A2XS FL 2Y / 2XS FL 2Y, 76 / 132 kV High Voltage Cables

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1  The highest rated voltage is 500kV 
2  The maximum section can reach 2500 mm2

3  IEC, ASTM, DIN, BS standard 

4 Response within 12 hours  
5 Factory direct sale



The electric cable is applied to transmit and distribute power in power transmission and distribution system of 35kV~500kV. It is widely adopted in the fields including power, construction, mines, metallurgy, petrochemical industry and communication in complete replace of oil immersed paper insulated power cable.


Cable Properties

Special features which we can offer for HV cables:

* Watertight construction (both radial and longitudinal).
* Lead sheath available for options.
* Resistant to heavy vibration.
* Available in long delivery lengths to reduce number of joints.
* Corrosion-free screen area.
* Copper or aluminum conductor up to 2500mm².
* Metallic sheath and radial moisture barrier made of copper wire or tape.
* Different options for outer PE jackets (LDPE, MDPE & HDPE).
* Strippable insulation screen.
* Metallic screen made of multiple layers of copper tapes or a combination of copper wires and tapes to increase the earth fault current carrying capacity.

* Increased armour conductivity by insertion of hard drawn copper wires in armour.


The cable is manufactured according to IEC 60840, VDE 0276, AS/NZS 1429.2, . It is suitable to be installed in the power line with rated voltage from 30kV to 500kV for power transmission.

The maximum rated temperature

The maximum operating temperature of conductor shall exceed 90℃when the cable is used for long not period. The temperature of conductor shall not exceed 250℃ at short circuit for 5 seconds.


No. of core and sectional area(mm2) :

1 Core 150-1600     240-1600     400-2500     500-2500     800-2500     \

A2XS FL 2Y / 2XS FL 2Y, 76 / 132 kV High Voltage Cables

The main types of high voltage cables are YJV cable, VV cable, YJLV cable, VLV cable.

YJV cable full name crosslinked PE insulated PVC sheathed power cable (copper core)

PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable (copper core), VV

YJLV cable full name cross linked polyethylene insulated and PVC sheathed power cable with aluminum core

VLV cable full name PVC insulated PVC sheathed aluminum core power cable

Due to the copper conductor excellent conductive performance, more and more engineering with copper core power cable used as the main power supply system, and application of the aluminum core power cable is less, especially in the high power system, the choice of the more copper core cable.

Part from the inside to the outside of the high-voltage cable comprises a conductor, insulation, inner protective layer, filling material (armoured), external insulation. Of course, armoring high-voltage cable is mainly used for underground, can resist the compression of high intensity on the ground and prevent damage to the other forces.

1KV and below for low voltage cables; 1KV~10KV for medium voltage cables; 10KV~35KV for high voltage cables; 35~220KV for extra high voltage cables;

Special high-voltage cable is along with the continuous development of the cable technology and the emergence of a power cable and extra high voltage cable general as the central link in a large transmission system, belonging to the high technology content of a high voltage cable, mainly used for long-distance power transmission.

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There are many kinds: ......... a lot, I said is the steel pipe
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The real production line of the number of workers is a secondary problem, the main problem is 35KV cable production line investment may be a few hundred times the small line production line
Q:What are the types of car harnesses, such as engine harnesses
PVC is PVC, the most commonly used, cheap. PC is polycarbonate, expensive, high strength, with a long time. . PVC resin plastic products highlight the advantages of flame resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, gas, low moisture permeability of water vapor. In addition, comprehensive mechanical properties, product transparency, electrical insulation, insulation, muffler, shock resistance Ye Hao, is the most cost-effective general-purpose materials. Defects are poor thermal stability and impact resistance, whether it is hard or soft PVC process prone to brittle. . PC (polycarbonate) resin is a good performance of thermoplastic engineering plastics, with outstanding impact resistance, creep resistance and dimensional stability, heat resistance, low water absorption, non-toxic, excellent dielectric properties, Is the only five engineering plastics with the only good transparency of the product, but also in recent years, the fastest growing general engineering plastics.
Q:What is the meaning of the separation within the cable tray?
2.5 square millimeters of copper power line safety carrying capacity 28A. The following is the formula other you can calculate P = 1.732UIX0.8
Q:12 cable to the weak box, not on the distribution frame is good?
Third, in the cable trench, tunnel, when both sides of the cable bracket, 1000 volts below the power cable and control cables should be as much as 1000 volts and above the power cables were laid on different stents Fourth, the height of the cable tunnel is generally 19 meters; difficulties, in the local area may be appropriate to reduce the length of the cable bracket in the cable trench should not be greater than 350 mm; in the tunnel should not be greater than 500 mm cable in the cable trench, tunnel laying when the net distance, should not be less than the specified value Cable trenches and wire tunnels should be waterproof; the slope of the bottom drains should not be less than O 5%, and should be set water puddle; water can be collected by the puddle pump, when the conditions, the water can be directly discharged into the sewer
Q:How about the decoration wiring charges, about how much?
If it is DV machine, SONY camera are called ilink interface, the 1394 line (also called FireWire, buy the card when the card), connected to the computer with a 1394 interface can be. If it is H Geng ridge bluntly plaster Huan lan Ili camera, with the video line of the collection. Need to buy a video line with the input function of the video capture card. If there is no other video editing software, XP comes with WindowsMovieMaker can also be competent. I hope to help you.
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commonly used wires, cables by the use of what types of points? A: According to the use can be divided into bare wires, insulated wires, heat-resistant wires, shielded wires, power cables, control cables, communication cables, RF cables
Q:Cable model ZB and ZR What is the difference
Cable tray, cable tray, usually made of steel or aluminum alloy, which is the bottom of the ladder called the ladder bridge, the bottom of the plate called the trough bridge, trough bridge is also called the cable tray Width is generally more than 100mm, and occasionally 75-80mm The maximum width is generally no more than 12m Suitable for factories and other cable more and lay the path of the local concentration of choice Cable trench in the ground production of the channel, usually for the brick cement plaster, suitable for less ground equipment, cable and lay the path of the local concentration of the selection, generally with the ground above the cable bridge used together
Q:How much air does the air conditioner use?
1.. of course, a little tension, and now the general air conditioning is a separate line, 1.5 is the standard lighting line, an air conditioner at the start of the current is certainly more than 1.5 of the safety range, and should be able to apply for expansion of the power supply
Q:How to choose the size of the wire.
I would like to take a 15.5KW of electrical appliances, with the attack on the length of the short Chi Chi E-law to spend much of the three-phase five-core line. Seek the master to calculate the method. Can give 220V and 380V from the power and current aspects of the calculation formula or table. Of the additional addition. Seek detailed points. There are documents can be sent to.. COM problem added: do not know not to answer. Thank you. More

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