Non-Clog Submersible Sewage Pump (WQ Series)

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Performance & Advantages
Hydraulic Components With Large Flow Passage And Blockage-Resistance Design A Monitoring System For The Sealing Of The Oil Chamber
A Fully Automatic Safety Protection Control Box For Monitoring The Operation Of The Pump.

Range Of Application
Applicable For Chemical, Petroleum, Pharmacy, Mining, Papermaking, Pwoer Plant, Urban Sewage Treatment, Municipal Engineering And Public Facilities To Handle Sewage And Feculence Containing Particles.

Technology Parameters
Flow: 5-2000m3/H
Head: 5-50m
Rotary Speed: 580-2900r/Min
Calibre: φ 25-φ 400
Temperature: -15~+60 Degree
Working Pressure: ≤ 1.0mpa

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Q:Where is the steam pump waste, floating debris from WOW's fishing?
Zangarmarsh steam pump side
Q:How large air pump does 100W laser cutting machine use?
A control valve is added to the vent to control the airflow size
Q:220V what is the amount of the air pump?
Power watts or current safety shall be marked. Estimated number of watts. Such as 50 Watt, open 20 hours, once electricity.
Q:Is the tire pump a good or a double cylinder?
Theoretically, the double cylinder is good;Large flow rate, short charging time and small heat generation
Q:Can aquarium filters instead of oxygen pumps?
Take charge of the bubble pump filter, in fish less cases can replace the fish, the fish are not a full cylinder veteran, is not too much, otherwise the power or pump out of the trouble, I have a cylinder of one meter, dragon map, 9 fish parrot, crown, scavenger, in addition inside the dozens of small fish when the fish feed, is a 12W pump, live very good, the last stop for 9 hours, the fish reaction is not small, thanks to the tank cover is opened, increasing the air flow of oxygen into the strengthening, adhere to 9 hours, probably a good the pump should be around 50, general more than and 20, the pump is not recommended to buy the filter barrel, are not used. Hello, more than once, wash the filter one or two times a day, the effect is very good.
Q:Is the water pump or the air pump for fish farming?
Submersible pump - circulating filter tanks, ----40 water tank - waterfall filter is enough.Add oxygen pump cylinder with water, fish -- increase the normal weather is not without the addition of oxygen - floating head,
Q:My aquarium oxygen pump does not add oxygen. What's the matter?
That depends on whether the oxygen pump is still working, and if you are still working, the other is still running down, then it proves that your pump needs a change of position, and that the plastic pipe outside the link needs to be inserted again. If the oxygen pump does not work, you need to take down and clean the pump body, if not work, may be the oxygen pump motor burned.
Q:Can the refrigerator compressor be used as an air pump to drive the nail gun?
The air compressor of the refrigerator can do. But it's very slow charge it will delay things very hard ah, I suggest to buy an old
Q:Can a small fish tank die without an oxygen pump?
Yes, round cylinder is not good, change another.
Q:What type of air pump does the car spray paint have?
Hello, that's absolutely enough

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