Electro Magnetic Diaphragm Dosing Pump

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Product Description
Diaphragm dosing pump

NF-A 237/1

Main Specification
The capacity 237LPH
The maximum pressure 1.0MPA
Measuring accuracy reaches to-/+1%
Temperatures of liquid shall be between-10 degree to 40 degree
Max. Suct: 2m
Motor: Standard 220V or 380V, 50Hz

Main features
Mechanical Actuated diaphragm
Changeable eccentric drive
Power-off seal, no leakage, with security delivery
Small size in simple structure

Manual adjustment of the stroke
Stroke actuator(DCK controller)
Digital controller(JSK-II controller)

It can be used to transport the goods which is high viscosity, corrosive or dangerous
Diaphragm rupture detection system
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Turn the suction down a bit or place a net in front.Oxygen pumps do not open for 24 hours all day long! Usually in the morning, afternoon, each charge 2 hours or so, the evening charge for a while, if the weather is overcast, then open a longer time. If you do not have a filter, you should always change the water for the fish, preferably 3 or 4 days at a time, with 1/3 of the total water, but it must be dried! The temperature of the water should be similar to that of the fish tank! Every time you don't feed too much, clean up the excreta in the fish tank.
Q:How to use the electric air pump?
Plug in the switch and turn on (up) and you'll be able to do it. It's full of gas, or you'll stop by yourself after 8 kilograms of air pressureThen pull the vent valve on the OK, the pressure below 4 or 6 kg will start on its own.
Q:The problem of water out of the air pump for a long time.
This "drain valve" means the valve under the belly of the air pump. You bend over and have a look at it. Turn it off with the vise.
Q:How can I solve the water in the air pump?
Oil water only three problems, one is the thrust cylinder gasket, cylinder two is a water trachoma or bad, three is the ring of oil cooler.
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The aquarium is usually open because the fish tank is small
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Fish do not keep the density is too large, easy to hypoxia. The filter pump can be used as an oxygen pump. It is much better than an oxygen pump
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Just press it straight up
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