ZX series self-priming pump 25ZX-3.2-2.0

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A, product overview
This company produces the ZX series self-priming pump is the earliest according to 

relevant technical data at home and abroad after absorption, digestion, improve the 

development of pump energy saving products.Self-priming centrifugal pump, the 

pump and other pump does not have the self-priming capacity, etc.Such as corrosion 

resistant mechanical seals and stainless steel material can call some of the chemical, 

pharmaceutical acid and alkali medium. 
Second, the product features

1, the pump with self-priming function, do not need to install the bottom valve in 

pipeline, only to ensure storage in pump body before work are quantitative liquid can 

have "a drainage, life-long self-priming" function.So both simplifies the pipeline system, 

and improved the working conditions.
2, has a compact structure, convenient operation, stable operation, easy maintenance, 

high efficiency, long service life. 
Three, use the product

1) suitable for urban environmental protection, construction, fire control, chemical, 

pharmaceutical, dyes, and dyeing, brewing, electric power, electroplating, papermaking, 

oil, mining, equipment cooling, tanker unloading, etc. 
(2) apply Yu Qingshui, sea water, chemical liquid medium with acid, alkalinity and with 

general mushy slurry (medium viscosity 100 mile, or less under the solid content of 30%). 
(3) mount a rocker arm sprayer, the water can go into the air, a small drips to spray, is a 

good tool for farm, nursery, garden, tea garden. 
And (4) can be matched with pressure filter of any model and specifications, sending size 

belt filter to filter the most ideal auxiliary pump.  
Fourth, working conditions
Traffic: 3 ~ 500 m3 / h
Head: 10 ~ 80 m
Ambient temperature 50 ℃ or less
Medium temperature is 100 ℃ or less
Medium density of 1.24 or less by 103 kg/m3

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Q:How to make a simple oxygen pump?
Oxygen in the water can be increased through the flow of water, not necessarily to the water filling oxygen. Just as the living creatures in the river do not lack oxygen, a reason, because the river is flowing.Understand this principle, oxygen pump is not so complicated. To get a small motor or engine, and power, then the gear in a motor with a plastic or metal sheet made of water,, fan blades and so can, anyway, let the water flow up fast. Just fine. But it's better to buy one than waste so much. Small power pump is only 56 yuan, a little more than ten yuan. At least in terms of electricity, than homemade safety..
Q:Truck air pump slowly
First of all, the external inspection pipeline leaks, especially the gas reservoir and its pipeline1. install a pressure gauge in the air pump outlet to check the operation of the air pump.2, check the pressure regulating valve.3, check the distribution valve.Finally, check and adjust the power supply connection device of the air pump
Q:Does the oxygen pump for fish keep running?
My small fish tank is always open, anyway, power consumption is not much
Q:How many fish have parrot fish 24 hours open oxygen pump
According to the size of the aquarium, suggest 24 hours to raise.habitThe blood parrot, also known as the God of wealth, wealth red fish, parrot fish, is (red devil, Amphilophus citrinellus (Cichlasoma synspilum) and Cichlasoma synspilum) hybrid artificial fish, rather than a natural species. From Taiwan.The shape of spherical or oval, round back, tail fin developed, almost all blood red, long river mouth lovely, always half shut, so fans loved by fish. The blood parrot strong fat, suitable for water quality, the water for 24 to 28 DEG C, the blood parrot feeding widely, eat small fish, shrimp and red worms, will attack the same, brutal character, do not only have two groups in the fish tank, should raise together can.
Q:Does the high pressure air function replace the air pump?
1, this depends on the specific pressure, equal pressure can.2, there is a overlap of pressure between the high pressure fan and the low-pressure air pump, not all the pressure of the air pump is higher than that of the fan.3, fans generally have more atmospheric flow, air pump flow is relatively small, this should consider the cost factor.
Q:Air compressor, air pump room need to pay attention to what safety problems?
Small problems, there are written room management regulations, operating procedures, maintenance and other documents.Equipment management regulations, emergency plans, engineering documents.
Q:The reason why the wagon pump does not inflate
1, the air pump built-in shrapnel for a long time softened, and when the storage tank pressure reached 4 air pressure, due to the anti pressure of the storage tank to soften the shrapnel can not be played. That is to say, this kind of fault is most, the pressure can hit 4-6 kilograms.2, pump tube blocking, just as is the tube blocking good check is to pump the pipe apart from the dryer. Tell the driver started up if the line has a black smoke out of something out of that pump pipeline blockage, solution replacement pump pipeline, such as rigid organic waste oil is not oil outflow considering the pipeline blockage.3, the four loop of the road leak, four circuit protection valve is automatically closed, it is well recognized, is to see if there is a pressure gauge needle can hit 6 pressure, another needle is a no pressure.4, because the four circuit protection valve time is too long, the built-in spring rusty and stuck.5, the pipeline broken, blow when the edge of the leak, because the engine sound, you can not hear the leak, when the engine stops working, the air pressure will be gone.6, the pump leather bowl rotten. I can't hear the leak while I'm playing.7. The switch of the water tank is not closed. The air pressure is missing from the water tank. Inspection party
Q:Air pump card owner does not turn, but the motor is transferred, how is it?
Check that the drive shaft is in good condition.
Q:The difference between air pump motor 550W and 750W
This difference in power is the main difference in the performance of the air pump, which is different from the output of the gas under the condition of the gas pressure output. 750W is definitely higher than 550W.
Q:Air pump, air compressor has abnormal sound, what's the matter?
Check whether the fixed screws are loose and whether the cylinder is missing oil

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