YZ Submersible Slurry Pump

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Product Description:

1 ,Feature :
YZ Series Slurry Pump is single stage ,single Suction (Suspension-Type ) pump ,it is connect with water power parts by bear seat ,supporting seat connecting tube .Liquid is exhaust out by Exhaust Pipeline component,Impeller of pump is designed semi-opened,Assigned an mixing blade ( propeller) in  impeller blade extending .The mainly characteristic is pump shaft under liquid have enough stiffness , it is doesn't install bear between impeller and pump cover , it doesn't take bear seal,
so this pump can transmit
Higher concentration rigid granules (particles) mediums.
This pump can input liquid on depth 800-2000mm  

We can install an suction tube If you need . Shaft seal is running by submersible Pump insert into liquid , No Bear Seal , Transmit device by Motor installed Motor supporting and undertaking Seat , connecting with pump by coupling .
2 ,Application Field:
This series Pump widely application on environmental protection ,Municipal Engineering,Thermal power plant,Gas coking plant,Refinery plant ,Steelmaking plant,Mining ,Paper industry,The cement factory,food factory, printing and
dyeing industry
to extract  Dope ,heavy oil, Oil residue,Dirty liquid, mud,  Mortar,The flow sand and urban sewage floating sludges , contained coal or ash in liquid.  It is also can be used as chemical, pharmaceutical and other
industries suction fluid containing sand slag material and corrosive liquids. YZ can also transfer heat
Temperature (480 degree ) of kerosene, crude oil, asphalt, oil Residue and other working conditions.

3,Model Sense :
Model No :80YZ80-20A
YZ-Submersible Slurry Pump
80-Outlet Diameter :(mm)
80-Pump Designed Flow :(m3/h)
20-Pump Designed Head :(m)
A- Impeller dissection by one time

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Q:Can the vehicular inflator pump be used as the air source for the pneumatic dust removing gun?
No, the vehicle pump is used for inflating the tyres, cannot be directly used for pneumatic air, you said to pick up dust gun, should be connected with the small-sized air compressor, air pump power is larger, the vehicle has a dust removing effect pump, I checked, you look at the multi function this brand of wind Rimula pump PM200, this can give all kinds of tires, inflatable inflatable, also equipped with dust removing needle, it is blowing dust with small air compressor function; you can see it UC800
Q:The bell is sounding in a glass enclosure, and gradually to glass pump pumping air
Is the bell sound, bell vibration. Air and glass is less, the bell sound more and more small, the air is completely out, when a vacuum is drawn, the sound will disappear; the ACD does not meet the B. problem;
Q:How do you handle the water in the air pump?
Do not answer the trachea, turn on the air pump, work for a certain period of time and do it yourself.
Q:How to use the electric air pump?
Go and search the directions
Q:For crayfish, does the oxygen pump take 24 hours? Will it burn out?
The original design of the air pump is 24 hours long, so it is best to keep it open for a long time
Q:What is the overheating of the printing press air pump?
Check whether the air pump is out of the air or the air pump is cooled. The blade is wetted inside
Q:My fish are always upstream. Should I buy an oxygen pump or a filter?
Just buy a filter, and the water quality can be improved by the way. Peacock, Marie even if not in the oxygen environment can live, general filter can add oxygen to the fish tank, keep these two fish absolutely no problem. If you don't feel comfortable, buy a 3 in one filter (that is, a filter with an air pump) that purifies the water and adds oxygen. I kept a tank of lights, fish, and a few fairies with only one filter and no gas pump at all.
Q:Does the compressor of the refrigerator pump explode when it is compressed?
The compressor housing interior is same and inlet pressure, low pressure area, only the exhaust pipe is high, as long as you're not from the exhaust pipe connected to the high pressure, will not explode, but if the output pressure, may lead to burst or cause fragmentation of internal high pressure pipe valve. 20Mpa, or give up, compressor will be broken, 2Mpa, no problem
Q:The difference between an air pump and an aerator used in a fish tank
The difference between air pump and aerator is that water depth is used by air pump and shallow water aerator, and its function is the same.The aerator is a driving component of a motor or a diesel engine through the air system, "oxygen" quickly transferred to the aquaculture equipment, it can be integrated with physical, chemical and biological functions, can not only solve the pond because hypoxia caused the fish floating head, but also can eliminate the harmful gas exchange, promote the convection of the water, improve water quality, reduce feed coefficient, improve fish activity and primary productivity, thereby increasing stocking density, increase the intensity of feeding, breeding objects to promote growth, the yield is greatly improved, fully achieve the purpose of increasing farming.Product type aerator is more also, its characteristics and working principle are different, the oxygenation effect difference, the scope is not the same, producers can according to the needs of the dissolved oxygen in different breeding systems, selection of aerator suitable to obtain good economic performance.
Q:10Kg air compressor is equivalent to the big air pump
The amount of air determines the size of the air compressor, and the size of the pressure does not determine the size of the compressor.Air compressor: an air compressor is a device for compressing gases. The air compressor is similar to the pump. Most air compressors are reciprocating plugs, rotating blades, or rotating screws. Centrifugal compressors are very large applications.

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