Non-Clog Submersible Sewage Pump (WQ Series)

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Performance & Advantages
Hydraulic Components With Large Flow Passage And Blockage-Resistance Design A Monitoring System For The Sealing Of The Oil Chamber
A Fully Automatic Safety Protection Control Box For Monitoring The Operation Of The Pump.

Range Of Application
Applicable For Chemical, Petroleum, Pharmacy, Mining, Papermaking, Pwoer Plant, Urban Sewage Treatment, Municipal Engineering And Public Facilities To Handle Sewage And Feculence Containing Particles.

Technology Parameters
Flow: 5-2000m3/H
Head: 5-50m
Rotary Speed: 580-2900r/Min
Calibre: φ 25-φ 400
Temperature: -15~+60 Degree
Working Pressure: ≤ 1.0mpa

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Q:Is the screw air compressor more energy efficient than the air pump?
Screw air compressor, in fact, that is what you call the air pump, air compressor is now called, before people call it the air pump! The screw opportunity is much more energy efficient than the piston machine! Less supplies!
Q:What kind of air pump does the small tank use?
Keep the fish can not add oxygen, the air pump will not have, and if so, buy a filter, open every 35 days, filtering a day on it.
Q:How can the oxygen pump in the tank be out of oxygen, or pumping water, but without oxygen?
You are using a three in one pump! It has two outlets, through a filter, another boost to the water cycle, with a pipe interface at the outlet, the use of negative pressure high speed water flow will generate air suction and blowing in order to achieve the effect of aerobics, there is no bubble flow for the following reasons: 1 the pump placed too deep, 2 outlet dirt, especially is the root of the intake pipe, 3 tracheal blockage.
Q:I want to change the refrigerator compressor to the air pump and ask for the wiring method
Originally how to answer, now still want to connect like that
Q:The air pump for woodworking will not fire every day and night. Will it catch fire?
Absolutely not, gas bag, gas compressor is not working. Even if the gas leak, it can not be burned
Q:An air pump is not switched on and the voltage is normal
Do not only measure the voltage, such as lines too long or there is a virtual place, the voltage is not enough, the starting current increases, the line loss increases, the voltage of the pump is not enough. You can measure the voltage when you start the pump. If the voltage is not a problem, use the meter to measure the pressure relay, that is, whether the voltage control is normal or not. If the voltage control is normal, you should see if the motor coil is burned. In addition, the single-phase pump should pay attention to the capacitor, three-phase should pay attention to contactor is normal.
Q:What is the air pump for?
A device that excludes air from an enclosed space or adds air from enclosed spaceThe air pump is divided into an electric air pump and a manual air pump, and people usually use manual or foot air pumps in their daily lives, which are used for inflating balloons.A large amount of oxygen is pumped out and then carbon dioxide is added to increase the intensity of photosynthesis
Q:Is the tire pump a good or a double cylinder?
You have to look at the specific is what car, the car is generally recommended to use single cylinder pump is good, if it is a cross-country car, playing air pump higher requirements can choose double cylinder, so that air speed, heat is also fast. Double cylinder Rimula LG500S brand than the wind pump up faster, but also good performance, long service life. Select the tire pump, do not think it is good, the first thing to consider is: the complete elimination of the flat tire, the tire pressure can be quickly played up to normal values (flow rate of at least 30L/Min or above); second is to see the tire size, according to the L data pump that do consider but, make sure you choose the brand is not a warranty and customer service service mechanism, so after the comparison, in order to ensure that your choice of both security and efficiency, fast
Q:How does the air pump spray the water gun (the principle of the car spray gun)?
Compressed liquid inside cylinder block.Or the water jet is decreasing......
Q:PLC pump is the working principle of how to control Jiqiu manipulator clamping and relax
Young man, this problem is not a problem at all. You must use your brain more. Are you electrical or mechanical?

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