A2XS FL 2Y / 2XS FL 2Y, 76 / 132 kV High Voltage Cables

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1  The highest rated voltage is 500kV 
2  The maximum section can reach 2500 mm2

3  IEC, ASTM, DIN, BS standard 

4 Response within 12 hours  
5 Factory direct sale



The electric cable is applied to transmit and distribute power in power transmission and distribution system of 35kV~500kV. It is widely adopted in the fields including power, construction, mines, metallurgy, petrochemical industry and communication in complete replace of oil immersed paper insulated power cable.


Cable Properties

Special features which we can offer for HV cables:

* Watertight construction (both radial and longitudinal).
* Lead sheath available for options.
* Resistant to heavy vibration.
* Available in long delivery lengths to reduce number of joints.
* Corrosion-free screen area.
* Copper or aluminum conductor up to 2500mm².
* Metallic sheath and radial moisture barrier made of copper wire or tape.
* Different options for outer PE jackets (LDPE, MDPE & HDPE).
* Strippable insulation screen.
* Metallic screen made of multiple layers of copper tapes or a combination of copper wires and tapes to increase the earth fault current carrying capacity.

* Increased armour conductivity by insertion of hard drawn copper wires in armour.


The cable is manufactured according to IEC 60840, VDE 0276, AS/NZS 1429.2, . It is suitable to be installed in the power line with rated voltage from 30kV to 500kV for power transmission.

The maximum rated temperature

The maximum operating temperature of conductor shall exceed 90℃when the cable is used for long not period. The temperature of conductor shall not exceed 250℃ at short circuit for 5 seconds.


No. of core and sectional area(mm2) :

1 Core 150-1600     240-1600     400-2500     500-2500     800-2500     \

A2XS FL 2Y / 2XS FL 2Y, 76 / 132 kV High Voltage Cables

The main types of high voltage cables are YJV cable, VV cable, YJLV cable, VLV cable.

YJV cable full name crosslinked PE insulated PVC sheathed power cable (copper core)

PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable (copper core), VV

YJLV cable full name cross linked polyethylene insulated and PVC sheathed power cable with aluminum core

VLV cable full name PVC insulated PVC sheathed aluminum core power cable

Due to the copper conductor excellent conductive performance, more and more engineering with copper core power cable used as the main power supply system, and application of the aluminum core power cable is less, especially in the high power system, the choice of the more copper core cable.

Part from the inside to the outside of the high-voltage cable comprises a conductor, insulation, inner protective layer, filling material (armoured), external insulation. Of course, armoring high-voltage cable is mainly used for underground, can resist the compression of high intensity on the ground and prevent damage to the other forces.

1KV and below for low voltage cables; 1KV~10KV for medium voltage cables; 10KV~35KV for high voltage cables; 35~220KV for extra high voltage cables;

Special high-voltage cable is along with the continuous development of the cable technology and the emergence of a power cable and extra high voltage cable general as the central link in a large transmission system, belonging to the high technology content of a high voltage cable, mainly used for long-distance power transmission.

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6p is the usual telephone line connector 4p is the telephone handset cable connector
Q:Low-voltage distribution lines (three-phase or single-phase) single-core cable should not be worn alone in the metal tube
This question when the two questions . first explain why the wire cut inside why there are many things like gray, because the insulated wire core is PVC insulation, in the course of aging, inside the assistant decomposition, or inside the filling In the use of a long time will become brittle aging into dust, that is, the wire inside the gray is actually due to the aging of the internal material . the copper is very brittle, first copper rod in the production of copper is very brittle High strength, but the toughness is poor, the need for annealing to make copper wire becomes toughness strength becomes low, easy to pull and mass production, if the landlord think this copper wire is very easy to break, you may not be in line with the national standard Or the production process is not in place for annealing, for reference only
Q:75 square meters of cable diameter is the number (GB)
4.9 or 5 bar 75 square meters? Too big, is it not 75 square millimeters?
Q:Windows7 how to connect the TV operation (how to set up the computer)?
As the bird's feet are his step on the same high-voltage wire, the distance between the birds and the feet determine the voltage. The distance between the feet of the birds is very small, so the voltage is very small, the equivalent of 0. Do not let the birds electric shock.
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The video cable connecting the computer and the projector is called the VideoGraphicsArray, and the audio cable connected to the projector can be directly translated: Theaudioline
Q:How about the decoration wiring charges, about how much?
According to the area of the house count or by meters. Line has 2.5 square feet. 4 square. 6 square feet. Different specifications charges are not the same. 2.5 square meters by the meter, then the charges are generally 28 yuan a meter
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VVR cable for the polyacetylene insulation and external protective layer of soft copper cable, plus K in front of the control cable.
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Hot galvanized steel pipe: 1) color hot galvanized pipe a little white, 2) Weight: 6 meters long 65 kg (corrosion resistance, long life, the price is slightly higher); hot galvanized steel pipe white but not hair (Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe) is to make the molten metal and iron matrix reaction to produce alloy layer, so that the substrate and the coating The combination of the two Supply of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is the first pickling, in order to remove the surface of iron and steel iron, pickled, through ammonium chloride or zinc chloride aqueous solution or ammonium chloride and zinc chloride mixed water tank cleaning, And then into the hot dip bath Hot galvanized with uniform coating, strong adhesion, long life and other advantages Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe matrix and molten bath complex physical and chemical reactions, the formation of corrosion-resistant structure of a close zinc alloy layer Alloy layer and pure zinc layer, steel pipe body integration So its strong corrosion resistance
Q:What are the types of car harnesses, such as engine harnesses
PVC is PVC, the most commonly used, cheap. PC is polycarbonate, expensive, high strength, with a long time. . PVC resin plastic products highlight the advantages of flame resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, gas, low moisture permeability of water vapor. In addition, comprehensive mechanical properties, product transparency, electrical insulation, insulation, muffler, shock resistance Ye Hao, is the most cost-effective general-purpose materials. Defects are poor thermal stability and impact resistance, whether it is hard or soft PVC process prone to brittle. . PC (polycarbonate) resin is a good performance of thermoplastic engineering plastics, with outstanding impact resistance, creep resistance and dimensional stability, heat resistance, low water absorption, non-toxic, excellent dielectric properties, Is the only five engineering plastics with the only good transparency of the product, but also in recent years, the fastest growing general engineering plastics.
Q:Home improvement is the PVC pipe is a good pipe or galvanized steel pipe? why?
It is best to have a routing with a switch bar, it will be cheaper to recommend a lot of routing with Lei Branch NR268 bars If you feel expensive, you can buy NR256 to change the line on the use of ordinary 5 lines can be, the distance should not be long Right now

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