Mixed Gas Water Pump

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Mixed gas water pump is suit for clear water,handling foamy,vloatile liquids,and mixture of liquid,vapor and air.
This kind of pump owns some advantages such as;compact small shape,light weight,simple structure,low noise,convernient for fixing.The axis seals are sealed by machinery.Thus,its sealed effect is very good.Motor Power 1.5~4KW, flow 4.5~17(m3/h), head3~48m。

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Q:Air pump motor operation, but not how to do the air pump?
What is your type of pump, oil free piston pump if that happens, it is the main source of air leakage, there are several aspects, one is the piston ring, a valve plate, there is a sealing ring, these words, it needs to put the top cover open the three places each check again, which is bad for which OK, I said that this figure, if this is just to do as I say Ok, if what do not understand, I can call on the name.
Q:Is the screw air compressor more energy efficient than the air pump?
Screw air compressor, in fact, that is what you call the air pump, air compressor is now called, before people call it the air pump! The screw opportunity is much more energy efficient than the piston machine! Less supplies!
Q:What is the difference between an air compressor and an air pump for diving?
Is not used for diving pump, gas air compressor internal to be filtered compressed air for breathing, the body is under pressure, compressor internal filtration system and the end of the air pump is simply a gas outlet, the degree of purity is not enough, breathing gas is the most important in diving, 10 million don't live to be used for diving with air pump, prone to danger.There are many factors involved in diving physiology, diving medicine, diving physics, and so on.
Q:The pump stops and starts on its own. This happens several times a day
Possible voltage instability or debris in it
Q:Is the water pump or the air pump for fish farming?
The air pump is used for inflating and increasing oxygen. It is used in the case of more fish.Water pumps are used for filtering and pumping. They are normally used.40 of the cylinder, if only fish, you can buy a multi-functional submersible pump, both filter and beat oxygen.30 or so, you can buy a nice one...
Q:How can the oxygen pump in the tank be out of oxygen, or pumping water, but without oxygen?
See your pump is still not vibration, don't move it at electric power is not over, if you see in trachea have folded gas barrier. If these two conditions are not predict is retiring. No bubble pump to remove the cleaning, if it is already too long if you use a small screwdriver to vent hole at large point on the line.
Q:Air compressor, air pump room need to pay attention to what safety problems?
Small problems, there are written room management regulations, operating procedures, maintenance and other documents.Equipment management regulations, emergency plans, engineering documents.
Q:How to use a car mounted air pump?
Hello, just put the pump connection in the cigarette lighter above, and then start the car, continue to the inflatable wheel, and then press the air pump switch, hit 2.5 of the air pressure on it. I hope I can help you
Q:What kind of air pump is good?
Mute is the Shanghai Jaguar or Zhejiang's Austria (actually all the same, on the brand distinction). A while ago, I entered a Jaguar 2530 silent mute in Shanghai. It was very quiet indeed. In pursuit of small size, if it is mainly used for nailing, it is recommended that Jaguar 1509 (new model is FB-36/7) (motor 550 watts, cylinder 9 liters, gas production 102L/ minutes), enough nails. The model size of the gas cylinder is 1524 (motor 550 watts, cylinder 24 liters, gas production 102L/ minutes), nail and small area spray enough. I was 2530 (power 780W, 30 liters of gas cylinders, 165L/ minutes), a large area of painting is smaller, if not used in professional painting, with their own is enough. Another big number is 3540 (power 1100W, gas cylinder 40 liters, gas production 200L/ minutes), gas production is large, should be relatively cool with. The models listed above are for Jaguar in Shanghai. Buy air compressor, the most important thing is to look at gas production (and motor power related), followed by the volume of gas cylinders. Nail guns in pneumatic tools, the amount of gas consumption is minimal, so the general air compressor can do. Spray and spray gas consumption is great, the consumption of gas and spray nozzle diameter, large caliber high gas consumption, and professional paint, spraying with basic is the large diameter, so professional painting to large volume of air compressor. Own in home with fun, it is recommended to use the following 1 caliber spray gun, so you do not have to buy high-power air compressor. For example, if the amount of gas consumed by the nail gun is 20 litres per minute, and the amount of gas you buy is 80 litres, then nailing is enough. If you buy a 1 caliber gun, the gas consumption is 100 litres, compressor and gas production you buy is 80 liters, so when painting is very difficult, you have to wait for the process, if the compressor gas production is 120 liters, it is fully competent.
Q:Can the vacuum suction pump be frequency converter?
Yes, the inverter is used for energy saving, Dongguan fuchuang agent, Taian, Dong Yuan, holip frequency converter. You go and ask.

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