Mixed Gas Water Pump

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Mixed gas water pump is suit for clear water,handling foamy,vloatile liquids,and mixture of liquid,vapor and air.
This kind of pump owns some advantages such as;compact small shape,light weight,simple structure,low noise,convernient for fixing.The axis seals are sealed by machinery.Thus,its sealed effect is very good.Motor Power 1.5~4KW, flow 4.5~17(m3/h), head3~48m。

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Q:Fish tank oxygen pump does not have to open all the time?
Yes, not often, but if your fish swim on the water and breathe out, it proves to be oxygen deficient, so if you don't have enough oxygen, you'll have to start the oxygen pump. If the fish do not like the above case of oxygen can be less open, but I personally recommend or open 24 hours, not how much electricity, if it is too noisy sounds can change a submersible pump, smaller in a voice, there is a long time accumulation of fish waste in the water, is harmful for fish, try not to have anything to use fecal accumulation, water pump filter (it is recommended to use less filter will be filled with feces, feces into powder filter to filter, causing water pollution). If you don't want to drive all the time, it's fine for a couple of hours, 30 minutes before and after the meal, at night when you're sleeping (at night, with lower oxygen levels in the water), and a rainy day
Q:How do the fish in the tank keep the fish together?
Place fine mesh in front of the pipe or turn the pump smaller
Q:Maximum pressure of air compressor pump
Yes, just a little bit slower. My air compressor, he marked 8 pressure, I hit 11 pressure, can also play 12, pressure is slow. Hope to help you. I fix the car
Q:Does the high pressure air function replace the air pump?
1, this depends on the specific pressure, equal pressure can.2, there is a overlap of pressure between the high pressure fan and the low-pressure air pump, not all the pressure of the air pump is higher than that of the fan.3, fans generally have more atmospheric flow, air pump flow is relatively small, this should consider the cost factor.
Q:My fish are always upstream. Should I buy an oxygen pump or a filter?
They say they are wrong, black Marie and red arrows are on the fish tail, your tank water pump. Do you have some fish in it, it looks better, now who still keep on fish. No ornamental value. Is not good, dirty mug.
Q:Can I change the air pump into an air compressor?
A pipe with double plate welded diamond hole and end plane! Of a snail! Then put a pipe joint! This does not become a tank! The main part of the safety valve, the pressure switch failure! Hit exceeds the set pressure of the safety valve set safety! The pressure value will automatically jump over, this is discouraged! Safety valve drew!Air compressor! I read the concept!Install tank outlet, only prolong the time of air outlet! The time point in the use of great! If not installed single compressor direct air tank! Just because of the relationship of voltage and frequency! There will be short and the frequency of air outlet phenomenon! Become convenient use of air (if it needs one) because air waves will!! in the way modified theory is!! no problem! But the gas tank you asked so small! You really have to do the general market!! should have! But it is not used in this area ~ ~!! estimates!
Q:Is the tire pump a good or a double cylinder?
Parallel bars more pressure on inflation speed down
Q:The tank after the power failure, how to do water pump
Check valve or raise the air pump!
Q:How can the refrigerator compressor be converted into a high pressure air pump?
Do not know how high pressure you want to hit, if it is relatively high, such as greater than 30 kg, one is to change the line to pressure, or reduce the diameter. Also, the compressor to re shell, or the pipe does not burst, compressor body will burst
Q:Can the vacuum suction pump be frequency converter?
If your requirement is to control the pressure of the vacuum suction pump, you can do it with a PID1. assume that you have a controller, and then enter the pressure setpoint you want into the controller2. connect the sensor (pressure feedback value) to the controller3. with the PID instruction, the controller compares the settings and the feedback, and outputs the value to the converter after the PID adjustmentIf the load changes, the controller automatically adjusts the output of PID converter, so that the feedback value close to the set value, regardless of how the load changes, the controller will adjust the frequency converter speed of vacuum pump, the pressure close to the set value

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