PVDF Diaphragm Pump

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Product Description:

Details for PVDF Diaphram Pump


1, Package and delivery of PVDF Diaphram Pump

   1) Packed with standard exporting wooden case, requested package will be acceptable.

   2) Delivery date will be within 30 days after receiving the prepayment.


2, Technical specification of PVDF Diaphram Pump

Working Principle:

Double Diaphragms

Main applications:  

Oil, Water, Chemical, Foodstuff, etc.


Air operated (Penumatic)

Power Specs:

380/415 V 3phase;  50hz/60hz etc.

Max. permissible fluid temperature:


Type of connection:

Flange, Thread, Quick Coupled.

Installation position:

Connect to compressor

Casing/Inner parts material:

C.I, S.S, PP, Aluminium /PP, PTFE, PVDF.

Shaft seal type:  

O-rings in pump

Free passage:  


Maximum viscosity:


Maximum drive rating: 

0.2-0.7mpa  (2-7bar)

Maximum caliber:  

4 inch      (100mm)

Maximum dischrage head:

0.5mpa     (5bar)

Flow rate range: 

0.8-40 m³/h  (13.3-667l/m)



3, The features of PVDF Diaphram Pump

    1) Three section manifold, Flexible installation. Can change to be 4 ports pump.

    2) Enhanced structural strength, the plastic pumpbody is durable.

    3) Solid flange connection, strong and durable.

    4) Raw materials PP-H which for temperature resistance, high temperanture resistance, chemcial resistance, wearing resistance better than PP.

    5) Liquid chamber and manifold adopt 4 bolts connection. Good seal and good dry suction.

    6) The bolts of plastic pump are of Stainless steel 304.


4, The advantages about our PVDF Diaphram Pump

    1) Four bolts connection with very round ball, well seal and good dry suction. The actual dry suction can reach to 4~7m.

    2) High roundness valve ball for use the ball mill machine.

    3) Three section manifold, Flexible installation and even can simultaneously convey two different liquids.

    4) Longer diaphragm life. Diaphragm material from Dopont, Exxon.

    5) Pilot type air valve, low maintenance, low air consumption, so the using cost is low.

    6) Wetted body: PPH, PVDF, SS304, SS316, Aluminum etc.

    7) Diaphragm: PTFE, Hytrel, Santoprene, Viton etc.

