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YC series heavy-duty single-phase motors are suitable for small size machine tools and water pumps,
especially suitable for family workshops where only single-phase power be supplied. This series motors are designed with the latest technology,manufactured with the quality materials,have following features:good performance,safe and reliale operation,nice appearance, convenient maintenance,meet the IEC standards.

YC series motors are of lP44 totally enclosed fan-cooled(TEFC)type.capacitor starting for rated output up to 3HP.on rated voltage and 50hz,the starting  torgue is three times more than the rated torque while 60HZ is 2.75times more.Capacitors start and run type ror Motors 4hp and above.it have following features:high starting torque.smooth running,low temperature rise,low noise and greater overload performance.

YCL series heavy-duty capacitor start and run.single phase induction motors are suitable for driving small-size turning machine.especially sultable for household and workshop where only need single-phase power be supplied.This series motors are designed with advanced technique and made of quality materials.it also has follaring features:low noise,low temperature rise.small starting current,high starting torque.reliable operation.easy maintenance and nice appearance,they also meet the relative standards of IEC.

YCL series motors are similar to YC series in appearance.Comparing with the same output of YC series motors.YCLseries temperature rise be reduced 8.74k on average.efficiency be increased 4.21%power factor be increased 0.16.

Rated voltage; 110V,115V,120V,220V,230V,240V
Rated frequency: 50HZ or 60HZ    

Protection class: IP44,IP54
insulation class : B,F,H    

Cooling method: ICO141
Duty: S1(continuous)

Power Factor
Starting Torque
Rated Torque
Max torque
Rated Torque

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Q:I have 2000 ford ranger v6 3.0 I replaced the water pump ten months ago and all of a sudden it's running hot?
You waited too long, over heated the engine, and now have leaking head gaskets. If water is boiling in reservoir, that is DEFINITELY the problem. Take heart, though. Many times, all you need do is replace the head bolts and re-torque them to specifications. This will usualy un-warp the heads and restore good gasket seals on the Ford 3.0 engine. Compression is forcing air into the coolant. It's that simple. Untill your head get resealed, you will contiue to have boiling and overheating. GOOD LUCK!!
Q:what kind of water pump will I need?
What you want is called a sump pump. Most have a system built into them that is triggered by rising water. The idea is to have a hole beneath that allows the inevitable water that will collect a place to go, then when a certain amount gets in the hole, the sump pump comes on and pumps it out to wherever you have the hose or pipes ran to. Being underground, good luck keeping the humidity level down. It won't be easy, and much depends on where your natural water table is, and what it is during rains. Someone in your area might know all that, I don't.
Q:When is it necessary to replace the timing belt and water pump on a 2001 Mazda Protege?
That could have either the 1.6 liter or 2.0 liter engine. My information shows that if you have the 1.6 liter, at least you don't have to worry about bending valves against pistons if the belt breaks -- you'll just be stuck out on the road until you can get it towed and fixed. Not so with the 2.0 which is an interference engine. So if you DO have the 2.0, pay attention -- you don't want an expensive breakdown! You're on borrowed time at 75K. For both engines, Mazda recommends that you replace the timing belt every 60K miles. Gates (a major replacement supplier) seems to think these belts will go 105K. Since it's a factory belt, stick with 60K. As for the water pump, it's often one of those while you're already in there sort of things when you're doing a timing belt. 60K makes it a tougher call, especially with the better quality of water pump bearings and seals. If your interval were 80K ~ 100K as is true on some cars, I'd say go for it without blinking. As cheap as it'll be (it's really just the price of the pump), and it was my set of wheels, I'd do it anyway, even at 60K, if it needed to be pulled to do the belt.
Q:Cars water pump went or going out?
The water pump may be leaking causing the coolant loss. But it is certainly not leaking into the engine. You may have misunderstood the mechanic's explanation of the problem. Where is the white smoke coming from? The engine compartment? Then the water pump may actually be leaking coolant into the engine compartment and onto the exhaust manifold. If the white smoke is coming out the exhaust, it's not your water pump. Car repairs are more expensive today because they are more complex and shops prey on the lack of knowledge that car owner's have about their cars. You wil be charged for the VALUE of the repair, not the actual COST (plus a reasonable profit) of repair. You'll pay about 2x-3x the retail price of the water pump than you would have paid if you bought the water pump yourself. Without that water pump, your car is junk. My daughter paid $700+ to have a $149 alternator replaced.
Q:Water pump problem - physics?
Natural okorder.com/
Q:How do you remove the water pump from a Chevy S10 Pickup?
what does that tool look like to take the fan off
Q:Water pump pressure relief vavle?
This is a new one to me! All water pumps have a weep hole in front of the water pump bearing to alert mechanics and owners the water pump needs replacing. The pressure inside a cooling system is controlled by the pressure cap on the radiator or coolant recovery tank. Many cars have the pressure cap now directly on the reserve coolant recovery tank. Ford is an example. As pressure builds when the coolant gets hot the relief spring inside the radiator cap allows coolant to pass to the coolant recovery tank @ atmospheric pressure if the pressure cap is located directly on the radiator. As coolant cools a small plunger in the center of the radiator cap opens and coolant returns to the motor and radiator. The whole idea is to completely eliminate air bubbles inside the cooling system. I'd have to actually see this in a Chrysler shop manual as you could be loosing coolant and have no idea where or why. What you're explaining to us doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Someone is whistling sweet nothings in your ear.
Q:will a electric generator work in a water pump?
if it is powerful enough to power the pump then yes.
Q:do i really need to replace my water pump?
not a good idea. depending on the rate the fluids are leaking from the pump, you could need a lot of water just to get down the street. more importantly, straight water is not good for your car, antifreeze is also a coolant and protectant for the engine.your engine gets too hot, good chance your going to blow a head gasket. think a water pump is expensive, nothing compared to fixing a head gasket - imagine having to do both. just replace the pump.
Q:How many lift pumps should be used for 100 meters tall buildings?
At least 130m guarantee that the top floor customer has 3KG water pressure

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