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The type two-stage oil-sealed mechanical pump system varactor vacuum pump, which has the characteristics of the exhaust directly to the atmosphere is suitable for electronics, refrigeration, electric light, chemical, medical, bottle lamps, packaging, dehydrating, drying and other industries. (But can not be used for extraction of oxygen is too high, there are explosive, corrosive to metal on the vacuum oil from the chemical reactions, as well as containing the particles, dust, gas, also can not serve as pumps and compressors use.Motor power:0.37~5.5KW,extract capacity:2~7L/S,Limit vacuum:6×10-1Pa。

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mating power
inner diameter of air inlet
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Q:Is the vacuum compression bag pump universal? Can my vacuum cleaner smoke?
Of course not, ah, vacuum cleaners can, but can not afford to vacuum ah, the most can be drawn to the naked eye, feeling no gas, can not afford a vacuum
Q:Is it better to use air blower or air pump hot air gun for mobile phone?
Classification of hot air grab:1, ordinary typeThe hot air gun is mainly temperature instability, fluctuated, cool instability. The scale of the wind gun is only adjusted to its power size, so the temperature is very slow when it is turned on for several minutes, and then the temperature rises linearly, and it will burn out if you don't pay attention. Such as public square, CPU, circuit board and so on. Although it also has temperature detection, it seems to be used only to protect the temperature, but not to adjust the temperature. I suggest that you do not often lose money in order to save money.2, standard typeThe hot wall of the real scale is used to adjust the temperature, heating up fast startup, tens of seconds to reach, and the temperature will not rise, in the range of similar adjustment, the air volume is relatively stable, suitable for mobile phone repair, I use the air gun is very good, such as the 3508 CPU not in more than 90% burn.3, several sub temperature displayThe performance of second, with basically the same, is a digital temperature display, some is very accurate. However, some display temperature is not allowed, it is prone to sleep. In addition, according to manufacturers and production sooner or later, long ago may not be practical.Add a point, digital thermometer measured, the actual use temperature is: (small head wind mouth) at the tuyere 350-400 degrees, a centimeter of about 300-350 degrees, 2 cm 260-300 degrees. A network of thermometers with digital thermometers can be tested.At the same time, some of the machines have power or other voltage and current indicating dials. Some parts can be replaced.If you're using a hot air gun without digital temperature, you can blow a piece of paper at 3 centimeters with the wind gun to estimate that if the paper doesn't get dark very quickly, it will be yellow as soon as possible.
Q:What is the glass tube that the air pump connects to the air compressor?
This is called an oil-water separator. You can go to the store where the pneumatic originals are available.
Q:How can I solve the water in the air pump?
Air pump water is normal, it is your air pump drain valve is not easy to use, check it will be good.
Q:Tanks do not open at night filter, do not open the oxygen pump OK?
Do you want to be quiet or use the filter?. Very quiet, the best star. It's really not necessary to pump the pump at night. What if you put it in the bedroom aquarium?. It was very wrong. A fish bowl is best placed in the living room.
Q:Do you need filters and oxygen pumps for small tanks?
No, keep it clean
Q:Can the refrigerator compressor be used as an air pump to drive the nail gun?
Add an air tank. Otherwise, the pressure is enough, but the gas storage is too little. A gun shot pressure is gone, the compressor supply is not alone.
Q:What is the inflatable pump on board?
According to the models and need to choose: the car carrying inflatable pump generally have two kinds of horizontal bar and parallel bars, ordinary household brand cars use bar car charging pump can, if the business type SUV recommend the use of parallel bars car charging pump; if only for ordinary tires with air the bar is enough, it is using the parallel bars put fine timber to petty use;What brand is the air pump in the car? Which one is good for you?Choose according to accessories: good quality car charging pump equipped with air pump in addition to host, also according to the actual need has many practical accessories, convenient for tire inflation, such as a flashlight or lamp lighting, suitable for all kinds of car charging nozzle, inflatable tube, or even a tire with the tools, Goods are available in all varieties. these are the purchase, we need to know clearly;What brand is the air pump in the car? Which one is good for you?According to the length of power lines to choose: the owner of the car to buy inflatable pump power cord must be long, otherwise, when the car tires inflated, inflatable pump is not enough, it is difficult to fill the tire gas. The length of the general power cord is best to be more than 2 meters, so as to meet the needs of the 4 wheeled cars inflated;What brand is the air pump in the car? Which one is good for you?FourChoose according to function: currently on the market of auto loading pump commonly used has two functions, one is only used to charge, and the other is and has the functions of air and dust, relatively dual-purpose car charging pump prices higher, we first consider the best before buying to know their needs if only, mainly used for air, there is no need to spend more money to buy a car carrying a dual-purpose pump.
Q:How do you set the air pump to 4 pressure?
The air compressor can generally set the minimum Qidong pressure and the maximum stop pressure. You can adjust it on the top and try to bleed while adjusting
Q:Can a small fish tank die without an oxygen pump?
No, just keep the right amount of water and feed it. Oxygen pumps are needed for larger fish tanks.

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