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Q:The tank after the power failure, how to do water pump
Go to the hardware store to buy a one-way through the check valve, so there is no problem but it needs to be modified, you do not know is that a problem is: if the water is from the pump connecting pipe back then (if it is at the bottom of the water outlet of the water pump, then filtered) to be higher than the tank water level. Two: fish tank water too much, too much water after the blackout full bottom filter it, usually change the water is not open to water filtration, cylinder full reflux down to the bottom of the filter, filter at the bottom of the water just enough water on it, then there are a lot of space at the bottom of filter loaded stop after power flow the water, until the water does not flow back to the bottom of the filter is also not full.
Q:Does the high pressure air function replace the air pump?
High pressure air can not replace the air pump.Blowers and air pumps are not the same equipment. Said the first pump, also known as air compressor, compressed air can be stored, the pressure can be adjusted, the use of wide area; although can store a certain pressure value of the compressed air, but not a constant output value of the air pressure, can output large flow of air, the device itself does not have long-term operation ability, is described under start compression. To a certain pressure value from the stop, and then use the compressed air, emptying into the lowest pressure set value from the start to compression.There are many kinds of blower, but the characteristic is the air which can output constant pressure value. It has the ability to run for a long time, the pressure can be adjusted, and some of them are not suitable for the process of frequent starting and stopping. For example, the centrifugal blower is almost the same as the household, and the different types of blower used in the blast are very different, and the management is different.Under the design condition, the blower with the wind pressure of 30kPa~200KPa or the compression ratio of e=1.3~3 belongs to the category of high pressure blower. At present, the air ring vacuum pump is generally classified as a high pressure blower in the industry. High pressure blower, also known as high-pressure fan, is different from the general centrifugal high-pressure blower.The high pressure blower is small and easy to carry. Besides the impeller, the high-pressure blower has no other moving parts, and the impeller is directly connected with the motor without gear or drive belt. Therefore, the utility model has the advantages of high reliability and almost no maintenance.
Q:How is three-phase air pump changed into single phase?
The three-phase motor should be replaced by a suitable capacitor, and the wiring can be changed accordingly. If the motor is connected by a star, as long as any two windings are connected in series as the main winding of the single-phase motor, the other phase winding and the capacitor are connected in series as auxiliary windings. If the triangle connection method, the original circuit does not need to change, as long as the phase shift capacitor access. Whether the motor can work properly is the key to the choice of capacitor capacity. Generally C=0.07P (C capacitance capacity, P power)
Q:Centrifugal fan can use as a pump? It can vacuum?
Also, the vacuum is not low, and barely scrape together. Mainly depends on your technical requirements.
Q:Will the fish die when the air pump is turned off?
A submersible pump, 50 cylinder available 5W, available 12W and 1 migang, pump noise, price 20-40 yuan
Q:Where does the Audi A8 pump the fuse?
Where is the fuse assembly under the hood (where is the fuse of the whole car)?.Under the dashboard at the bottom left of the instrument panel:Open the door of the driver's cab, buckle the dashboard on the left of the dashboard, and count the third from the bottom left corner. The second from the bottom left corner is the fuse of the ignition coil.The tank is divided into two parts in the lower part, the volume on the right is two times to the left, and there is an inlet pipe on the left. There are two oil inlet pipes on the right. In each of the oil inlet pipe has a fuel supply pipe, which is composed of the gasoline pump, after a three - to three oil inlet pipe, through a nozzle to the inlet pipe through the fuel injector, inertial suction to the fuel pump.
Q:Tanks do not open at night filter, do not open the oxygen pump OK?
Do you want to be quiet or use the filter?. Very quiet, the best star. It's really not necessary to pump the pump at night. What if you put it in the bedroom aquarium?. It was very wrong. A fish bowl is best placed in the living room.
Q:What kind of air pump is good?
Mute is the Shanghai Jaguar or Zhejiang's Austria (actually all the same, on the brand distinction). A while ago, I entered a Jaguar 2530 silent mute in Shanghai. It was very quiet indeed. In pursuit of small size, if it is mainly used for nailing, it is recommended that Jaguar 1509 (new model is FB-36/7) (motor 550 watts, cylinder 9 liters, gas production 102L/ minutes), enough nails. The model size of the gas cylinder is 1524 (motor 550 watts, cylinder 24 liters, gas production 102L/ minutes), nail and small area spray enough. I was 2530 (power 780W, 30 liters of gas cylinders, 165L/ minutes), a large area of painting is smaller, if not used in professional painting, with their own is enough. Another big number is 3540 (power 1100W, gas cylinder 40 liters, gas production 200L/ minutes), gas production is large, should be relatively cool with. The models listed above are for Jaguar in Shanghai. Buy air compressor, the most important thing is to look at gas production (and motor power related), followed by the volume of gas cylinders. Nail guns in pneumatic tools, the amount of gas consumption is minimal, so the general air compressor can do. Spray and spray gas consumption is great, the consumption of gas and spray nozzle diameter, large caliber high gas consumption, and professional paint, spraying with basic is the large diameter, so professional painting to large volume of air compressor. Own in home with fun, it is recommended to use the following 1 caliber spray gun, so you do not have to buy high-power air compressor. For example, if the amount of gas consumed by the nail gun is 20 litres per minute, and the amount of gas you buy is 80 litres, then nailing is enough. If you buy a 1 caliber gun, the gas consumption is 100 litres, compressor and gas production you buy is 80 liters, so when painting is very difficult, you have to wait for the process, if the compressor gas production is 120 liters, it is fully competent.
Q:What's the difference between a filter and an oxygen pump? Can a fish filter be used only?
Yes, the filter is,
Q:Can a small fish tank die without an oxygen pump?
No, just keep the right amount of water and feed it. Oxygen pumps are needed for larger fish tanks.
The Company has considerable strength in scientific research and technical services and furthermore possesses high-precision test equipment, advanced manufacturing technique and perfect test means and moves towards the international level of pump manufacturing gradually. Our products are widely used in chemical industry, painting, foods, environmental protection and petroleum industry etc. and get a good reputation from all clients.

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