Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

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Product Description:

Air operated double diaphragm pump Product description

 QBY air operated double diaphragm pumps not only can transfer the flow liquid, but also can transfer some uneasy flowed medium, with the merits of self-priming pump,diving pump, shield pump, slurry pump and impurity pump etc.

 1.It’s unnecessary to pour the drawing water, the suction lift reaches 7m height, the delivery lift reaches 70m length and the outlet pressure≥6kgf/cm²;

 2.Wide flow and good performance. The diameter allowed to pass the max grain reaches 10mm. The damage is very less to the pump while exchausting the slurry and impurity.

 3.The delivery lift and flow can pass the pneumatic valve open to realize the stepless adjustment (the pneumatic pressure adjustment is between 1-7kgf/cm²) ;

 4.This pump has no rotary parts and no bearing seals. The diaphragm will completely separate the exhausted medium and pump running parts, working medium. The conveyed medium can’t be leaked outside. Thus it will notcause the environment pollution and human body safety danger while exhausting the toxin and flammable or corrsive medium.

 5.No lectricity.It’s safe and reliable while using in the flammable and explore places.

 6.It can be soaked in medium to work.

 7.It’s convenient to use and reliable to work.Only open or close the gas valve body while starting or stopping. Even if no medium operation or pausing suddenly for long time because of accident matters,the pump will not be damaged caused by this. Once over-loading, the pump will auotomatically stop and possesses the selfprotection function. When the load recovers normally, it also can start automatically.

 8.Simple structure and less wering parts. This pump is simple in structure, installation and maintance. The medium conveyed by the pump will not touch the matched pneumatic walve and coupling lever etc. Not like other kinds pumps, the performance will drop down.

 9.Gradually because of the damages of rotor, gear and vane etc.

 10.This pump needn’t the oil lubricant. Even if idling, it has influence to the pump.This is a special characteristic of this pump.

Air operated double diaphragm pump Application

1.The pump can suck the peanut, pickles, tomato slurry, red sausage, chocolate, hops and syrup etc.

2.The pump can suck the paint,pigment,glue and adhesive etc.

3.The pump can suck various glazed slurries of tile, porcelain, brick and chinaware etc.

4.The pump can suck variousgrinding materials, corrosive agent and clean the oil dirt etc.

5.The pump can suck various toxin and flammable or volatility liquid etc.

6.The pump can suck various wedge water,cement sllurry and mortar etc.

7.The pump can suck various strong acid, alkali and corrosive liquid etc.

8.It can be used as a front-step  transmission device of the solid and liquid separation equipment.

Air operated double diaphragm pump Technical Data:

Flow rate: up to 30 m³/h

Head: up to 50 m

Speed: max 2900 rpm

Temperature: max 105 °C

Casing pressure: up to MPa

Shaft seal: mechanical sealing

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Q:What is an oil-free gas pump?
The so-called oil-free pump refers to the air pump piston and cylinder between the absence of lubricating oil, piston ring is a special material, usually used to pump clean special gases, such as liquefied gas, gas and so on.
Q:Do you need filters and oxygen pumps for small tanks?
Small tanks require the use of filters and oxygen pumps. This can greatly reduce the artificial burden of feeding. Let's take a look at what these two things play in a small fish tank:1, small fish in normal life will continue to breathe, reduce the dissolved oxygen content in water, in natural waters, because the surface area of water contact with the air, oxygen can quickly dissolved into the water to supplement. But in a small bowl, because the water and air contact area is small, and the feeding density is relatively high, so the content of dissolved oxygen decline will be relatively fast, once dropped to below 3ppm, the fish will continue to float, did not improve the fish will die. Oxygen pumps can increase water contact with air, increasing the rate of oxygen dissolution.2, the residual fish food, fish feces will decompose and decay under the action of microorganisms, forming ammonia and nitrite substances which are toxic to fish. When the concentration of ammonia nitrogen is greater than 0.02ppm or the concentration of nitrite is greater than 0.2ppm. Fish die of poisoning. The filter allows the flow of water to pass through the filter material, so that the nitrifying bacteria on the filter material oxidize the substance to form a basically non-toxic nitrate.If you do not have these two devices we can only rely on water for fish, more frequent to hypoxia and harmful substance accumulation, with these two devices can greatly reduce the frequency of the water, reduce the burden of artificial feeding.
Q:How many fish have parrot fish 24 hours open oxygen pump
Fish can be doubled by adding oxygen to the pump. Without pumping, artificial agitation of the best water surface, not the more bubbles, more oxygen, the fact that the fastest melting oxygen, the best
Q:Can the vehicular inflator pump be used as the air source for the pneumatic dust removing gun?
No, the vehicle pump is used for inflating the tyres, cannot be directly used for pneumatic air, you said to pick up dust gun, should be connected with the small-sized air compressor, air pump power is larger, the vehicle has a dust removing effect pump, I checked, you look at the multi function this brand of wind Rimula pump PM200, this can give all kinds of tires, inflatable inflatable, also equipped with dust removing needle, it is blowing dust with small air compressor function; you can see it UC800
Q:How much pressure does the inverter plasma cutter need to pump the 150psi?
150psi conversion out, that is, 1Mpa, 10 air pressure, of course, can use, plasma use 4 gas or so on the lineIf you can move with a heavy workload, it is recommended to exhaust more than 0.9 cubic meters of the air pumpThe operation is very simple, close to the plate cutting line, finally used to cut the plasma, beginning at the edges of the plate, not to the middle (so it is not easy to hit the mouth)
Q:For crayfish, does the oxygen pump take 24 hours? Will it burn out?
Add a water fairy bar, long-term open no problem, it is best to buy some brand goods
Q:The oxygen pump in the aquarium doesn't work
The pump is blocked. Just clean it
Q:How long does the oxygen pump in the tank need to last?
1. The three in one pump with filter and oxygen must always be on2 、 the skin bowl type air pump can not be opened without oxygen3, for anti gas lift, water demon skin bowl type pump, the best has been open4, leather bowl type air pump generally on the 3W power, 14 genius once electricity, if not noisy, long open no harm.
Q:What kind of air pump does the small tank use?
That's ok! It is feasible and ideal to use the smallest waterfall type plug-in filter.Waterfall type plug-in filter has several features:1: do not occupy space.2: cleaning, replacement of filter materials, convenient and quick.3: Although the water flow is softer, the water area can be wide and even.Therefore, the use of minimum power cascade type plug-in filter is the best choice, one machine multi-purpose, that is to solve the problem of water filtration, but also eliminates the embarrassment of hypoxia.You don't have to think about the oxygen content of such a small aquarium. As long as there aren't many fish in the range, a waterfall plug-in filter is enough. The flow of water can play a certain role in increasing oxygen. So, in this respect, your choice is the best! There are some details that may need to be reminded:1: do not feed the fish diet, average daily feeding time, the amount of time is 1----2 minutes after prevail.2: do not blindly use aquatic products, such as: related to other agents, all kinds of nitrifying bacteria, fish medicine... And other stuff...3: please do not change the water, the average 15----30 for 50% days on the line, and then slowly add new water on the line, pay attention to the day before, do not change the water fish, changing the water before all relevant power broken especially the heating rod; we must advance at least 10 minutes break, should pay attention to the new temperature the old water water.
Q:Air pump motor operation, but not how to do the air pump?
See if there is a problem with the sealing element. If the seal fails, the intake and exhaust can not be reached.

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