Clean Water Pump

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Product Description:

Product Description

Commodity :   Centrifugal pump
Model No:SCM-22
Power Supply :Single  220V / 50 HZ

Output power :  0.5HP (0.33kw)
Highest Lift : 23M
 Max Flux:  90   (L/Min)
Highest Suck Stroke 6- 8 m
Feeding Pipe /drainpipe :1 " / 1":

1 . Supply Cleaning water for Civil , agricultre and industry system .

2. For heat and cold water Cyc and water supply for residence ,industry , cooling water andso on .

3. Irrigation for graden ,farm ,etc. and drainag for Pool , water jar ,well canal,etc..

if you have any problem ,please let us to know.
Clean Water Pump

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Q:Is the vacuum compression bag pump universal? Can my vacuum cleaner smoke?
Yes, the air pump for vacuum compression bags is also not specified. That is to say, the principle of high power and small power work the same. Vacuum cleaner can be used, but not blind, the use of time can not be too long, otherwise the vacuum inlet pressure is too small, it will damage the vacuum cleaner motor. The principle of the vacuum cleaner: when the pump rotates, it pushes the air to the exhaust port. As the air is pushed forward, the particle density in front of the fan increases and the air pressure increases accordingly, while the air density behind the fan decreases. The pressure drop behind the air pump is the same as the pressure drop in the straw when you drink the drink. The pressure behind the air pump is lower than the pressure outside the vacuum cleaner, which is the ambient pressure. This creates suction in the vacuum cleaner, which is part of the vacuum. As a result, the air outside the vacuum cleaner automatically enters the vacuum cleaner through the intake portVacuum suction compression bag method for dust collector:1. Put the clothes flat in the bag and flatten out the left and right hands.2, the towel will be sealed smooth, so that the sealing fully bonded without cracks.3. Insert the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner into the net sleeve, then insert the tail into the air pipe until it touches the clothes and draw out the air.4, after reaching the compressed state, first pull out the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, and then pull out the mesh sleeve.5, and finally with the towel will exhaust pipe smooth bonding.
Q:Does the compressor of the refrigerator pump explode when it is compressed?
The compressor housing interior is same and inlet pressure, low pressure area, only the exhaust pipe is high, as long as you're not from the exhaust pipe connected to the high pressure, will not explode, but if the output pressure, may lead to burst or cause fragmentation of internal high pressure pipe valve. 20Mpa, or give up, compressor will be broken, 2Mpa, no problem
Q:How can we do to make the oxygen pump slow oxygen tank
Correct method:1, oxygen pumps do not open for 24 hours all day long.2, usually in the morning, afternoon, each charge 2 hours or so, charge more at night, if the weather is overcast, then open a longer time.3, if there is no filter, you should always change the water for the fish, preferably 3 or 4 days for each change of 1/3 of the total amount of water can be, but must be dried water.The water temperature should be about the same as the water temperature in the fish tank. Every time you don't feed too much, you should clean the excreta in the fish tank in time.4, oxygen pump should be placed outside the fish tank, there is a socket, connected to a tube, pipe, the other to find a gas stone (fish store selling 5 cents), the gas stone in the fish tank inside the line, the oxygen pump out of oxygen.At the end of 5, special attention should be paid to the height of a high oxygen pump tank water (can also go to the store to buy a fish anti reflux valve 50 Fen is connected with the air in the middle of that stone and oxygen pump pipe oxygen pump can be arbitrarily placed regardless of height.
Q:The bell is ringing into the glass cover, the cover of the pump with air to smoke, what type of pump
You can take out the air with a vacuum cleaner at home
Q:Air pump, air compressor has abnormal sound, what's the matter?
What is the noise, check the air compressor is missing oil, solenoid valve whether the leak
Q:I want to change the refrigerator compressor to the air pump and ask for the wiring method
Originally how to answer, now still want to connect like that
Q:How to use the hand air pump to detect floor heating leakage is how to suppress
Look at the two - bit answer. You use the pneumatic tool to hit the eye, or you have an air pump, huh?. The air pump doesn't work well. Besides, you have to use manual and low pressure. In a responsible manner, this is very good, you can contact the company to do the warm, and give them the initiative to say, let them put pressure on maintenance, it is estimated that buy a pack of cigarettes on the line, you can not let people come to the white
Q:How can the refrigerator compressor be converted into a high pressure air pump?
Do not know how high pressure you want to hit, if it is relatively high, such as greater than 30 kg, one is to change the line to pressure, or reduce the diameter. Also, the compressor to re shell, or the pipe does not burst, compressor body will burst
Q:What kind of air pump does the small tank use?
That's ok! It is feasible and ideal to use the smallest waterfall type plug-in filter.Waterfall type plug-in filter has several features:1: do not occupy space.2: cleaning, replacement of filter materials, convenient and quick.3: Although the water flow is softer, the water area can be wide and even.Therefore, the use of minimum power cascade type plug-in filter is the best choice, one machine multi-purpose, that is to solve the problem of water filtration, but also eliminates the embarrassment of hypoxia.You don't have to think about the oxygen content of such a small aquarium. As long as there aren't many fish in the range, a waterfall plug-in filter is enough. The flow of water can play a certain role in increasing oxygen. So, in this respect, your choice is the best! There are some details that may need to be reminded:1: do not feed the fish diet, average daily feeding time, the amount of time is 1----2 minutes after prevail.2: do not blindly use aquatic products, such as: related to other agents, all kinds of nitrifying bacteria, fish medicine... And other stuff...3: please do not change the water, the average 15----30 for 50% days on the line, and then slowly add new water on the line, pay attention to the day before, do not change the water fish, changing the water before all relevant power broken especially the heating rod; we must advance at least 10 minutes break, should pay attention to the new temperature the old water water.
Q:What kind of fish can live without inserting oxygen pumps?
Cold water fish, such as fish, tropical fish in Manlong, large fish kissing, and some varieties, will be a breath of air, the extraction of oxygen from,

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