ZX series self-priming pump 25ZX-3.2-2.0

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Product Description:

A, product overview
This company produces the ZX series self-priming pump is the earliest according to 

relevant technical data at home and abroad after absorption, digestion, improve the 

development of pump energy saving products.Self-priming centrifugal pump, the 

pump and other pump does not have the self-priming capacity, etc.Such as corrosion 

resistant mechanical seals and stainless steel material can call some of the chemical, 

pharmaceutical acid and alkali medium. 
Second, the product features

1, the pump with self-priming function, do not need to install the bottom valve in 

pipeline, only to ensure storage in pump body before work are quantitative liquid can 

have "a drainage, life-long self-priming" function.So both simplifies the pipeline system, 

and improved the working conditions.
2, has a compact structure, convenient operation, stable operation, easy maintenance, 

high efficiency, long service life. 
Three, use the product

1) suitable for urban environmental protection, construction, fire control, chemical, 

pharmaceutical, dyes, and dyeing, brewing, electric power, electroplating, papermaking, 

oil, mining, equipment cooling, tanker unloading, etc. 
(2) apply Yu Qingshui, sea water, chemical liquid medium with acid, alkalinity and with 

general mushy slurry (medium viscosity 100 mile, or less under the solid content of 30%). 
(3) mount a rocker arm sprayer, the water can go into the air, a small drips to spray, is a 

good tool for farm, nursery, garden, tea garden. 
And (4) can be matched with pressure filter of any model and specifications, sending size 

belt filter to filter the most ideal auxiliary pump.  
Fourth, working conditions
Traffic: 3 ~ 500 m3 / h
Head: 10 ~ 80 m
Ambient temperature 50 ℃ or less
Medium temperature is 100 ℃ or less
Medium density of 1.24 or less by 103 kg/m3

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Q:Can the refrigerator compressor be used as an air pump to drive the nail gun?
A gas cylinder should be no problem, the problem in the system of lubrication, lubrication of the original refrigerator compressor lubricating oil circulation lubrication is added by freezing liquid, now the air compressor system into an open loop, difficult to add lubricating oil, compressor is easily broken.
Q:The oxygen pump in the aquarium doesn't work
The pump is blocked. Just clean it
Q:General pump can be used in the model airbrush on?
You certainly need airbrush spray pump, the general set down a cheaper enough three hundred or four hundred;There is a water filling (county official), have 40ml installed, generally not more than 40, you can buy online 20+, this is the need to dilute with airbrush spray, spray cans as well as ready-made, but not cost-effective, to almost double. Another is the paint (Tamiya, county official, Gaia), are the mainstream brands, have oily water on the points, then this is not elaborate, price 20- a bottle, also need to use dilution. The following is the main floor of thinner, thinner, the brand must be the same, especially Tamiya county official two, each other are insoluble, as for domestic can use, but the scope is very small, but thinner is not expensive, about 20 of 110ml, 250ml 50, 400ml sixty or seventy (Jun Shi). If you have a palette, you can sell the palette, but tell the landlord exactly how small the plate is. There is a cover tape, this is the color with time, like Tamiya, the other type of waterproof tape medical (translucent) effect is good, the price range of change with width of not more than 20 words, online.
Q:Truck air pump slowly
First of all, the external inspection pipeline leaks, especially the gas reservoir and its pipeline1. install a pressure gauge in the air pump outlet to check the operation of the air pump.2, check the pressure regulating valve.3, check the distribution valve.Finally, check and adjust the power supply connection device of the air pump
Q:How to use a car mounted air pump?
A vehicle use this brand of air pump wind Rimula T800 for automobile tires operation note: first open the car power supply, with the pump power (seatand), the end of the high pressure rubber tube is inserted into the pump outlet interface and pressing bolt, the other end is inserted into the tyre valve, when the sound of air leakage will interface bolt pressing, open the pump power on charging, and observe the pressure gauge, when reaching the standard tire pressure off pump power, loosen the tire valve interface latch, out of high pressure gas gas interface mouth, finally try to remember the water valve if there is leakage, then screw on the valve cover to complete the work of pneumatic tire.
Q:What's the price of the truck mounted inflator?
Depends on your needs, such as charging type car inflated pump is more expensive, and now charging type inflatable pump is also less, the price is about 500-600 yuan. Have all utility functions of vehicle mounted inflator pumps.In general, we choose more practical inflatable pump is good, the price range of 200-300 yuan. I recently Group buy a Goodyear car air pump. 288 yuan to buy, inflatable pump inflatable good, compact design. The gas is fast, I take the spare tire to do the experiment, the tire pressure gauge can take down, sets the tire pressure function, is very user-friendly.
Q:Air compressor or small pump is how to determine how much spray guns can be equipped with the wind?
Depending on the volume of the spray gun you use
Q:Does the compressor of the refrigerator pump explode when it is compressed?
Impossible.250 kg pressure??????Even when it is reached, the high temperature, high pressure, oxygen in the compressed air and the freezing oil will undergo a strong oxidizing chemical reaction, which means the explosion is dangerous.
Q:Is the tire pump a good or a double cylinder?
You have to look at the specific is what car, the car is generally recommended to use single cylinder pump is good, if it is a cross-country car, playing air pump higher requirements can choose double cylinder, so that air speed, heat is also fast. Double cylinder Rimula LG500S brand than the wind pump up faster, but also good performance, long service life. Select the tire pump, do not think it is good, the first thing to consider is: the complete elimination of the flat tire, the tire pressure can be quickly played up to normal values (flow rate of at least 30L/Min or above); second is to see the tire size, according to the L data pump that do consider but, make sure you choose the brand is not a warranty and customer service service mechanism, so after the comparison, in order to ensure that your choice of both security and efficiency, fast
Q:The difference between an air pump and an aerator used in a fish tank
The same function, the difference lies in power.. remember to go to the pipe before the experiment, it is best to have a fine-tuning valve, too much gas, fairy noise scare you...

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