Cast Iron Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump

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Product Description:

Details for Cast Iron Pneumatic Diaphram Pump


1, Package and delivery of Powder Diaphram Pump

   1) Packed with standard exporting wooden case, requested package will be acceptable.

   2) Delivery date will be within 30 days after receiving the prepayment.


2, Technical specification of Cast Iron Pneumatic Diaphram Pump

Working Principle:

Double Diaphragms

Main applications:  

Oil, Water, Chemical, Foodstuff, etc.


Air operated (Penumatic)

Power Specs:

380/415 V 3phase;  50hz/60hz etc.

Max. permissible fluid temperature:


Type of connection:

Flange, Thread, Quick Coupled.

Installation position:

Connect to compressor

Casing/Inner parts material:

C.I, S.S, PP, Aluminium /PP, PTFE, PVDF.

Shaft seal type:  

O-rings in pump

Free passage:  


Maximum viscosity:


Maximum drive rating: 

0.2-0.7mpa  (2-7bar)

Maximum caliber:  

4 inch      (100mm)

Maximum dischrage head:

0.5mpa     (5bar)

Flow rate range: 

0.8-40 m³/h  (13.3-667l/m)


3, Model details about Cast Iron Pneumatic Diaphram Pump











( mm)









Fluid flow

 ( m³/h)










 ( bar)










 ( m)









MAX. air consumption

( scfm) 










4, The advantages about our Cast Iron Pneumatic Diaphram Pump

    1) Four bolts connection with very round ball, well seal and good dry suction. The actual dry suction can reach to 4~7m.

    2) High roundness valve ball for use the ball mill machine.

    3) Three section manifold, Flexible installation and even can simultaneously convey two different liquids.

    4) Longer diaphragm life. Diaphragm material from Dopont, Exxon.

    5) Pilot type air valve, low maintenance, low air consumption, so the using cost is low.

    6) Wetted body: PPH, PVDF, SS304, SS316, Aluminum etc.

    7) Diaphragm: PTFE, Hytrel, Santoprene, Viton etc.

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The Company has considerable strength in scientific research and technical services and furthermore possesses high-precision test equipment, advanced manufacturing technique and perfect test means and moves towards the international level of pump manufacturing gradually. Our products are widely used in chemical industry, painting, foods, environmental protection and petroleum industry etc. and get a good reputation from all clients.

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