YZ Submersible Slurry Pump

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1 ,Feature :
YZ Series Slurry Pump is single stage ,single Suction (Suspension-Type ) pump ,it is connect with water power parts by bear seat ,supporting seat connecting tube .Liquid is exhaust out by Exhaust Pipeline component,Impeller of pump is designed semi-opened,Assigned an mixing blade ( propeller) in  impeller blade extending .The mainly characteristic is pump shaft under liquid have enough stiffness , it is doesn't install bear between impeller and pump cover , it doesn't take bear seal,
so this pump can transmit
Higher concentration rigid granules (particles) mediums.
This pump can input liquid on depth 800-2000mm  

We can install an suction tube If you need . Shaft seal is running by submersible Pump insert into liquid , No Bear Seal , Transmit device by Motor installed Motor supporting and undertaking Seat , connecting with pump by coupling .
2 ,Application Field:
This series Pump widely application on environmental protection ,Municipal Engineering,Thermal power plant,Gas coking plant,Refinery plant ,Steelmaking plant,Mining ,Paper industry,The cement factory,food factory, printing and
dyeing industry
to extract  Dope ,heavy oil, Oil residue,Dirty liquid, mud,  Mortar,The flow sand and urban sewage floating sludges , contained coal or ash in liquid.  It is also can be used as chemical, pharmaceutical and other
industries suction fluid containing sand slag material and corrosive liquids. YZ can also transfer heat
Temperature (480 degree ) of kerosene, crude oil, asphalt, oil Residue and other working conditions.

3,Model Sense :
Model No :80YZ80-20A
YZ-Submersible Slurry Pump
80-Outlet Diameter :(mm)
80-Pump Designed Flow :(m3/h)
20-Pump Designed Head :(m)
A- Impeller dissection by one time

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Q:An air pump is not switched on and the voltage is normal
Is the pressure inside the air pump adequate? Look at the pressure gauge.Can you make sure that the motor is good?Check the pressure relay, and the normally closed electric shock is broken. (through normal)Is the contactor coil all right? Take the meter. (through normal)Is the heat relay broken? (through normal)
Q:Where does the Audi A8 pump the fuse?
Where is the fuse assembly under the hood (where is the fuse of the whole car)?.Under the dashboard at the bottom left of the instrument panel:Open the door of the driver's cab, buckle the dashboard on the left of the dashboard, and count the third from the bottom left corner. The second from the bottom left corner is the fuse of the ignition coil.The tank is divided into two parts in the lower part, the volume on the right is two times to the left, and there is an inlet pipe on the left. There are two oil inlet pipes on the right. In each of the oil inlet pipe has a fuel supply pipe, which is composed of the gasoline pump, after a three - to three oil inlet pipe, through a nozzle to the inlet pipe through the fuel injector, inertial suction to the fuel pump.
Q:Air pump with what oil, steam oil or diesel oil ah, what good?
There is a special lubricating oil, you can not add oil inside the car
Q:What is the inflatable pump on board?
In general, the speed of vehicular air pump is different, the inflation of the small power is slow, and the high power is fast. If the car tires large, it is recommended to use high-power pump, inflatable faster. Generally more than 225 of the use of high-power, inflatable speed of more than 35L per minute Caixing
Q:Open oxygen pump goldfish why are you always floating in the water floating a few days and then he died.
First you fish disease, the disease is usually floating water, slows down the action, the latter will turn on the surface of the waterWhat's the matter? Water is the source of misfortune! The water was not taken care of, and many of the fish sold did not pay attention to the water quality, so he was sick when he was there! Why is it okay with him? When you buy fish, you don't see the fish well. Besides, the fish density is large and the oxygen supply is great. Sometimes you can't see the morbid state. And after you go home, you are a long-term farming, the environment has changed, morbid state emerged. Those traders will say what you don't have a good, what should be done, nonsense!Only a small part of the home is not good enough to catch the diseaseThe trick is to pick the fish! Carefully select, the owner of the real fish are bought in the fish shop when the fish just go, or a few days to observe the target fish shop fish, a week later found that the United States to buy the problemIs the control of water quality should be paid attention to in the home, the best is to change the water filtration system, 1/3 have no words for 35 days, don't put the amount of fish food, feed several times after You'll see. they eat much less, can do not much before the water goes bad easily. The fish must be disinfected first. Not only should the fish be isolated after the disease occurs, but the original tank must be thoroughly disinfected
Q:Tanks do not open at night filter, do not open the oxygen pump OK?
Don't put the room in the tank, especially the big cylinder. The sound of the pump is very big, and the sound is louder when you sleep.The external filtering barrel and a voice, just put them in the closet bucket loud, don't believe what 1M did not sound, I 1.5M cylinder DICOLOR EX120 daily sleep too sound, but at night hear pump sound, not to mention the domestic brands.In order to ensure sleep or you will put on the cylinder hall proposal.Not really, I recommend you use ADA submersible pump 3W, 35 or so, adjust the intake port properly, the sound is really minimal. Turn off the pump at night and drive the submersible pump.
Q:The oxygen pump in the aquarium doesn't work
Your oxygen pump should not be bad, it may be the location and adjustment of the problem, should be new clothes?You said the oxygen pump should be built into the filter with oxygen pump, when the pump is too deep, the water pressure is too large, the outside hose size is relatively thin. Into the aquarium of the air very little. There are two ways to change:I. buy a cheap single pump, about 15 yuan, you can take two gas head into the water, the effect is remarkableTwo. The built-in circulation pump to improve a little, the water outlet in the water about 5CM is best, at the same time the hose head cock to the maximumTry it. The two methods work
Q:Mute oil free air pump or oil pump is good?
Yihan pump is not recommended to buy Yihan pump when bought back is mute but most people use about half a year there will be noise larger outgassing parts in small quantity will appear fault. Buy Yihan or do not consider it a pump.
Q:General pump can be used in the model airbrush on?
Recommended with gas tank, so that spraying will continue to be uniform. It is not recommended to use this kind of car to fill the air source.. Beijing Yihai model.
Q:Should the air pump in the tank keep open all the time?
If kept open, the fish will be cultured into a high oxygen fish. Once the electricity is out, something will go wrong. Can be equipped with a intermittent controller, open for 20 minutes, stop for 30 minutes, adjust at will. Dozen yuan. Timing controllers are also available. At present, you can say what you want.

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