3D5-S Type Large Flow High Pressure Plunger Pump

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It is our updated product with the characteristics of small body, samll weight, and the small power for the large flow. The power is only 11-30kw, but the flow can reach 185L/min. It can be equipped with diesel, water tank, high-pressure rubber hose(100m), low pressure water tube, spraying gun, roll, dhassis, wheel and drawing rod forming a washing system, the pushing force of whihc can reach 210N. It is applied for the water cleaning of the pipes at the narrow space such as restaurant, hotel, residential building, municipal sanitation, workshops and so on. The cleaned pipes may be 700mm of diameter and 100mm of length. It is not only for transmission of clear water and emulsification liquid, but also for the transmission of the chemical liquid.

Our company is the drafting company of the Chinese high pressure pump Industry Standard.

Our products have a wide range of applications, such as 

1. Industrial pipe cleaning 

2.Shipyard rust removal, paint removal

4.Aviation: expansion joints, grease, rubber and hydraulic fluid on runways cleaning.

5.hydropower station/ dam/dike concrete work treating.

6.Casting clean scale removal rust removal paint, removal sand.

7. Pipe pressure test, hose pressure test, hydro pressure test, etc.

Our company has passed European CE Certificate, ISO9001:2000 certificate,ISO 14001:2004 certificate, and AAA Credit Rating Certificate. It’s a member of Waterjet Technology Association (WJTA) in USA and National Standarlization 

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Q:How large air pump does 100W laser cutting machine use?
Add an adjustable switch just fine, size oneself can adjust!
Q:Air pump has been installed oil-water separator, in the process of spraying, there are small dots, how to do?
Now there is a heated oil-water separator that can completely solve the dots that appear during the painting process!
Q:PLC pump is the working principle of how to control Jiqiu manipulator clamping and relax
Young man, this problem is not a problem at all. You must use your brain more. Are you electrical or mechanical?
Q:Why is the pipe hot when the car pumps the pump?
Hello, because the air pump is too small, not enough gas, it's better to change the pump.
Q:The air pump for woodworking will not fire every day and night. Will it catch fire?
Fully automatic, even if you use a day and a night will not fire, the most smoke, motor burned, rest assured that sleep!
Q:BMW 740 after the air pump and air pump relay installation position
Trunk。 Spare wheel position. All together
Q:What's the difference between a filter and an oxygen pump? Can a fish filter be used only?
Yes, the filter is,
Q:Fish tank oxygen pump does not have to open all the time?
The tank opening time oxygen pump according to the general state of hypoxia their fish to judge, that often is the best, can also stop for a while to open if the fish tired at night, if you feel the noise oxygen pump is closed, but remember that no matter how long is the most important guarantee of aquarium hypoxia, there is no time fixed limit.Benefits of using an aquarium oxygen pump:First, it can increase the dissolved oxygen in water, and transport oxygen to every corner, so as to avoid the damage to fish caused by insufficient oxygen. Especially for sea water aquariums and water bodies not growing plants.Two, the air pressure is increased by inflating, and the water body fluctuates, so as to remove the harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide dissolved in water, and play the role of purifying the water quality.
Q:What kind of air pump does the small tank use?
Keep the fish can not add oxygen, the air pump will not have, and if so, buy a filter, open every 35 days, filtering a day on it.
Q:Can the vacuum suction pump be frequency converter?
Vacuum suction pump with frequency converter, a pressure transmitter, the pressure is converted to electrical signals (such as 4-20mA), and then controlled by the frequency converter for the instrument, of course, the high point of the inverter can be directly connected with a pressure transmitter, and then set up well to the pressure point on the line.Frequency converter (Variable-frequency, Drive, VFD) is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology, by changing the power supply frequency of the motor to control AC motor power control equipment. The frequency converter is mainly composed of rectifier (AC DC converter), filter, inverter (DC AC converter), brake unit, drive unit, detection unit, micro processing unit and so on. Inverter by internal IGBT drive voltage and frequency off to adjust the output power, the power supply voltage required to provide according to the actual needs of the motor, so as to achieve the purpose of speed, energy saving, in addition, there are a lot of protection drive, such as over-current, over-voltage, overload protection and so on. With the continuous improvement of the degree of industrial automation, inverter has also been widely used.

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