Electric Motor diaphragm dose pump

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Product Description:

Product description:

This series of diaphragm pump is a latest model now at home. It is suitable for various corrosive,highly viscid, volatile, inflammable, explosive and virulent liquid, liquid containing grains, enamel slurry, mashed fruit and glue, and can pump completely in the recovery of bottom oil in oil tankers and temporary tank emptying etc. Its performance parameters are close to Germany WLLDENPUMPS and US MARIOWPUMPS. The flow components in pump body are made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy or cast iron. Diaphragm can be made of NBR, VITON, CR or PTFE according to different liquid.

Pump Application:

Applicable to petroleum, chemical, ceramic, metallurgy industrials, take copy of USA ABEL company, operated at low pressure, below 3 bar.

1.kind of poisonous, flammable, volatile liquid.

2.strong acid, alkali, corrosive liquid.

3.high temperature media, up to 150deg.C.

4.increase pressure for filter press.

5.hot water recycle and circulation.

6.delivery oil for oil tank truck,oil storage.

7.suck pickled vegetables, sauce, mashed potato, chocolate,etc.


9.mud slurry,cement, mortar.

10.rubber slurry, organic solvent, stuffing.

11.clearance sewage and balance oil for tanker, barge

12.beer, syrup, ferment food slurry

13.other special media

Technical Data:

Flow rate: up to 20 m³/h

Head: up to 30 m

Speed: max 1450 rpm

Temperature: max 150 °C

Casing pressure: up to 3 MPa

Shaft seal: mechanical sealing

Material: nodular iron, stainless steel, duplex

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Q:How much pressure does the inverter plasma cutter need to pump the 150psi?
150psi conversion out, that is, 1Mpa, 10 air pressure, of course, can use, plasma use 4 gas or so on the lineIf you can move with a heavy workload, it is recommended to exhaust more than 0.9 cubic meters of the air pumpThe operation is very simple, close to the plate cutting line, finally used to cut the plasma, beginning at the edges of the plate, not to the middle (so it is not easy to hit the mouth)
Q:Is the water pump or the air pump for fish farming?
Submersible pump - circulating filter tanks, ----40 water tank - waterfall filter is enough.Add oxygen pump cylinder with water, fish -- increase the normal weather is not without the addition of oxygen - floating head,
Q:What kind of air pump does the small tank use?
That's ok! It is feasible and ideal to use the smallest waterfall type plug-in filter.Waterfall type plug-in filter has several features:1: do not occupy space.2: cleaning, replacement of filter materials, convenient and quick.3: Although the water flow is softer, the water area can be wide and even.Therefore, the use of minimum power cascade type plug-in filter is the best choice, one machine multi-purpose, that is to solve the problem of water filtration, but also eliminates the embarrassment of hypoxia.You don't have to think about the oxygen content of such a small aquarium. As long as there aren't many fish in the range, a waterfall plug-in filter is enough. The flow of water can play a certain role in increasing oxygen. So, in this respect, your choice is the best! There are some details that may need to be reminded:1: do not feed the fish diet, average daily feeding time, the amount of time is 1----2 minutes after prevail.2: do not blindly use aquatic products, such as: related to other agents, all kinds of nitrifying bacteria, fish medicine... And other stuff...3: please do not change the water, the average 15----30 for 50% days on the line, and then slowly add new water on the line, pay attention to the day before, do not change the water fish, changing the water before all relevant power broken especially the heating rod; we must advance at least 10 minutes break, should pay attention to the new temperature the old water water.
Q:What lubricant does the air pump use?
What's it like? Large? I don't know what you're talking about
Q:Does the compressor of the refrigerator pump explode when it is compressed?
The compressor housing interior is same and inlet pressure, low pressure area, only the exhaust pipe is high, as long as you're not from the exhaust pipe connected to the high pressure, will not explode, but if the output pressure, may lead to burst or cause fragmentation of internal high pressure pipe valve. 20Mpa, or give up, compressor will be broken, 2Mpa, no problem
Q:Does the heating machine have to use air pump?
Q:Can the oxygen pump position lower than the fish tank?
Normal use will not be a problem, once the power failure will appear water backflow damage to the air pump, so it is best to match a check valve, fish stores have, 5 hair or one yuan a bar.
Q:How can the refrigerator compressor be converted into a high pressure air pump?
Do not know how high pressure you want to hit, if it is relatively high, such as greater than 30 kg, one is to change the line to pressure, or reduce the diameter. Also, the compressor to re shell, or the pipe does not burst, compressor body will burst
Q:Why is the pipe hot when the car pumps the pump?
Hello, because the air pump is too small, not enough gas, it's better to change the pump.
Q:The difference between an air pump and an aerator used in a fish tank
The same thing, the name is not the same, are the air through the pump into the water, in order to increase the water in the air contact surface, and to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water

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