel is just bypass/recirc. as the water has no where to go. or there's an external leak somewhere under the house? keep doing that, depending on the system, and it's condition, might burn up a pump. many different kinds of systems. for a house or motor home, usually have one that's pressure activated. that is, pressure drops as a tap is opened, regualator sees that, starts the pump running. that would be a system that employs a reservoir. probably air charged. to sense pressure drops.a nd max pressures to shut the system off. but that may not be what you have. many different configs. USAF trained hyd/pneu tech. glorified plumber i guess.
Q:When should I replace oil pump and water pump
You should not replace them if they are still working. These items can work for ever or stop working as soon as they are installed.
Q:Water is pumped out of a holding tank.. Calculus question?
Three okorder.com/
Q:New water pump leaking from bolt hole?
i would try getting a new gasket and make sure you seal it really good and make sure the bolts are tightened really good
Q:Variable flow variable frequency water pump how to adjust the flow?
Flow plus transmitter control
Q:hot water circulation pump suck water from a pluged pipe and pump water through storage water heater to rooms?
the answer is YES..but NOT from the PUMP..the type of pump most people have requires that flow through the impeller be available at all times or two things will happen !. it will cavitate (that's a gurgling sound at the pump) or 2. It will only beat the water that is in the pump and no flow will be apparent. Either one of these though could be a symptom of a plugged hot water line in the loop. Here is what happens to increase the pressure apparent.. The water on the loop is pressurized from the storage tank to the pump then out to the loop .If the loop is terminated and air gets into the end of the line next to the restriction the outside water pressure is acting like a piston compressing the air that air reacts the same as it would in any compressor and can reach higher than normal operating conditions. If you will find the plug and install an expansion bladder in the highest part of your line your flow ,pressure and noise problems will stop...Good luck with the search...From the E
Q:1988 evinrude outboard, water pump?
i use air pressure, but a piece of wire usually works.you may try to back flush it with a water hose.

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